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  1. I talked to him and he is not comfortable with it. But he did say there probably is or will be openings soon.
  2. I will see him tomorrow so I'll talk to him about it and let you know.
  3. My friend works for Cleveland Clinic in their accounting department and he says they are almost always hiring. The Rona may have put a damper on things but I would check to see if they are hiring.
  4. Don't you have to slap the other person in the face with it before you throw it down?
  5. Most of these situations are completely avoidable and I saw what was going to happen before it ever did. #1 rule I tell any new rider I meet is to ride like you are invisible, nobody sees you, nobody looks for you, nobody knows you are there. Don't get me wrong most of these drivers were fucking idiots but as a rider you have to understand you will never win that battle.
  6. Vulcan_Rider

    Fun Podcasts

    Adam Corolla Show Adam and Dr. Drew Show (basically loveline if you remember that show) Hollywood Babble-on (Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman doing a hollywood news type show with a mix of pop culture and geek stuff) Alan Cox Show (afternoon radio show in Cleveland)
  7. sent to the 2 that ignored me and a nicer version to the one that responded.
  8. Isn't there a place in Columbus called the Oasis or something close to that? I seem to remember a meet up where that place was discussed.
  9. My pizza shop delivers to them pretty often. I keep telling my drivers to ask for a tip in non cash form. I miss Pinky's, that place had no rules. I was in there at 16 drinking and enjoying the stage. Now that spot is a lexus dealership...damn gentrification.
  10. As it turns out the gun my dad has is an m&p 9c not a shield. Went to fin to look at the shield and the difference between a double stack 9c and single stack shield was huge. The gun felt comfortable so I bought it. After the rebate I'm looking at $383 for the gun, speed loader, 3 boxes of range ammo and a box of Hornady critical defense I do still have some extra cash so may just end up back at fin for the bodyguard
  11. This I'm a cheap ass (not hi point cheap but still cheap) that's why I was looking at these 2. I know they are quality guns and they are a great price at the moment.
  12. I have been looking around for a good gun to conceal carry. It just so happens that Fin Feather & Fur is having a pretty damn good sale this month with a couple of great deals on Smith's. Great price on both guns I'm just not sure which to go with. I like the idea of a 9mm because I already own a Glock 17 and buying the same rounds for 2 guns seems convenient plus I like the 8+1 capacity with the extended mag. However the few times I shot my dad's 9mm shield I did not really like it, I did not like the grip and at the time just straight up didn't like the way it shot. When I shot his gun it was the first few times I went shooting and he had a large backstarp on it. Since then I have bought my own gun and am waaaaaaay more comfortable shooting. Since I have a lot more range time and experience I have not had the chance to shoot a shield 9mm again. The bodyguard seems like a nice small gun for easy concealment but I'm not sure if it will be too small for comfortable shooting and dont really like the idea of a 6+1 capacity. Any thoughts on either of these guns? In case you were wondering here is the link to the flyer. https://www.finfeatherfur.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/May_DirectMailer2017_WEB.pdf
  13. I just got a response. I emailed 3 and only 1 responded (well their assistant did) and it took 9 days. Matthew, This is definitely something that the Representative will look into. We understand your argument, as well as the argument from the other side vouching for more awareness. We will do some research, and hopefully come up with a fix to this issue. Thanks, Brandon Brandon Sagraves Legislative Aide | Representative Steve Hambley Rep69@ohiohouse.gov
  14. I don't consider myself a millennial but I am told I was born right in the middle of that group so on behalf of millennials I would like to formally apologize for my fucktarded generation. The closest thing to a defense I can summon is blame the baby boomers and gen Xers, they raised us.
  15. When used properly most common contraception has a 99% success rate. I agree that plenty of criminals come from single parent homes and had a shitty upbringing because they were probably unwanted to begin with. Abortion doesn't do much to prevent this considering these people usually can't afford it to begin with. It sounds like you are suggesting abortion is just another form of birth control which is just ridiculous. Condoms are cheaper and 98% effective.The pill, the patch and nuvaring which are all 99.7% effective are probably cheaper.
  16. If you have seen these scenarios so be it, I'll take your word for it. I have never seen it but have seen it go the other way, people have other issues such as financial trouble, they lost a job, their significant other left them or they have a drug problem and go to the games to get their mind off of it. When I am stressed out and just want to turn my mind off for awhile I go play some madden or GTA. I dont blame video games for people lacking the ability to cope with life or prioritize their life, I blame the people. If it wasn't games it would be something else and quite possibly be much worse. I don't see video games any different than tv, radio, podcasts, netflix, or hell, motorcycle riding. Everyone has a hobby, some people turn that hobby into a lifestyle which I blame the people for, not the hobby.
  17. What he said. I have a 99 vulcan classic 1500 and its comfortable for long hauls even 2 up as long as you throw the sissy bar on it. My dad has the 07 Nomad 1600 that Tonik is talking about and it is a super comfortable bike already set up for 2 up riding.
  18. Depends on just how efficient Casper can get his bot
  19. If we get someone from the federal government to join I bet they will figure it out real quick.
  20. What kind of sicko do you think I am?
  21. I'm just here for the points...and the gangbang
  22. I went yesterday and put 200 rounds through it. I went out with the mission to figure which backstrap (if any) is best for me. I accomplished that and started practicing accuracy which I was fairly happy with. I'm not going to put on an extended mag release because I dont have issues using the one thats on there plus this is going to be a home defense and range gun. I also have not had any issues with the slide lock/release so the jury is still out on that. I think I will start looking at night sights to buy for replacing the stock sights. Seems like a practical idea. I know different sights are not going to necessarily improve accuracy, only practice will do that, but like i said night sights seem like a practical upgrade.
  23. I finally went and bought a Glock 17 gen 4. I did a bunch of research and looked at several different guns and also shot many different guns before deciding on this one. This is my first gun and I dont want to go crazy upgrading if it's not worth it. I am all for upgrading to improve the gun but not just for looks or any other stupid reason. My question to those of you who have a lot more knowledge than I do is what do you consider "essential" upgrades for this gun? Replacing the sights seems to be the most popular upgrade along with an extended mag release and extended slide lock/release. Just looking for some thoughts on this.
  24. I have a Vulcan Classic 1500 and it is great for longer rides. Kawasaki does a great job making a very balanced bike with minimal vibrations. I have never rode the 650s but the 900, my 1500 and my dads 1600 are all extremely comfortable.
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