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  1. 1fasttc

    Wayne Closed Due To Gubment Shutdown

    Sure did I paid my $45 to use the park from April 15th-December 15. Now I can't go when I please
  2. 1fasttc

    Wayne Closed Due To Gubment Shutdown

    Thanks Midget, that's exactly what I meant
  3. 1fasttc

    Wayne Closed Due To Gubment Shutdown

    I know. Hey can we request some of our money back, since we cant use the park that we paid for?
  4. 1fasttc

    Wayne Closed Due To Gubment Shutdown

    That means "No Rangers", "No Rules" right?
  5. 1fasttc

    Last Rides Of The Season

    i cannot this week, getting tons of stuff ready, my wife's sister is getting married Saturday and the event is at the house. But Oct 19th sounds pretty good
  6. 1fasttc

    Last Rides Of The Season

    Hey Guys! I am finally back in town and off my death bed, oh my lord was I sick for 3 weeks! Anyhow, wanted to know if any of you bubby's are going riding or just camping till we hit the white stuff?
  7. 1fasttc

    Wayne 7-20

    out of town again starting Tuesday, my summer is too busy!
  8. Trust me, haul yo shit down.
  9. my lazy ass is finally back in town. not for long however, my bro finally had his first born and I am gonna be out of town a LOT being with him and his wife. looks like August 17th could be the first time I am actually back in CBUS for the long haul. let me know when the bubby's are hanging out and I will try to stop by for the night
  10. Out of town until July 7
  11. changing brake fluid with a buddy on time, comes time to bleed the brakes. I have him fill the reservoir and he goes through the front wheels, I tell him to open the bleeder valve and I will slowly press on the brakes till I tell him to tighten it back. He follows my directions but the brake pedal is still super squishy, I think to myself, oh this thing must have to be running the pump the brake fluid (i just flew home from a 13hr flight), start the motor, smash on the brake pedal, totally forgot to put the cap on the reservoir and we now have brake fluid everywhere. Time to re-bleed everything, come to find out, his brake line running to the rear distribution block had cracked and was pouring out all the fluid we were putting in anyhow. EPIC FAIL
  12. 1fasttc

    Squid time!

    Back in 06, after selling my 02 Ninja 250, I purchase an 03 636. After a couple of weeks of riding it my buddy and I are headed to Iron Pony. We are on Dempsy Rd heading towards Westerville Rd and I take off hard from a stop light, getting it up to 80 or so. I realized that I now had the ability (or so I thought) to do a roll on Whoolie. We get to Westerville Rd and I tell him I am gonna do a wheelie as soon as we get going. He laughs and says ok, but I am not stopping if you crash. Needless to say I picked the bike up no problem, it came up so fast the tank hit me in the chest and knocked the wind out of me. I slammed that front end down so hard I thought for sure I broke the forks. The bike was ok, but I def lost some pride in front of a long line of cars in stopped traffic that day.
  13. There was no ducking that! 2 more videos almost uploaded.
  14. Teaser clip from the very start, when the branch hit me http://youtu.be/YTbRRiXj1fc
  15. I'll get it up tonight. That branch I hit that nearly ripped my helmet off, moved the camera. But I do have video of teh nasty fall. I do have some other good video