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  1. HEHEHEHE just got drunk on a wed night and had flashbacks. How the hell is OR doing? Wana burn stuff?
  2. This will be my last year as a PRO. I am doing the mid-ohio round and this time I am going all in with all I have learned. I will post up more for sure I just have allot to accomplish and went all in lol. YES the 209 is a BAD tire and it may have worked for a short point in time,but IMO not worth a try if u have ANYTHING better accessible. I love our sport soooo much and I am going to focus on helping once I have fulfilled my dream. I am going to freaking fly this year.
  3. 209 new should be cut into little shreds so no bike has to feel the pain of a crash lol. Q2 or even better Q3 would serve u better if you are just out for a slow test and tune day. Just want to convey the importance of GOOD tires. This is not from just me it's from my experience with watching people on track make bad tire choices and risk too much over a $300 tire choice. Bikes and bones cost ALLOT more than the insurance of spooning on a tire that may help you come back from a mistake or unexpected mishap. This is all just what I have witnessed not a rule.
  4. Never EVER "save" A good tire and substitute for a tire you are not SURE of. Tires are the most important thing on the planet. Track riding is a very expensive sport and tires is the LAST place EVER to skimp. Ride the 211's and buy more for racing. Sucks,but its cheaper than a crash and repairs. 209's should be thrown in trash btw.. ALL OF THEM..
  5. I should be instructing again as usual this season. Garage 3
  6. I love the AMA racing! I'm glad to have a part in it. I just hope they have a plan for future and are just making improvements for the future. I will be doing 1 last round at mid-O again in 14' and will love every second of the whole weekend!
  7. He does all My race bike work and my shops work. GREAT GREAT work!
  8. Um we should all realize that most people are on drugs now. There is a drug for every problem. People all suck at driving and that kills most of the people! Drugs are not bad people are!
  9. What happens if you use the foot brake? what does the light do then? As for the N light you prob need to replace your gear position sensor. OR.... the wires are pinched in the sprocket cover or in the sprocket area getting chewed on. The brake light sensor is on the lever perch...
  10. Get with paul. He does great work! He also sponsors me in my attempt at AMA. He does great work for a great price!
  11. dam! I was swamped and forgot, I will be in shop tues and look. SORRY!
  12. gixxie750

    Chain Slack

    If the bottom part of the chain smiles its correct. This does not apply to a worn out chain.
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