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  1. part '92 Silverado 2500 w/ 50k miles. $10k

    (sorry mods - please move to "other stuff")
  2. part '92 Silverado 2500 w/ 50k miles. $10k

    the business referenced is a produce deliver company, btw. She was hauling/towing with it, but nothing crazy heavy. I'm kind of surprised she is replacing the truck, rather than just getting a larger refrigerated trailer, but apparently that's not as cost-effective(?)
  3. This crowd might be more apt to appreciate a pristine low mileage 454. Belongs to my friend Lisa, who lives in Charlotte, but does get up to Ohio periodically to visit family - especially if anyone is seriously interested in this. https://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/d/1992-chevy-c2500-silverado/6351445481.html I have no idea if her price is crazy high ($10,000 for a 25 yr old truck?), but it's in amazing condition for its age, and could practically be a show vehicle if you were into that, or it could pull a boat or whatever else you wanted it to do...
  4. Heritage 22lr/22mag

    So suck it up and buy a G19 or 17... Maybe I'll have to spend more time with one from the rental case and see if I can adjust my grip enough to enjoy the G19. If there's one happy side effect from that Chiappa revolver search, it was finding the 10 round 22lr revolver for $199. That adequately fulfills my original desire for the Heritage Rough Rider, at a reasonable price-point, in a caliber I have thousands of on-hand.
  5. Heritage 22lr/22mag

    we may have different ideas of "affordable." the Chiappa 22s are fairly priced. Their 9mm revolvers are $800+
  6. 1 bike for street/track

    I only started suggesting 'fun' cars because I don't have a bike in the garage, and can't ride to work. I could drive a mustang a couple of times a week throughout the summer though. The problem with a third car is storing it. I can keep a bike in my shed, or ditch my bulky work bench and park it in front of my car. Plus we're probably getting rid of the fridge we have in the garage, which also frees up space, but obviously not enough for a car... I don't need or want an R6 or a 750. I'm not looking to set lap records, and if I race any bike, even with stock suspension, I always need more improving than the equipment. An SV is probably the ticket... I might even run dirt bars on it, and just accept that those will be less than ideal for the track - even if that's where the bike sees more miles. I can't decide if i'm retired from big bike racing or not. The minis are fun to race, because it's relatively safe. On a bigger bike, I'm not sure I want to deal with the elevated consequences of pushing myself. It might be time to just go turn some laps in Intermediate group, hide my lap timer, and enjoy burning up knee pucks. I wouldn't write-off riding in advanced group again, but part of me doesn't want to be tempted to try to keep up with everyone else.
  7. 1 bike for street/track

    Good luck, and have fun. I didn't know he had been riding an SV. Too bad he can't fight for the R6. That would have paid for a lot of tires and travel
  8. Heritage 22lr/22mag

    ...I need to stop reading the sale emails from the Point Blank location near my office. I am still wanting a revolver. In a perfect world, I'd get a 9mm revolver to have a dead-nuts reliable wheel gun that uses cheap ammo, but there is basically no such thing as a cheap 9mm revolver. There seem to be numerous cheap 38 specials, and ammo isn't that much more expensive. This would NOT be a concealed carry gun. I might still take it camping or something, but I wouldn't want a snubnose. Rock Island makes a 4" barrel 6-shooter. So talk me into or out of a 38 special as an additional caliber in the cabinet.
  9. 1 bike for street/track

    That's too nice. Is he racing the R3 at the WERA GNF? Winner of the R3 race gets a new R6!
  10. 1 bike for street/track

    bodywork is expensive to crash though. If I'm taking something to the track, I want to be prepared to leave it there. If it's fixable, I want it to be a cheap fix. Maybe I should buy an F4i with a stunt cage
  11. 1 bike for street/track

    '03 was the first year for FI, correct? Didn't it have some 'quirks' because of that? I'm thinking my budget is more suited to a crashed carb'd model that someone else doesn't want to repair. Then I just throw a number plate above a circular headlight, and cut up a belly pan from some other bike and mount it with zip ties...
  12. Nelson Ledges

    How much does a day run, now that the new pavement is down? I'm used to paying like $95/day, with a discount for booking both days... Factor in inflation since 2008. I think I only raced at Nelson after that, no track days.
  13. 1 bike for street/track

    EX500's are raced regionally. Not as much as they used to be, but they're around, and they're fun bikes. Slow, but fun. Noodle chassis, but fun. What I like about them is that beyond suspension and tires, there's not much else you can do to it... aftermarket exhaust might yield a few extra hp on the top end, but you give up mid-range. The stock system is heavy, but it's quiet and cheap on eBay.
  14. 1 bike for street/track

    motards are awesome, until you want to take one on the highway for any distance. I mean, I know it can be done, but then you start getting into larger bore bikes, which makes them heavier, which diminishes the fun of the bike (for me). I would rather find a clapped out and/or crashed SV in the $1000-$1500 range than pay for someone's track prepped bike for $2,000. Salvage title would be fine.
  15. 1 bike for street/track

    I started looking at mustang GT convertibles the other day, and the wife said "you may as well get a motorcycle if you're looking at convertibles with summer tires and RWD." Cheap is the name of the game, because it wouldn't be ridden much. I'm realistic about that. But I'd like to do a couple of track days, or maybe even some racing. Considering: - EX250 (pros - cheap. tire wear won't be an issue. Parts are everywhere. bulletproof. Cons - lack of power for highway, and 2-up riding) - EX500 (pros - cheap. nostalgia, because it was my first bike. I know a bit about them already. can legitimately hit 115 mph, if not quickly. Cons - still slow. Okay for 2-up, occassionally) - SV650 (pros - pretty cheap. Still fun. parts everywhere. Cons: competitive race classes, and still not 600cc fast) - Honda F2/F3 (pros - will accelerate as a motorcycle should. cons - hard to find not beat to hell with 50k miles. bodywork adds to cost - especially if crashed. multiple carburetors...) - FZ6... starting to get too nice here. And probably more street-friendly than I really need, given the lack of street miles it will see. Did I miss anything? First gen naked SV with some number plates and quick-connectors for the lights might be the ticket.