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  1. Cruiser rider looking to do a track day

    Nothing but good things to say about Honda 600’s, but you didn’t need to prep a sport bike for your first track day! it’s a really humbling experience to see the XR1200’s turning faster laps than you can muster on a race prepped 600. Have fun!
  2. Training in Winter

    ^ to update the post above, I figured out that the watch isn't as dumb as I thought. The HR eats battery - so it's only really paying attention if you have it start an activity. There is an "indoor cycling" activity that I've been using with good results (within 2 BPM of the hand-grips on the spin bike) So I can get it to track my time and my heart rate, but I have to edit and manually enter the distance the spin bike tells me I covered (obviously the GPS isn't tracking movement on a spin bike).
  3. Roadapple Roubaix 2018 (3/3/18)

    Side note: rear fender was clutch. I need neoprene shoe covers. My toes were numb. I guess throwing a hand warmer btwn the cover and the shoe is very effective. Tye rest of me was warm. My hands were sweaty when i stopped to investigate my loose crank (i assumed my cleat was loose, not the crank)
  4. Roadapple Roubaix 2018 (3/3/18)

    Cold, but not too bad. Pretty dry until the double track the last 4 miles. My oacing wasn’t good. I went too fast for the first 25 miles and paid for it the final 15. I may also be getting a cold (sore throat), so that couldn’t have helped. My left crank came loose around mile 30. Really surprised i had the Allen wrench to tighten it. Must be the same size as the front axle. 3:17 and 41.5+ miles. Other people on strava who rode the same route were getting as high as 43.8 12.8(ish) mph is slower than i was hoping, but i didn’t bother with any of the rest stations, and i went faster in every segment on strava. Tired and sore now.
  5. What i did in guns.

    I sold my subcompact 9mm on Thursday and replaced it with a Glock 19 gen 5 on Friday. 100 rounds down range. I still flinch and pull low/left. I’m actually better when i shoot quickly, because i don’t anticipate the recoil. Must practice more.
  6. Roadapple Roubaix 2018 (3/3/18)

    I also lost front derailleur function last year. My cassette stayed functional, but that hill near the end is tough. Between warmer conditions and adding a rear fender, i’m Hoping to keep my ass dry.
  7. Let's see your $100 (or less) handguns

    I read a review of it that cracked me up. Something to the effect of, "it fires reliably, every time. You'll want to clean it every 1000 rounds or so ...or don't - it really doesn't seem to care." Went on to criticize the trigger, but also admits that it's completely acceptable for the price-point, and the type of thing you can fix with aftermarket parts, or some inexpensive gunsmithing. For my purposes, I would prefer something with a safety, but I wouldn't let that be a deal-breaker. I would part with my KelTec PF9 (with 2 mags) for pretty cheap if anyone is interested in that... IF i sell the PF9, I'll probably end up with a G19. If I keep it, I'll continue to look for something like a used SD9VE. The only sub-$100 gun I have ever encountered 'in the flesh' was a pawnshop 25 cal. It wasn't worth the $75 they wanted for it.
  8. What did you do to your bicycle today?

    cleaned up my bike a LOT last week to take it to Ray's Indoor. Put on an "ass savers" fender last night. Hoping it won't be needed for riding this weekend. I also ordered new brake pads. New chain needs to be ordered and installed for the spring.
  9. Let's see your $100 (or less) handguns

    I'm looking for a cheap 9mm, but not $100 cheap... That said, i would pay $80 for a Hi-Point C9 just to see if their reputation is deserved. That's if I could get over the embarrassment of being seen with it at the range. But for real, i'm annoyed with myself for letting my coworker buy that SD9ve from Tony a couple years ago. I should have bought it myself...
  10. Roadapple Roubaix 2018 (3/3/18)

    this was the first organized ride I did in 2017, and will be the first I do in 2018. I just registered for the 40 mile route, which I'm told is pretty much identical to last year, except that the 15 miles that differentiate the 25 miler from the 40 miler will be run in the opposing direction. This was also one of the first rides i tracked with Strava, so I'm curious to see how this year's times compare. My moving time last year was just over 3.5 hours for a 12 mph average speed. That's MOVING time, so my bathroom and food break didn't count. I'd like to keep my moving time to under 3 hours, if possible, which will mean 14 mph average. We'll see what happens. I'll still be riding the fat tire bike, and I'm sure it will be a field of mostly gravel and CX bikes, with some XC mountain bikes intermixed. The only meaningful changes to the bike since last year are a rear fender, and SPD pedals. The high is 37, but it's supposed to be sunny. I'm optimistic. Ride starts at 10:00 in Garrettsville. I would advise arriving early to ensure ease of parking. See anyone there?
  11. Need a cheap 3rd row'er

    I honestly don't remember. We may have the 'base' trim package with the nicer mechanical options. No remote start on ours. It's my wife's car, so it's in the garage every night. My car gets pushed outside if i have any kind of project going on. We looked at two models at approximately the same price. One had leather and the nice stereo (the top trim level), but lacked third row seating and AWD. The one we bought has cloth seats, a real key (not just a fob and push-button), no sub-woofer, but it has 3rd row seating and AWD. Both had the V6, I believe. The model with leather had higher mileage as well. We bought the dealer demo, and paid a little extra to extend the factory warranty so that it covers 100,000 miles from our purchase date. We knew the salesman, so the warranty cost us almost nothing...
  12. Need a cheap 3rd row'er

    Our family hauler is a 2016 Sorento. We have the mid trim level. I wanted cooled seats and the nicer stereo, but I wanted the third row seating and AWD more. We have the 3.3 V6, and it is awesome.
  13. Training in Winter

    I use whatever 1990's spin bike my gym has... did 50 mins of interval training last night at level 15 (I believe 20 is highest). My Garmin watch does not integrate with the spin bike, but it tracks my heart rate throughout the ride. I'm not convinced it's very accurate (the hand grips on the machine were giving me conflicting info on my pulse), but effort is effort. I also try to fat bike outside as often as possible. That is a lot more fun, and per the heart rate monitor, much more varied and intense. The problem is lack of daylight. My toes also got a little cold on my 80 minute ride on Saturday. (I wear leather work boots and platform pedals in the winter) I have a "primitive" spin bike in my basement as well. I haven't used that as much. the tension is a manual knob. It's high quality fixed-gear with a big-ass flywheel, and quality toe clips, but it's hard to stay motivated without the computer changing the resistance and counting out my timed intervals. I typically watch "The Grand Tour" on Amazon Prime, and turn up the resistance half a turn any time the episode buffers, then back it down to "regular" effort when it's playing again.
  14. What did you do to your bicycle today?

    I also lubed the shit out of my chain and cassette after several recent snow rides. While good for my bike, this has wreaked havoc on my car ...which is parked below my bike, when I hang it in the garage. Chain lube does not wipe off of a windshield and hood nearly as easily as you would expect. I was using dish soap. May have to attack with something stronger.
  15. What did you do to your bicycle today?

    I rode on Saturday. Not quite 10.5 miles of frozen singletrack. It was a little icy in some spots, but overall, quite rideable. Nice to be back outside. Royalview looks a bit different covered in snow. I actually almost got lost once. The trail doubles-back and nearly intersects itself, and some people had crossed over in a way that made it unclear which direction to continue. I managed to ride up an icy area where the water drains down the trail. The people behind me were heard yelling, "WALK THIS," which was a point of satisfaction. Planning to be back outside (somewhere) this weekend. Vulture's Knob has a winter race on Sunday at 1:00. I'll be preparing for "preschool prom" with my daughter. It's not a father/daughter dance, but I am expected to attend, and wear a suit.