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  1. My Battle with K&N

    It is super convenient though that her e-mail signature has as list of all the companies to avoid, not just K&N. Based on how they're handling this.
  2. I assume you bought it with all the Holden badging on it? The only other person I know with that badging is @RSVDon
  3. Color me shocked... lol
  4. The way Hyland markets itself, I'm shocked you'd want to part ways with that corporate utopia. It's like the Google of Westlake.
  5. I own rep.

    That makes the rest of you, bottoms.
  6. I find it amusing....

  7. I find it amusing....

    I lump you in with the rest of us troglodytes. This wasn't a Dem vs. GOP "our crap doesn't stink"-off. It was sarcastically calling out an apples-to-apples comparison. I agree - you all are the problem.
  8. I find it amusing....

    ...from other countries that we're not exactly on friendly terms with? Oh, yea, like that time Obama got all that Romney opposition research from Libya.
  9. Choose Me Helmet Color

    Though not an officially recognized color by PANTONE, every poll is supposed to have "Hookers and Blow" as a selection. -2 ORDN internet points
  10. Columbus Bikes

    Your mama so big, she counts as two more. , I got nothing.
  11. Columbus Bikes

    I vouch that she exists and is female. She's looking for Columbus people, not Cleveland people. The copper POS isn't street legal anymore. If only I still had the gs500... How many other excuses you want?
  12. Columbus Bikes

    Do you know who you're talking to? I know the rider on the cover of Sexy Biker Magazine and if that's not enough cred right there, I don't know what is.
  13. Columbus Bikes

    jeremi left and was replaced with a disclaimer, disclaiming everything.
  14. Columbus Bikes

    As much as I'd love for this to devolve into another Kay thread. I can actually vouch that Hannah is real and she's got no malicious intent. I cannot vouch for how well she rides, but her request is innocent.
  15. Random Thoughts thread

    This. This is a funny joke.