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  1. Than k you Copper1k, the gun is awesome! It was nice meeting you as well, hope to ride with you next year.
  2. I use a Galco shoulder holster or a pancake holster
  3. No heavier than a full size 1911 that I carry everyday. LOL
  4. Shadowriders.net Introduce yourself first on there, someone will probably give you one. There are two sets of aftermarket forward controls on there now, a four inch set and a six inch set ( meaning 4-6 inches extended from stock)
  5. Sorry I was taught as a truck driver don't swerve or brake for animals in the road. So the dog be damned for being there. I would have run it over and kept going as it should have never been there and I sure as hell am not swerving with the chance of losing control or wrecking my vehicle.
  6. I'm guessing this is for semi's by the demensions and he is putting in a pit to work under a vehicle.
  7. The metal diamond chisels that are designed for that will make quick work of that race.
  8. Sean get a good metal chisel and carefully cut out the race. This technique is used all the time for pilot bearings (bushings). You will not hurt the material around the race.
  9. Wheezle

    the mother load

    I'd be interested in the back protector Ryan.
  10. You might try auto zone as they carry a lot of mirrors for vehicles and one might fit.
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