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  1. My parents have an Exmark Lazer they bought used about 8-10 years ago. I'm not sure of the deck size but 60" sounds about right. It's been very reliable considering it gets almost zero maintenance besides the occasional oil change, blade change, and belt change. It was worked hard in it's previous life (commercial mowing), so I ended up rebuilding the v-twin 3-4 years ago...runs great after the rebuild though. HTH
  2. I have a 2013 and have had no issues but it still has very low miles (~2500). This bike puts out a lot of HP and has a lot of electronics, so don't expect Honda-like reliability (if I wanted that I would have bought one). That said, I think the new bikes are a little more reliable than the early models which I believe had a lighter crankshaft? But I could be wrong. My previous bikes were mostly 600RRs (2003 & 2007). I'd say the ergos on BMW are somewhere between a 2006 600rr and 2007 600rr. Brakes and engine are great. Transmission was notchy at first but once broken in it's not bad, not Honda smooth though. I've hit a couple false-neutrals, but other S1000rr owners find it to be more of a problem. Mine have mostly come when I've been a lazy shifter. Feel free to shoot me a PM...I'll try to remember to sign on and check my inbox. Have to agree, it is an amazing bike and the traction control has saved my ass a couple times when I was pushing my luck on cold tires.
  3. If you're serious about 2-up, make sure you give her some basic instruction beforehand...it can be the difference between an enjoyable ride and a dangerous one! Better yet is if she has previous riding experience. +1 Gotta agree with this....I've never enjoyed having the extra weight on the back. The only time I've found it tolerable was when the passenger had a few years of riding experience (scooters)....still can't imagine the seat on the S1000rr was very comfortable for her though.
  4. What's your most embarrassing moment on two-wheels? . . I'll start...although probably not my most embarrassing, it's the most recent. I just got back from a shakedown ride on the RR...mostly consisting of cruising up and down the freeway burning off the stickers on the new tires and getting something to eat. I decided I would cruise through Mt. Adams area (one of the busier bar scenes in Cincinnati). While rolling through town in first gear, enjoying all the attention, I decide to flip my visor up to show off my striking good looks (lol)....CLUNK....I stalled out in front of a crowd of people. Let's hear some embarrassing stories!
  5. Thanks everybody! Definitely feels good to be riding again. I'll be riding it from Mt. Vernon to Cincinnati this Sunday. I plan on taking the long way (through Hocking Hills) so I'll get a chance to put some miles on it! A lot of people don't like the asymmetrical headlights...personally I think it looks great! No breakfast in bed, but it has traction control, ABS, wheelie control, quickshifter...and heated grips! Gearing seems good, but I don't like my bikes geared too low either. I like the rpms to be reasonable for cruising on the highway. I know, right? I almost couldn't believe they just let me drive it away from the dealership like that! I'll leave the pegs on for ya buddy!
  6. Picked this up last Saturday: I've been bike-less for a couple years while finishing up school. This is my first liter bike and I have previously had only Honda sportbikes: f4i, 03 600rr, 07 600rr First impression (after 130 miles): So far I am very impressed...braking is phenomenal and handling is on par with 07+600rr. Ergos are slightly more aggressive than 07+ 600rr and more like 03-06 600rr. I can't really comment on power yet as the bike is neutered with a 9000 rpm rev limiter until the first service...still pretty quick though. Not overly impressed with the transmission (little notchy)...hopefully this will improve with break-in. However, the clutchless upshifting is a thing of beauty with the stock quickshifter. I haven't touched the suspension yet, so no comment there. Overall build-quality is definitely a notch above the Japanese bikes I'm used to. Now if only it wasn't so damn ugly!
  7. What's up man? Still have that F4i?
  8. Yeah, that ninja was lacking some ground clearance..lol. I interviewed for a job that would keep me in Cincinnati...if that's the case I'll be up for some more peg scrapin'.
  9. Still kicking! I've been busy with grad school and haven't had a bike for a few years! Now that grad school is over, I'm hoping to get back on two wheels soon.. Yes, very mean.. I noticed she is a Mod now so I'll tread lightly.
  10. Thanks, bro! It doesn't get ridden nearly as much as it should! I rode it into work today and parked it in my 'super-secret-I-don't-need-a-parking-pass' spot and got a ticket! I'm either going to sell it or buy a parking pass!!! Somebody buy this thing...
  11. I think I have the passenger pegs in a box somewhere...but I don't think that you would be able to mount the right side with the hi-mount exhaust. It could probably be done with a custom bracket, but I haven't spent much time looking into it. Thanks, Nick. I finished it a while ago but haven't been riding all that much since hurting my wrist...50 miles is about tops before my wrist bothers me too much. If I can't find a buyer, I'll just keep it until I heal up!
  12. Hello everyone! Up for sale is my 2002 CBR600f4i with about 19,800 miles (little less do to gearing) and a rebuilt salvage title. I bought this bike from a member on here (APCh8er) after the bike was crashed at a Mid-O track day. I spent a lot of time putting it back together with the intent of keeping it, but a wrist injury has really limited my riding. I have replaced both front forks, triples, front wheel and calipers. The front fairing was replaced and the rest of the body was repaired and looks pretty damn good. The bike rides and runs perfect! It has a few extras: Vortex 520 sprockets (-1/+2) and DID Gold chain (I believe) NEW Jardine RT One Titanium Hi-Mount Exhaust NEW APE cam chain tensioner Vortex clip-ons Conti-Race Attack Tires with a lot of miles left on them Valves adjusted, oil and filter changed, brake fluid replaced about 1500 miles ago Here is the craigslist ad with a few pictures: http://columbus.craigslist.org/mcy/1950859211.html OR price is $2,000 PM/Email/Reply with questions! Thanks, Eric
  13. Not a stalker...she is my ex!
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