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  1. How would you recommend growing a forum?

    I've never been to the first link.
  2. How would you recommend growing a forum?

    Politics, talk about them, a lot. That'll chum the waters. People can't resist proclaiming their self-important opinions and telling other people that they're wrong in the internet. Definitely redirect the homepage landing straight to the political category.
  3. JakeWilson is now RidersDomain

    You guys are ALL out of the loop - Bankruptcy was posted about 4 days ago... https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2017/11/16/mag-owner-multiple-motorsports-brands-files-chapter-11-300-mil-debt/
  4. New bike ordered yesterday

    So, like, do I get to ride it for an hour or something for guessing right?
  5. New bike ordered yesterday

    Is it orange, Austrian, and has 790ccs?
  6. new fangled speeding ticket?

    It appears your sensitivity to my words makes you...what do the folks say now... a snowflake. You're Yellow snow. (Ok, now you can report me for racism )
  7. new fangled speeding ticket?

    DWA - Driving while Asian
  8. My Battle with K&N

    It is super convenient though that her e-mail signature has as list of all the companies to avoid, not just K&N. Based on how they're handling this.
  9. I assume you bought it with all the Holden badging on it? The only other person I know with that badging is @RSVDon
  10. Color me shocked... lol
  11. The way Hyland markets itself, I'm shocked you'd want to part ways with that corporate utopia. It's like the Google of Westlake.
  12. I own rep.

    That makes the rest of you, bottoms.
  13. I find it amusing....

  14. I find it amusing....

    I lump you in with the rest of us troglodytes. This wasn't a Dem vs. GOP "our crap doesn't stink"-off. It was sarcastically calling out an apples-to-apples comparison. I agree - you all are the problem.
  15. I find it amusing....

    ...from other countries that we're not exactly on friendly terms with? Oh, yea, like that time Obama got all that Romney opposition research from Libya.