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  1. redkow97

    Who has edc experience with LCP?

    Did someone already dismiss the Glock 43?
  2. redkow97

    Where to sight a rifle?

    ...but then the man has you
  3. redkow97

    Casting shotgun slugs

    I was too cool for a lunch box in high school. Would fold up the bag and hide it in my pocket. $.50/slug savings seems like a pretty significant margin though. Casting supplies would pay for themselves in about 100 shells. Plus it’s useful to have if slugs ever become scarce.
  4. redkow97

    Casting shotgun slugs

    My mother used to make me bring home my brown paper lunch bags so they could be used again. Her father had 30 lbs of frozen fish that he had caught and filet’d in his freezer. For a couple of decades. We threw it out when he moved. The cheapness gene runs strong.
  5. redkow97

    Casting shotgun slugs

    Most of you are aware that i’m Cheap. The cost of shotgun slugs has caught me a little off guard. i can get it down to $.68/round (shipping kills the saving) by buying in bulk online, but for $50 in casting supplies, i can buy target loads, melt the shot into a slug, and re-load it into the target shell for $.25/round it looks pretty simple, if a little tedious.
  6. That would cost a lot more than a full armory of 50 BMGs. Plus my wife’s super hot.
  7. I wouldn’t say “scared,” but she buys into the liberal “why would anyone NEED an AR15?” and “that’s not what the founders intended” points of view. Truthfully, she doesn’t like that i have ANY firearms ...which is why the key to the gun cabinet is always on my person, and not an insignificant consideration in my preference for wooden stocks. I move my rifles in padded range bags, but the 10-22 and Remington 341p are similar looking, except for barrel length. My wife wouldn’t care to notice that one is a bolt action, and the other accepts magazines. Likewise, she does not distinguish between blued pistols. I can probably fill the cabinet with wooden stock rifles of varying calibers and not have her notice, but i restrain myself for the sake of marital harmony. Mostly.
  8. 500 yards was just a number i pulled out of my ass because i watched a 3 gun competition where the furthest target was 500 yards. I really just want something that actually requires a scope, because it’s powerful enough to shoot (accurately) beyond how far i can see. It would not be a “plinking” gun at all (that’s what the 9mm carbine and my 10-22 are for), but i would like to enjoy shooting it periodically. It doesn’t need to be a “battle rifle” like an AR15. I am fine with lower capacity and bolt, lever, or even single shot, if it’s cheap enough.
  9. I know an AR would fit the bill, but i was hoping for something a tad cooler and less objectionable from the wife. Marlin makes a .30-30 lever rifle that isn’t priced unreasonably.
  10. All of my firearms have been purchased with cheap ammo and fun to shoot as the primary qualification, but as i expand my collection, i realize more and more often that 22lr, 9mm (even from a 16.5” barrel) and a shotgun slug are all 100 yard (at best) rounds. Especially when i have iron sights (just a from beed on the shotgun) on all of them. Even if the rounds were effective beyond 100 yards, i struggle to acquire a target at that distance. So i’m Looking for general advice on affordable optics, and also beginning to accept that a high(er) powered rifle round is likely necessary to ward off zombies at 500 yards. Everyone says the mosin nagant is “$100,” but i’m Not finding them for anywhere near that price. The ammo is priced right, but not exactly easy to find (at least i haven’t noticed it at my LGS)
  11. redkow97

    Speeding ticket

    I had a guy show up with an entire binder of pictures and other shit. None of it was provided to me as discovery, but the guy didn’t even attempt to introduce it, let alone move to admit any of it. He asked 2 “questions” of the Officer. Both were objectionable, and the officer never had to answer either. The guy got frustrated, sat down, and was found guilty on all counts. He tried to play lawyer and trialed himself into a much higher charge than i had offered to amend to. Like i said, i endorse speaking with the prosecutor, but you have to take the right tone with that, and make it clear that you’re willing to resolve the case in a reasonable manner.
  12. redkow97

    Speeding ticket

    You don’t NEED a lawyer, but you do need to be prepared to find out how much procedural bullshit you don’t expect. You can make oral motions on the record, but unless the prosecutor agrees, the judge is unlikely to grant them. You can file a written motion, but then it must be properly served, with a proof of service attached, and enough time for the opposing party to respond. You can try a case yourself as well, but you still have to follow the rules of evidence and procedure. The judge will explain the rules to you, but they can’t “help” you. And just like i probably couldn’t walk into your place of employment and do your job as well as you can, it’s unlikely that you’re going to walk into a courtroom and out-lawyer a prosecutor. I fully endorse taking a human approach and asking if a reduced charge is a possibility, with an agreed fine, etc., but “just plead not guilty and hope the cop doesn’t show up” seems to be a wide-spread misconception about how traffic court works.
  13. redkow97

    SR9c first time

    I have never owned a pistol with a safety. Did you rent the SR9 before buying it? 75 rounds is nothing...
  14. redkow97

    First Gun out of these?

    I used to have a meme on my phone that said “my Glock” with a picture of a potato, and “everyone else’s Glock” with a picture of a fully loaded baked potato, covered in butter, sour cream, chives, cheese, and bacon. Shoot your potato a few thousand times before you run out and start paying for all sorts of toppings. The grips you want may be awesome, but range time and ammo aren’t free, and are likely the better “upgrade.” my Glock is still factory stock.
  15. redkow97

    Speeding ticket

    They could have cited you for anything. I don’t think reckless opp would have stuck. Every county is different as far as what they’ll pursue for traffic offenses, but speed alone, unless you’re doing substantially more than 30 over, is a weak case for reckless opp. (IMHO) you can be doing 30 mph through stopped or crawling traffic, weaving all over, and that would be a lot more reckless than 24 over in light traffic. As noted, it’s a 6 point violation. The same as an OVI. Unless your conduct was similarly dangerous, i wouldn’t consider it reckless opp. Look up the definition of “street racing.” Also a 6 point violation. Many things qualify that no judge would hit you with 6 points for. $111 is cheap though. Court costs are typically over $100, plus $50 or more for the fine.