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  1. This was started in May and colored in on Thursday. 3 sessions so far with one more left to do the inside of the arm.
  2. My cousin has the penguin and I used it extensively while visiting a couple weeks ago. I only used it to make seltzer water and it's fantastic. I'm not a big soda drinker so I didn't try any of the flavors, but my guess is the energy drink will fall flat compared to redbull. The other thing is the replacement CO2 cartridges are expensive to replace. When you factor that into the price of the unit it's really not that cheap. Well, maybe for energy drinks that are $2 apiece, but not for sodas or seltzer. There's a company that makes a valve you can put on the cartridge that allows you to refill it at a paintball shop or industrial gas store at a fraction of the cost of a new cartridge. If I were to get a sodastream this is the route I'd go. http://co2doctor.com/
  3. how about I tear a phonebook in half and you give me one for free?
  4. Find 3 more and I'll pick up the nuclear waste...
  5. $220 for both days!? Fuck me. I wish I weren't broken. You not going up in the bus Nick?
  6. I have my doubts that they can keep the weight to under 700# with a steel tube frame. This guy is having trouble keeping weight under 900# and he's using a carbon fiber tub. Granted it's using a bigger engine, but not 200# bigger. http://www.palatov.com/cars/dp1.html Read the blog on the car here: http://dpcars.net/ Would it be fun as shit to drive regardless? Fuck yes!
  7. answer your phone man shit!!

  8. You'll miss out on a lot of deals like that Nick
  9. They went away from CF because it cracks upon impact, whereas the poly-material they're using for the GP doesn't. Plus they're able to intergrate vents into the GP knuckles. That being said, there's a pair of $300+ Dianese gloves that have CF knuckles. FWIW I wear the A* SP1 and love everything about them other than the fact that the palms are starting to show wear after only 1.5 seasons.
  10. OMG OMG OMG What a good idea!!! Wait, don't do it yet, let me rep you first so that when you do rep him it'll be even sweeter!!! I do like the bike though...
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