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  1. What about Kayla? <poke poke> 😛
  2. Let me know what they want for the property. I’m in for a few grand.
  3. $1600 with tax, to my garage. 0 miles. i have seen Z125s for $2200, but they sell quick, in shady parts of town...
  4. redkow97

    OMRL 2020

    Just don’t forget about them. No rush. I should just see if Dallas wants to buy them...
  5. Clutch feel is horrible, and there is no free play. otherwise it feels cheap and slow - but i think it will break in and feel cheap and fun 😂
  6. The “Amagrom” is in the garage. Still in the crate, but mostly assembled. Looks good. There is some sticker goop on the headlight shroud, but meh. with any luck, i will have it started later tonight.
  7. redkow97

    OMRL 2020

    I’ll grid at the back and take a DQ so as not to mess with anyone’s points, but there is no way that a grom clone will out perform a grom. I figure i can get close to stock grom performance after new tires, a better carb, and an exhaust, but the grom costs double for a reason.
  8. Mine comes today. Not Sure if i will have time to get it assembled tonight.
  9. redkow97

    OMRL 2020

    I will plan to attend, and assume a stock Boom Vader can race grom class. 😂
  10. It will be an amazing fulfillment center within the year.
  11. Anecdotally, take a look at Japan and California. masks, due to smog and viral concerns, were common in Japan well before Coronavirus. CA and Japan are roughly the same size, and have similar populations and population density. Look at their daily case figures. Even with inconsistencies in the rate of testing, there is a clear correlation that masks are effective at reducing the rate of transmission. you can still debate whether or not the fatality rate rationalizes mask mandates or not, but the masks WILL reduce transmission. I won’t miss wearing one, but it only really bothers me when i get somewhere and realize i forgot mine.
  12. Rode it crashed it. Putting it back together. Oops chinese “Amagrom” arrives tomorrow as well.
  13. the R6 master arrived 2 days early, AND, it’s a Brembo. Didn’t even see that when i bid on it. i have functioning brakes, but they’re not as firm as i would like. encountered some issues removing the wheels, since i have never messed with a Suzuki before, but they’re off, and i am hopeful that reinstallation goes a bit smoother now that i sort of have a clue about how things go together.
  14. Mine are 2003 GSXR calipers and forks. I am told they used the sam calipers on 2005(?) sv1000s so its a Frankenstein front end, which puts it into superbike classes anyway. Not worried about the R6 master. Hope it works.
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