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  1. Disclaimer

    Ent Cyber Security Jobs?

    I'm only interested in physical pen testing. (and I see the :leghumper: emoji is gone...) sad days.
  2. Disclaimer

    Who are the OR.net Mid-Ohio instructors?

    He's *your* kid, that should be good for a straight bump to the meatgrinder, I mean, "I" group and...
  3. Disclaimer

    OR NEO Dinner Thursday December 27 @ 7:00PM

    Was down there for Fuel CLE. I'll follow this, if only for the post-event stories of shenanigans. Unless @Tonik is Ubering everyone on westside in the eco-mobile.
  4. Disclaimer

    Lawyer recommendations Cleveland area

    Glad you're OK, generally speaking. I just want to know the name of a company that rhymes with a company that I should no longer patronize.
  5. Disclaimer

    NEO Dinner Monday April 2 @ 6:30PM @ Rick Roush

    I was tempted to join, but have a work function tonight. If Roush wants to sell a leftover R6 or R1S for a song and a dance, let me know. I'd even be willing to give up an SV1K to sweeten the deal. Enjoy your pizza... and Tonik cake.
  6. Disclaimer

    OhioRiders Spotify Playlist

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulPgWVC08KI How is this not on there?
  7. Disclaimer

    Are we still playing guess the new bike?

    How cheap?
  8. Disclaimer

    How would you recommend growing a forum?

    I've never been to the first link.
  9. Disclaimer

    How would you recommend growing a forum?

    Politics, talk about them, a lot. That'll chum the waters. People can't resist proclaiming their self-important opinions and telling other people that they're wrong in the internet. Definitely redirect the homepage landing straight to the political category.
  10. Disclaimer

    JakeWilson is now RidersDomain

    You guys are ALL out of the loop - Bankruptcy was posted about 4 days ago... https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2017/11/16/mag-owner-multiple-motorsports-brands-files-chapter-11-300-mil-debt/
  11. Disclaimer

    New bike ordered yesterday

    So, like, do I get to ride it for an hour or something for guessing right?
  12. Disclaimer

    New bike ordered yesterday

    Is it orange, Austrian, and has 790ccs?
  13. Disclaimer

    new fangled speeding ticket?

    It appears your sensitivity to my words makes you...what do the folks say now... a snowflake. You're Yellow snow. (Ok, now you can report me for racism )
  14. Disclaimer

    new fangled speeding ticket?

    DWA - Driving while Asian