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  1. Kinda like all those wanna be sportbike riders that have never been to a track but thinks he can "ride"?
  2. Didn't realize I needed your permission to express my opinion. Why don't you "get the fuck out" or click the ignore button. I have in the past, but don't right now. Why does that make a difference?
  3. No, it doesnt need to go back that far. Although obviously his parents didnt beat him when he needed it. He made the choice to ride like an asshole that day. When he made that choice he should have known there were consequences. Fortunately for him his consequence was a load of shit in his pants, and not a chain reaction pileup on the freeway.
  4. Talk about dense. You seem to be the epitome of stupid lately. I'm going to type real fucking slow so you can pick up what I am saying here... I never said that the squid caused the cop to act the way he did. Cop did that all on his own. You might reread my first post in this thread. All I said was that the entire event would not have happened if the squid wasn't riding like an idiot. Lets not wake Casper up - he's busy searching for llama, goat and sheep photos to post in another thread. Well that and being a total douche bag.
  5. Then what did you say? You said the "chick was dressed slutty". What did you mean by that? Lets see if I have the series of events correct: Sportbike rider is riding like a complete ass. (127 MPH by his own admission, weaving in and out of traffic, wheelies as seen on the video) Sportbike rider passes cop in median Sportbike rider gets pulled over by unmarked car (most likely notified by cop in median) who exits the vehicle with weapon drawn. Is there any doubt to the events? How could the whole thing been avoided? If the rider went the speed limit (or close to it) kept his front wheel down and not cut in and out of traffic #3 would not have happened. Certainly the rider is not responsible for the cop's actions, but he did set the events into motion that led to the cop getting out of the car, didn't he?
  6. Really? You're going to make an attempt at comparing rape with a dude acting like an asshole on a bike? That is fucked up.
  7. No, I'm not saying that what the cop did was right. I'm saying that if the rider wasn't acting stupid NONE of it would have happened. Don't want to end up in shitty situations? Don't act like an idiot.
  8. in addition to the wheelies, he was tripling the speed limit, making improper lane changes, and who knows what else precipitated the blast down the freeway. What was the situation PRIOR to the unmarked car pulling him over (he hardly "cut him off" - they were practically stopped when he ducked in front of him)? What did the marked car call in over the radio? Did the rider match the description of a felony suspect? I don't think he "continued to back up". I think he had problems holding the bike in one spot. If he was REALLY concerned that the "guy with the gun" intended to do him harm, he'd have dropped the bike getting out of the way.
  9. What would I have done in the situation? Hard to say. I do know that I wouldn't have placed myself in the position that the rider placed himself in. If I could get inside the rider's head, I'd probably find that he knew exactly what was going on the moment the unmarked cat got out of the car and was at least somewhat aware of the marked car coming up behind him. Was the cop over the top? Probably. However, none of it would have happened had he been riding responsibly. Actions have consequences. You shitheads here seem miss that most of the time.
  10. These threads crack me the fuck up. The guy on the bike is NEVER wrong. Its ALWAYS the other guys fault.
  11. Let me guess, English isn't your native tongue? You understood that? Fuck. I had to read it twice before I got it.
  12. Kids with a Lemonade stand is a "sign of the times"? WTF?
  13. Come on, Flounder. You cant hang out here and believe things are black and white. All the cool kids know that life is shades of gray.
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