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  1. I will get my VROD out there at some point again...this time for a tune perhaps.
  2. Damn son...I may buy this. I will text you tonight. Is this or does this work like a DSLR? Basically I want one that points and shoots without typical digital delay. Include me some lessons too? LOL
  3. Awesome! My group will be there anyway (Proprietors), I guess I will have to dig the VROD out for this. I will definitely pay the upgrade for the Amsoil. See you guys soon!
  4. Me too! Any winter deals? I just got my power commander and need to get the VROD tuned.
  5. Price lowered. If no takers, I will just go. I didn't realize it was a noon game. I can still make the dyno night. I also have tickets for Michigan and Purdue I will post as it gets closer.
  6. Section 13C Row 16 Seats 33 & 34 $100 First one with cash in my hand gets them. They are faculty tickets, but we have yet to be asked for ID. If you are pretty well known here, I can give you my wife's ID to take as long as she has it back before Monday. This is a pic from the OSU/Marshall game from my seats.
  7. Never heard back from other guy. Still available.
  8. I bought this from someone on CR to fix up. I just don't have the time. Asking what I paid. $50 or trade for something. IT DOES NOT RUN - I DONT KNOW WHAT IT NEEDS TO MAKE IT RUN...I was going to swap the engine out with another. I really need it gone today. I'm trying to clean out my garage. I am off of Sawmill.
  9. Looks cool. I may have to hit up the lube this weekend.
  10. A good read I found on the Warrior. It sounds like they took alot from the R1 and made this bike. I like it....alot. http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/roadtests/yamaha_road_star_warrior_1700/index.html
  11. One of these two for sure. Honestly, I would say the Roadstar. It is more of a cross over like mine. I like the Nightster, I just don't think you will stay happy with it. You have the CBR for going fast and having fun, I would look now for something you can still have some fun on while being a little more comfortable and relaxed. Plus, with either one of these, you can be super cool while riding with Eden and I.
  12. +1 I have been to every steak house and nice restaurant in Columbus; if Steak and a fine dining experience is what you want - this is THE place to be. My personal favorite is the Porterhouse for two. 40+ ounces of pure sex. I order it for myself though, not to share!
  13. That's a pretty cool idea.
  14. Hell yeah! Bike blowing up = girlfriend feeling bad = dude gets to PIITB
  15. I do want to get into these trackdays with you. I will pick up another bike for that eventually.
  16. Hey - I just got a VROD too. Where did you get your tail light from? Do you know of any good web sites for just us? Thanks man!

  17. Here is your incriminating evidence! :grin: This seating position makes my belly look big though.
  18. Oh trust me, I will ride the wheels off this thing. See below too. This is correct. He met me just north of Mansfield for free. Cut an hour+ off my time. I RODE her home last night from there, no trailering for me. It was a great ride. The bike is smooth as hell and has a unbelievable power band. Pulls hard. My only complaint is the windshield. I had planned on taking it off for around town riding, but thought it would be good to have on the highway for trips. It is WAYYY to short though. On the ride home yesterday, it basically just funneled the air up to hit me right in the top of my helmet. So I got home and took it off immediately. Im VERY happy so far!
  19. It will definitely come off for around town. I will leave it on when travelling though. It is the quick removable type though, so it should be....quick? LOL
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