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  1. I will get my VROD out there at some point again...this time for a tune perhaps.
  2. Damn son...I may buy this. I will text you tonight. Is this or does this work like a DSLR? Basically I want one that points and shoots without typical digital delay. Include me some lessons too? LOL
  3. Awesome! My group will be there anyway (Proprietors), I guess I will have to dig the VROD out for this. I will definitely pay the upgrade for the Amsoil. See you guys soon!
  4. Me too! Any winter deals? I just got my power commander and need to get the VROD tuned.
  5. Price lowered. If no takers, I will just go. I didn't realize it was a noon game. I can still make the dyno night. I also have tickets for Michigan and Purdue I will post as it gets closer.
  6. Section 13C Row 16 Seats 33 & 34 $100 First one with cash in my hand gets them. They are faculty tickets, but we have yet to be asked for ID. If you are pretty well known here, I can give you my wife's ID to take as long as she has it back before Monday. This is a pic from the OSU/Marshall game from my seats.
  7. Never heard back from other guy. Still available.
  8. I bought this from someone on CR to fix up. I just don't have the time. Asking what I paid. $50 or trade for something. IT DOES NOT RUN - I DONT KNOW WHAT IT NEEDS TO MAKE IT RUN...I was going to swap the engine out with another. I really need it gone today. I'm trying to clean out my garage. I am off of Sawmill.
  9. Looks cool. I may have to hit up the lube this weekend.
  10. A good read I found on the Warrior. It sounds like they took alot from the R1 and made this bike. I like it....alot. http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/roadtests/yamaha_road_star_warrior_1700/index.html
  11. One of these two for sure. Honestly, I would say the Roadstar. It is more of a cross over like mine. I like the Nightster, I just don't think you will stay happy with it. You have the CBR for going fast and having fun, I would look now for something you can still have some fun on while being a little more comfortable and relaxed. Plus, with either one of these, you can be super cool while riding with Eden and I.
  12. +1 I have been to every steak house and nice restaurant in Columbus; if Steak and a fine dining experience is what you want - this is THE place to be. My personal favorite is the Porterhouse for two. 40+ ounces of pure sex. I order it for myself though, not to share!
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