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  1. please delete my My Account, sorry for spam

  2. Don't know Ashby. I think she's aiming for Alpha.
  3. Hill repeats in Hiram tomorrow.
  4. Well...LOOK what the cat dragged in.
  5. That was for Halloween. I have to be srs now. Time to get lean and mean....and look pro as fuck.
  6. Updated the cables and housings on the Trek. 2009 and they were original. (shameful, I know) The day I got her and today...
  7. Excellent. Just remember that women build muscle and stamina different than men. Don't get frustrated with her if she's not advancing as fast as you think she should be. Besides, it's supposed to be fun. And terrible. But mostly fun. Except mostly awful.
  8. Avoid traffic if it's possible. For exercise, the cycle path is plenty adequate. It's safer, too. My commuter is awesome in the wet. I have SKS Longboards on mine and they do an awesome job. I just installed a pannier rack and some Nashbar touring panniers and truck bag. I'm looking forward to some longer, over-night trips. Our cycling infrastructure over here is getting better. I take advantage of the bike paths as much as I can. My commute is 28 miles, round trip. 24 of those miles are on isolated, paved and mostly wooded (shade) cycle path. Getting out of the car and onto my bicycle was the best decision I made this year. I love commuting by bike. I hope it takes like it did for me. I can't imagine not riding a bicycle ever again. Seems like an odd thing to do..stop riding a bicycle.
  9. I mean...I TOTALLY DON'T have fenders. ?
  10. Nice ride. Solid bike. Cool fenders. You gonna commute on that? I've fenders on my commuter. They're awesome in the wet. Feet stay dry. Bike stays clean.
  11. Heads up.  Sent you an email with questions about service. Let me know if it doesn't make it over to you. Thanks!

    1. Mary#17


      Have fun and ride safe. Thanks!

  12. Our friend decided she liked Lyns' Nishiki, which I should post pics of, btw...and she picked up this uber clean Motobecane mixte. Her husband three on new gum walls and tubes and I'm going to replace the cables and housings once she decides which color she wants. This thing is way cool.
  13. Wanted pizza. Took the Nashy to Kent for some of that and a couple beers. Second ride on it, and it was just 15 miles, but I will say it's quite a workout to try and maintain my usual 80-90 rpm cadence. I work much harder on this bastard than the Trek. Which is kind of cool, because I can get a good, solid ride inside of 20 miles, and I'm not doing 20+ mph on the cycle path. I am really digging the steel frame and fork. Such a comfortable bike to ride. I'm very pleased, so far. I will replace the brakes with higher quality components before long. I don't care for them much.
  14. So....the single-speed is pretty much the coolest thing evar. Faster than I thought. Wow! I did find myself fingering shifters that weren't there. It's whisper quiet and man does it go, go, go! The tires weren't as big a hindrance as I anticipated. The freewheel is a bit noisy under heavy pressure. Toe overlap is a real big PITA, but I'll adapt. I put in ~25 miles and was not going slow. My legs are aware that there is a new sherrif in town. What a great after-work ride. The on-tap Chillwave and oven-fired pizza sure didn't hurt.
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