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  1. redkow97

    Lawyer recommendations Cleveland area

    Side note, where are you located? Lawyers will drive 60+ miles for a good case.
  2. redkow97

    Lawyer recommendations Cleveland area

    Don’t assume it’s a product defect claim. If it happened at work, you might have a worker’s comp claim. I like Tim Misney as a person, but he runs the business. He doesn’t do much actual legal work. It’s easy to shit on the TV law firms. I tend to do that unless i know the people. I know Dana Paris of Neurenber Paris. I also know David herman, who is a partner there. The fact is, if you have a strong case, you don’t need a great trial attorney or a high-priced firm. You want the person who will handle your case for the lowest contingent fee. Typical agreements are 30% of a settlement or 40% of a trial order. A smaller firm might do it for less than 30%. Remember, 97% of cases settle. I practiced criminal law, and recently moved to disability law, so i didn’t interact with the type of lawyer you need. The best advice i can give you is to interview lawyers. Don’t sign representation agreements with anyone until you talk to 3+ people. Half of running a firm is attracting business (tv), and buttering up clients. Remember, these folks do their pitch for a living, then they hand your case off to the attorneys who do the real legal work. Dont assume years of experience makes someone competent. Dana’s dad is the title partner at NPHM. That’s not why she has a job there. She’s crazy smart and thorough. She’s probably 31 now. Just one example. Message me if you contact Nuremberg Paris. I’ll let David or Dana know i referred you. (It’s an ethical violation for them to compensate me for referrals, so i get nothing out of it) good luck, and sorry you were hurt.
  3. redkow97

    OMRL Adkins

    I found the 100 to be totally different than any full-sized bike. It’s a lot easier to upset a bike that weighs less than you do, and the tracks are so tight, it feels like you’re not countersteering. You are, but it only feels right when you’re really getting up to a respectable pace. I also never had any confidence in the tires. For me, every corner was a question of how soon i could get my knee on the ground, in case the tires let go. I need to get back out on something. 100 or grom/Z/China copy.
  4. redkow97

    How many magazines?

    Nope. They're marketed to law enforcement, and not made for home or personal defense. I'll look into those. I just have never read a bad review about anything Hornady puts their name on, and they cycle through the G19 flawlessly for about a dollar a round :-/ I'd love to find an inexpensive +p round that cycles through the carbine well :) I need to figure out a real rifle with a real rifle round. Mosin Nagant may be the inevitability, but I'd like a cheap bolt .223 if I can find one.
  5. redkow97

    How many magazines?

    My pistol round of choice is hornady critical defense. Critical duty, if critical defense isn’t available. Haven’t tried much else. (From what i read, duty is designed to penetrate drywall without expanding. Defense is not)
  6. redkow97

    Class 1 hitch ok to tow bike and trailer?

    I guess it takes a lot more to shift weight in a rig that large. I can empty my cooler and end up having to slide other stuff forward on the trailer to compensate for the water i drink and the ice i dumped before packing up! side note: a “ladder” style aluminum ramp, properly ratchet strapped to the side supports of an open trailer makes an excellent modular “e-track” substitute. Really allows for said weight shift without compromising how well things are strapped down.
  7. redkow97

    How many magazines?

    I am probably going to start storing more loaded as well. With good hornady self defense rounds for the 9mm. I’d rather swap ball ammo before range time than have to shoot it at an intruder. my feeling though is that it’s probably better to have “extra” magazines than have one break or misfeed and be super annoyed. i need to number my mags to keep track of when/if any are showing signs of wear, then those ones go to the bottom shelf for range-only use, rather than carry or first grab.
  8. redkow97

    Class 1 hitch ok to tow bike and trailer?

    Does having 3 bikes that far back reduce your toungue weight too dramatically? I was picturing one bike fwd and two bkwd.
  9. redkow97

    What i did in guns.

    I bought a couple of mags this morning. Need to go shoot soon... been way too long since i’ve shot outside.
  10. redkow97

    Class 1 hitch ok to tow bike and trailer?

    The best thing about the trs is spacial efficiency. I swear you could fit 3 bikes on a 4x8 with the trs, and it really wouldn’t be that hard. The ‘air space’ straps take up gets in the way of stuff. I have a steel beam across the front of my trailer that i use to widen the tie-down points for straps. That is unnecessary when using the trs. Its even more useful inside an enclosed trailer, if you’re trying to walk through. Bikes can be transported damn-near touching the trailer wall.
  11. redkow97

    How many magazines?

    I got bored at work and ordered a couple more 20-round mags for my 995. Got me to thinking about how many i should have for each gun. I was thinking that i should be able to have ~100 rounds in mags for each rifle and ~50 for each pistol. Thats just based on how much i shoot them at the range, and the possibility of failure if mags became scarce. I admit those numbers are somewhat arbitrary. So other than “as many as you can afford,” how many magazines is it advisable to own? (for reference, i’m speaking exclusively in 9mm and 22lr, but i’m sure we’ll expand into 223 for the sake of conversation. I currently have 10 and 25 rd mags for my 22lr, and 10 and 20 rd mags for my 995. I only have factory mags for my Glock 19, but if i buy more, i suppose i’d buy 17 mags.)
  12. redkow97

    Class 1 hitch ok to tow bike and trailer?

    If you’re going more than 50 miles on the highway, i’d Remove the gate and buy a cheap ramp. The drag from the gate will make an I4 struggle more on the highway than a second bike on the trailer. Seriously.
  13. redkow97

    New Harleys...no, really.

    I like that they’re trying something, but it’s pretty hard to just jump into a well-established segment and be immediately competitive. Even if this is a great first-effort, i doubt it will be on par with the competition. Would you buy Kia’s first pickup truck?
  14. redkow97

    Let's see your $100 (or less) handguns

    I may grab a hi point 9 as a trunk gun. Started thinking about a “get home” bag not too long ago. Gun. Ammo. Water. Basic energy gel or snacks, a printed map, flash light, and walking shoes. Probably hand warmers too.
  15. redkow97

    PIRC MotoAmerica - Aug 24-26

    I will be there at least 1 day with my daughter. Was planning to camp, but we have some kind of event Saturday afternoon or evening.