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  1. redkow97

    SR9c first time

    I have never owned a pistol with a safety. Did you rent the SR9 before buying it? 75 rounds is nothing...
  2. redkow97

    First Gun out of these?

    I used to have a meme on my phone that said “my Glock” with a picture of a potato, and “everyone else’s Glock” with a picture of a fully loaded baked potato, covered in butter, sour cream, chives, cheese, and bacon. Shoot your potato a few thousand times before you run out and start paying for all sorts of toppings. The grips you want may be awesome, but range time and ammo aren’t free, and are likely the better “upgrade.” my Glock is still factory stock.
  3. redkow97

    Speeding ticket

    They could have cited you for anything. I don’t think reckless opp would have stuck. Every county is different as far as what they’ll pursue for traffic offenses, but speed alone, unless you’re doing substantially more than 30 over, is a weak case for reckless opp. (IMHO) you can be doing 30 mph through stopped or crawling traffic, weaving all over, and that would be a lot more reckless than 24 over in light traffic. As noted, it’s a 6 point violation. The same as an OVI. Unless your conduct was similarly dangerous, i wouldn’t consider it reckless opp. Look up the definition of “street racing.” Also a 6 point violation. Many things qualify that no judge would hit you with 6 points for. $111 is cheap though. Court costs are typically over $100, plus $50 or more for the fine.
  4. redkow97

    First Gun out of these?

    How much shooting have you done? It’s quite difficult to shoot a short barrel gun well without solid fundamentals. The striker fired LC9 is easier to shoot that a DAO pistol, but it’s still small. Thats why i asked what your actual use will be. Carry guns are not typically great range guns.
  5. redkow97

    First Gun out of these?

    Up until July, i was prosecuting felons. Their friends and family tend to show up for the verdict, and sentencing, if not the trial. They also tend to wait in the parking lot. Usually just to yell to their family member as the transport van rolls past, but sometimes to hassle the people who “did this to their” brother/son/boyfriend/cousin. They also heard my name every time the judge said it, and they knew i was In the courthouse pretty much every day, if they ever felt like waiting outside. An Un-shocking number of felons angry family members don’t have much going on during business hours. We were encouraged to carry firearms, and check them with the deputies when we entered the courthouse.
  6. redkow97

    First Gun out of these?

    I work in a federal facility. Not going to risk it. May look into getting a written exception while the Cheeto and Kasich are still in office.
  7. redkow97

    First Gun out of these?

    I park in a garage and either walk across the street or through a tunnel to my building. Locking it in my car would mean i have a gun holstered during my commute, and then leave it subject to theft for 8.5 hours/day. I want it for from the car to the building.
  8. redkow97

    First Gun out of these?

    I don’t carry as often as i should, and i hate the notion of buying 380 rounds when 9mm is cheaper. Wasn’t meant to be a dig against 380 as a round, or the subcompact pistols chambered for them. I own 1 handgun. I prefer rifles. G19 is the compromise i’ve chosen for enjoyment and carry. My new job is safer, and the building prohibits firearms. It’s much harder to shoot on my lunch break than it used to be 😞
  9. redkow97

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    I think it’s just important to have something (anything) to occupy yourself. Humans are not designed for mass leisure. We’re hunter/gatherers whose biology doesn’t account for grocery stores and gas ovens. We’re supposed to be occupied with survival. I sit at a desk 8 hours a day. You bet your ass i’m Going home and trying to get some kind of physical activity in that mimics stalking a deer or gathering fire wood. Riding a motorcycle is still good mental exercise at street speeds.
  10. redkow97

    First Gun out of these?

    My very humble opinion is that 380 compact pistols are only useful when you’re wearing gym shorts and pocket carrying. the compact 9mm options are very good these days, and the ammo is significantly less expensive. The small 380s are light enough to snap the same as a 9mm.
  11. redkow97

    First Gun out of these?

    Shoot the ruger American before writing off full sized pistols. There is a reason the SR9 was quickly replaced by the American. I have not shot the LC9s, but that is what i would carry out of the pistols you listed. With that said, i don’t mind the size of a Glock 19. For a smaller person, and a lot of women, it might be a different story (not that i’m Particularly massive...) security 9 may be the middle ground. But be honest with yourself about how often you are going to shoot and how often you are going to carry... i did not enjoy shooting my compact 9mm. At the same time, i had access to law enforcement pricing on glocks, and was getting discounted range time. The combination of shooting 3-4 times/month, and the G19 discount made that the better choice for me. YMMV, if you’re only shooting monthly to stay proficient with a carry gun. Rent them. Any respectable gun store will be happy to earn your business. The chain shops do free 5-shot test fires during manufacturer events (Glocktober is coming) and will set you up with 30 mins of range time an a box of ammo if you buy the gun. G43 is a great carry gun. G26 is also nice, but if you’re going to have the wider grip, i figure the 19 is negligible larger. At your price point, i think you’re between the security 9 and the LC9s. Tell the shop that and ask to rent both to compare them. Fires back-to-back, either you will like one more, or you’ll buy the cheaper one.
  12. redkow97

    What i did in guns.

    Looking into it more, and i agree that buckshot will be the go-to defensive round going forward, but i found some good videos of 7.5 birdshot fucking up 1.5x1.5” treated lumber. It saws it in half in 1-2 shots At home defense distances, i think it would mess up an intruder pretty badly. But i get what you’re saying - you don’t want to THINK the second shot will put someone down, you want to KNOW the first one will. My kids’ rooms are next to each other, so i have 270 degrees of ‘backstop’ where i’m Not hitting them. In an ideal situation, i shoot down the stairs and my only over penetration casualty is the tile. If i’m Shooting down the hallway, the vast majority of any pellets that make it through or around an intruder would likely hit my chimney. If anything makes it out of the house and into my neigherbor’s, i would hope it’s slowed down and lost most of its energy by then. It’s not like it’s a slug...
  13. redkow97

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    Racing and track days are not conducive to going out for a 100 mile “spirited” ride at 75-80% effort. There is really no easy way to do that. If you want to ride at 90% for 20 mins at a time, then racing or track days are a good option. Endurance racing might actually be the best option, but it may not be easy to find team members who have the same “let’s push less than everyone else and just have fun” mentality. There are plenty of teams who know they won’t win, but i think they’re all still trying to go as fast as they’re capable. I know i would tell myself i’m Just going to cruise at 75%, and then be pushing myself within a few laps...
  14. redkow97

    What i did in guns.

    I would have preferred #4, but 6 is better than 8!
  15. redkow97

    PIRC Sept 15/16

    You kind of do, but one of the best things a small bike teaches is how to maintain stabile body position through a turn. When you weigh 20+ lbs more than the bike, it doesn’t take a lot of input to move it around. I’m not sure that i agree with your assessment of an SV being comparably low power, but even if it were, it will never weigh less than you. It’s pretty clear that you’re not going to change your mind. Keep flogging the SV. Gotta ride what you’ve got.