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  1. please delete my My Account, sorry for spam

  2. Heads up.  Sent you an email with questions about service. Let me know if it doesn't make it over to you. Thanks!

    1. Mary#17


      Have fun and ride safe. Thanks!

  3. Still riding those linguine bikes I see.:D

  4. I'll be damned, small world.

  5. Paul, did you go to tallmadge high school by chance?

  6. Paul, did you go to tallmadge high school by chance?

  7. just sayin hi! meant to send u a private message!

  8. So you were right... after riding the Gap this week, my Contimotions now have a blue streak where my chicken strips are. I thought I ordered bbq with them, apparently I got blue cheese.

  9. Tpoppa tells me that you are the guy to ok my coreriders registration. I'm definitely interested in getting in on some CORE rides this season. Jim S.

  10. As long as there is no eye contact....

  11. The thunder, oh the thunder.

  12. I'll make a video this winter of me and the Danger Ranger. :D