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  1. Good to see everything is working out for you man! :cheers: On my end I low sided last year and did damage to my right side, but got a full system out of it which was nice. :cool: Had twin boys born 1-25-2010 so they are keeping my hands full as well. Other than that been working, getting some fun in when I can, and riding when I can. Have had a good amount of amazing fun/fast rides this year with some people that I can't regret. :wheeliezx10: How's the 636 doing for Amy? She keeping taking good care of it?

  2. ha ha, hey bro. Yeah I got the job in maryland and Amy and I have been married since memorial day weekend. It's been great living out here now. We got a house here and I've been with the organization for over a year now. How have things been back home? Keeping your self in good health on the bike?

  3. You still in Florida or did you finally get to Maryland? I think I remember you saying you were moving to Maryland. You married yet? :eek::D

  4. I've had my kimber crimson pro carry for about a year now and I love it. It shoots as well as my target pistols with no trouble and very reliable. The aluminum frame is nice if you want to keep the weight down and the slim profile is great for carry. If you're going to buy a gun, buy it once and buy it right.
  5. I've been using a corbin on my 1000rr for over a year now. One of the 3 best mods I've put on the bike for sure. I've put over 700 miles on the bike in a day with it and fatigue time is a lot longer. NO HOT SPOTS at all so I definately suggest it. I know they're expensive, but you only buy it once and you'll never regret it.
  6. good deal bro! motogp tonight?

  7. I finally got a chance to take this thing out and it's FUN!! Now it's time to look for a bigger range. So far it shoots like a dream.
  8. And finally, the signs for the various E-thug gangs.
  9. the D-bag's name is evan. he's not an OR but related to speedfrk39. just kinda pulled that from the posted album. anyhow, yeah, that's pretty toolish to pose with a gun pointed at the camera. did this become trendy or some shit? I'm all for owning firearms, but some people really need restrictions. this tool says it all in his photo.
  10. it's a fun one. gotta watch the screws for the crimson trace grip. if they come loose a little, the lazer gets thrown way off. I'm actually going out to shoot mine tomorrow with the new rifle.

  11. yea that kimber is a bad ass gun ive only took it shooting twice

  12. those can-ams are all over the place down here. they offer spyder tours just like the segway tours. The dealers are desperate to sell these things.
  13. im down bro! i still would like to get some more rounds for it but i have 120 to play with for right now

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