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  1. The other day I witnessed some county guys "fixing" the snakes. The issue is they are spraying a fine gravel on them. It makes for a nasty mess everywhere they do this. This was being done on some old back rods where the speed limit is 55, and there are nice hills and corners. I was in my truck and slid around a bit, and I wasn't going more than 60mph. Keep your eyes open, I don't know if this is a test or if this is the new crack patch. Be careful!
  2. I am very interested in your sale. Please remove your advert from the web, as I will be issuing you a check for $3200 for the sale. This price will cover shipping and I am sending my mover to pick it up tonight. Please leave the keys in it. Send me the details of your address and telephone number and social security number, and a major credit card number including the three digits on the back, also I like for you to send me $500 cash before you cash the check as an act of good faith, so I know you will hold up your end. I will return the cash when the transaction is complete. Thank you, sincerely, the lawyer of Sir William Lawrences' Widows dog groomers secretary!
  3. Or get a hunting gun and point at the owner!
  4. So, does G-pa think you're a dumb-dumb or what?
  5. tbutera, you obviously know very little about the subject of addiction. For many people it's just doesn't work to say "I'm not doing it anymore." Personally, it took a doctor to tell me I was going to die of liver failure at 30 years of age to quit drinking. I wasn't an alcoholic that had to have a beer when I woke up, but I drank every day, it was just a part of my daily schedule. Get up, go to work, get off, go get beer, then go wherever I ended up. The times when I thought to myself I'm quiting this shit, would just lead to a binger. I've been to rehab more than once, a few times because of the courts, and once on my own. I am a really strong willed person, but some things are not just a matter of mind over matter. Carry on.
  6. Before I quit drinking 4.5 years ago I lived the High Life, broke or splurging. If I was broke I bought the 30 pack, If I was wealthy, I bought 60.
  7. I want to know how that Husky runs? Is it a beast or what? I have only ridden 2 stroke husky's. Every one I've been on were impressive though.
  8. Is there a thread about your wreck? Man, that looks painful. Hope you recover or are at least pain free soon.
  9. This thread is full of win. Gen 3 you made my day!
  10. Yeah but I bet the garage is the cats ass. I personally don't mind a small home if the garage is worthy. Hell I always wanted a small trailer on a lot of land, with a hugeamongous garage, with a super nice loft in it. The loft would have to be really sweet.
  11. there is a perfectly logical explanation... Keanu Reeves was driving and Sandra Bullocks was navigating.
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