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  1. figures I get access to a computer and its over.:devil:

  2. Obviously these replicas are being used as a selling point, so you would agree that it makes more since to have the Spies replicas in the US as nochknstrps states in the thread opener? You know, because Spies has a large American fan base because he is American... Who gives a fuck...his first and only season in WSBK he was #1, so that replica means more than some Hayden bull shit.
  3. I changed it...lol ...to say the least. Ah well, I had a blast anyways. hahaha probably true about the R6s... You have some high hopes for the 07 GSX-R 1K. lol I hope it made it on the wall of some circuit...haha
  4. Nah, Casper changed it trying to be funny...but...it wasn't funny. haha I had nothing to do with it...
  5. I've been on a couple cruises...wish I could have went, but I was too busy destroying my property. lol...yeah good point. haha better than that other wack shit.
  6. Yeah, unfortunately Casper's sense of humor is not very good so I have this new hilarious name. It's so funny...ha............ha. Annnnnyways, I rode past your house yesterday...didn't look like you guys were home yet, so I kept it moving. Oakland Raiders -----------Philadelphia Eagles
  7. I see a can't hack-it, panty-waste who wears their mama's bra... Oh yeah, welcome back.
  8. anim_nutkick.gif thats how you handle comments such as the ones made this afternoon
  9. that sounds like a wonderful idea, lets do it

  10. ...shits weak. I enjoy a good funny as much as the next guy, but I can't say any of these new names even gave a chuckle.
  11. hey dragon knee, its heinz

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