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  1. progrmr

    Just got a new ride.

    Yep, that is HOT!!
  2. progrmr

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Put a little over 100 miles on it so far, planning on riding for an extended period tomorrow morning provided work doesn't screw me over The V-TEC makes for good control - I remember my old '98 ZX-7, which was also inline 4 but no V-TEC. I just remember wanting to constantly gun the thing. With the V-TEC the engine is pretty torque'y and behaves pretty good in the lower RPM range. And it's pretty good on gas to boot!
  3. progrmr

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I'm cleaning off water spots as I got caught in a nasty pop-up hail storm/heavy downpour yesterday around 6:30pm. Was under an overpass at 70/670 for at least 15 minutes while it poured down rain, wind blowing hard enough that I had to keep the bike steady. So much water going down the drain right by where I was stopped. It was crazy...never had to stop before but it was bad.
  4. It's not registered so I just took it around the block - I live right off of Wilson road so I went around a few streets and down Wilson which is a 45 zone. Observations: I am not use to this riding position lol! I haven't had anything like this for about 4 years now - my feet don't remember where to go yet, had trouble shifting gears and finding the rear brake. The clutch is heavy as fuck! And it doesn't let out until near the end of the full release point of fhe clutch lever. Was hitting high RPM's because I expected the clutch to engage but it had more travel to go yet. The left bar feels lower than the right - I think it must've been bent in a fall-over incident. Also interesting was getting use to the lack of motorcycle in my field of view - after running cruisers for so long I'm use to having a lot of stuff in face like handle bars, speedo, tank, etc. On this bike I see right over everything and I just see the open road. The little cornering I had to do felt very nice - I remembered why I liked the handling of the sport bike - short/tight wheel base and wheel dimensions make for nice cornering. Title transfer/registration tomorrow - can't wait to put some more hours on it. I'm gonna get a on-board recording rig too - this bike and I are going to see some places
  5. progrmr

    2006 VFR800

  6. progrmr

    What kind of sportbike rider are you?

    I didnt't see it in the video, but I'm "100 in the straights, 10 in the turns" guy...I just never learned to corner quickly.
  7. progrmr

    2006 VFR800

    We can start with these Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  8. progrmr

    2006 VFR800

    Will do Bad324 :-) Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  9. progrmr

    2006 VFR800

    Don't hold your breath
  10. progrmr

    2006 VFR800

    And the bike is now sitting in my garage Not w/o incident though - after a long drive to Columbus from Cleveland for Tim and his buddy, we discovered that the title had not been notarized..!! Arrived at 12:30, my bank is open till 1pm on Saturday's...we hauled ass to the bank and made it w/ 10 mins to spare lol! And we successfully got the title notarized. ** PHEW ** !! I got the insurance..now I just have to register on Monday and I'm good to go! Can I ride it w/ my insurance card and the title?? Since I just got it I thought you could do that - it would be nice to ride tomorrow. Tied up today unfortunately.
  11. progrmr

    2006 VFR800

    Yea, this could be a problem...I'm not getting my hopes up until I have the bike lol.
  12. HEY HEY!!....HEY!....HEY LOL - I had a '96 Katana 750 - it was a GREAT bike, put 1500 miles on it in 1 month then some douchebag stole it. Lost the bike, my $1500 trade in ('89 Virago 750, my first bike) and my $500 down payment. And the insurance didn't even cover the loan. I have wanted that feeling again - I'm about 72 hours away from an 06 VFR800 which is like a Katana but awesome
  13. progrmr

    2006 VFR800

    Trying to set it up - will be mine on Sunday if all goes as planned! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAA!!
  14. progrmr

    2006 VFR800

    I'm gonna PM him - that bike is sweet!