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  1. Where are you located? I always need more gloves...
  2. Biden explicitly endorsed shotguns. So in a worst-case scenario, we still get to have cheap fun 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Other great news - i taught my fiancé to drive stick in like 1999... she hasn’t driven a manual since then, but somehow remains very proficient. #soulmate
  4. I forgot the best part though - whoever first owned this Xrs really put some money into it. it has a nice cold air intake, short throw shifter, and a fuel management module connected to the air intake so that it still idles properly when you mess with the throttle response settings. I don’t know how much power it actually adds, but it was completely un-detectable during the test drive, and feels like it’s been professionally tuned. even the LED under-body lights are wired up well, and the switches are installed discretely. It’s ridiculous, but totally hidden, unti
  5. Stumbled upon this thread. I’ve landed on my feet pretty well. Upgraded houses - or rather, school districts. Moved in with GF. Got engaged. Bought China grom, bought SV650 race bike, bought corolla XRS manual, and am a lot happier, in spite of Covid BS. The Lexus was a casualty of the house upgrade, but i couldn’t pass it up for the deal I got, and honestly, the kids would have destroyed the interior. loving the XRS too. It’s not fast or fancy, but it’s markedly better than my old car in every way (not that that was a high bar). Even so, i got everything i sa
  6. The fast guys are in the 1:05’s now. anyone under 1:08 can complain about the surface. 😘
  7. I’m a fucking moron, but so are the people who assemble these bikes. The crank case breather was routed in an asinine manner, causing it to kink. the resulting pressure was pushing out the o-ring on the clutch side that seals the part that depresses he clutch springs. so i was leaking oil from a cover not meant to have oil behind it. Rerouting the breather tube and re-seating the o-ring solved the issue completely. It’s still shockingly slow (49 on GPS), but not broken in yet, and i have a larger front sprocket, and will put a better carb and an exhaust on i
  8. After 21.6 somewhat eventful miles, my Chinese Grom clone is leaking oil from The right side engine vase cover. the engine is so generic that it has a screw-on cover where it can be branded differently. The gasket behind mine seems to be failing, and leaks oil when the bike is warm. i am concerned that i will round out the screws if i try any harder to remove the cover to inspect it. Laying the bike against a milk crate in the garage sure is easier with a 125 though. anyway, i can’t ever see myself accessing this cover for maintenance. Any reason i shouldn’t just JB weld th
  9. What about Kayla? <poke poke> 😛
  10. Let me know what they want for the property. I’m in for a few grand.
  11. $1600 with tax, to my garage. 0 miles. i have seen Z125s for $2200, but they sell quick, in shady parts of town...
  12. redkow97

    OMRL 2020

    Just don’t forget about them. No rush. I should just see if Dallas wants to buy them...
  13. Clutch feel is horrible, and there is no free play. otherwise it feels cheap and slow - but i think it will break in and feel cheap and fun 😂
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