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  1. Thanks for the well wishes .. still trying to get a little settled . Good call on the bike camera . Because I hear the law enforcement on scene had there doubts about my version of what happened .. ha ! Oh well . It seems in this case it doesn't matter what he would think but it could have .. anyway ill be off my feet for a while .. good gear protected me from more significant injury and I recommend it very much .
  2. Good of u to answer the question. And ill accept it as an honest one. As to Ur comment about your opinion. Id compare it a little bit to mine at work..... I can't express it. Difference is my livelihood is at risk if I express it there . If u express yours here , there is little at risk, apparently . I do however believe u should be held to a.different standard when it comes to subjects that are this sensitive in nature. As usual you can disagree. I also believe I like people more If they like bikes.but I personally am not giving people 'passes' anymore. If someone speaks out against my work rights .I will consider going out of my way to adversely effect there's. That appears to be the modern America way. In ending I wish u, the administrator would have expressed his opinion on this matter more like u did in Ur response to me here ..... p.s. if u can collect monies to use to donate to another good cause by seeing to it I 'g.t.f.o.' .... ban me please. Lord knows its a sad state of affairs when the only way to get people contribute to something is by them getting to throw a pie at someone's face. But hey ... modern America . peace
  3. I choose to answer your personal message publicly because I feel it is important for me to do so . You asked why do I ask if you profit from this website. The answer is because if you do the amount of members on the site may have something to do with how much so. You seem quite a bit opinionated when it comes to issues involving other peoples lively hood. In response to that open opinion . certain members may decide they don't care to help you with your livelyhood. So I ask again . Do u profit from this website ?
  4. Is this 'your' web site ? For instance , do u or can u profit from it ?
  5. Too much. I can't take it. All this garbage about lazy union workers. Blah blah. Fact is collective.bargaining has worked for decades . U.a.w... really ? Good comparison . Not. Binding arbitration ? Less than 2% of contracts go to binding arbitration. And the cost is either split or the loser pays. It's state law the arbitrator is from Ohio. And I don't know too many that would award labor at the cost.of bankrupting a municipality . And keep there job. Pensions.... there negotiated...... hello. Less pay in exchange for retirement. Fact is the country is broke.. war.doesn't work stimulating the economy anymore. I find it unbelievable that middle class working people would fi against another middle class working person ... all in the name I'd capitalism and chance for riches. There will soon be less reason to be a state worker . Teacher . Or public/safety worker in Ohio. More jobs and workers leaving . Good plan . Workers should just shut the whole thing down. And ya . I'm talking about strikes. Any group of workers have the right to strike. Unless they agreed not to by agreeing to a contract... hello. There's no contract? According to the governor. Fire them. Nice. Maybe a union of one is what this country is coming to. Get yours . Suck butt. Back stab. Make deals. Get yours. Screw Ur follow employee. May the best man win. I'm gonna try to go look in the classifieds . I'm sure there will be some stuff cheap ..... what an opportunity.
  6. on the FGK136 does that price include the extended fork caps?
  7. whoaa.. excellent photos! ama mid ohio..... very fun
  8. sounds like u guys were having FUN. i am envious...
  9. looks ,like u guys were having a good time and pretty decent weather... im so jealous.
  10. ill preface this with , i was not there.....i do believe that changing the format may be a good idea.... i disagree with them changing the format without changing the discreption of the format. just my 2 cent
  11. looking good dubguy. and i hesitate in telling u this.... and u probably already know.... but im gonna go ahead and tell u anyway.....u neeed to relax ur wrist...
  12. damn.... which i could jump on this...
  13. bump .:eek:for a great deal! a friend of mine just sold a similar bike for $4600.
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