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  1. Rabbit's 2017 TOR Yamaha R6 race build

    Is that just to make wheel changes quicker? I've not seen that before, but I've also never looked for it...
  2. Need help! Need Vehicle/Trailer help this Sat

    if someone has a u-haul 4-flat harness and receiver hitch, i have risers for both size receivers.
  3. Happy to be wrong about the trailer and EZ pass. I'll have to pull mine out of my wife's car... No need to debate the hypothetical here, Dan. Message me if you need the car/trailer, and we can argue privately over whose vehicle is more likely to strand the other.
  4. It's been a while since I have looked at the EZ pass policies, but I was of the understanding that adding an axle changed the vehicle's classification. Per their website: Q: Can vehicles share an E-ZPass transponder? A: While the sharing of transponders among vehicles of the same classification is not prohibited, the Ohio Turnpike recommends that customers obtain one transponder per vehicle in order to avoid any complications or delays in travel that may occur due to missing or mismatched transponders.
  5. Dan, message me if you're up shit creek tomorrow. I could trade cars with you Friday night or Saturaday morning and send you to PA with my corolla pulling my trailer - I just get real nervous about sending someone else that far in my compact sedan with 175,000 miles on it, pulling a trailer. (even if the bike + trailer probably only weigh 600 lbs...) It would probably be totally fine, but it would suck balls if my transmission gave up with YOU driving instead of me, and I wouldn't be able to make the trip with you.
  6. EZ pass needs to integrate a switch or something so that I can use the same unit when towing and not towing. I don't tow on the turnpike often enough to warrant a pass for it. Ours is only set up for our cars :-/
  7. Apartment Parking: Free for the taking?

    Apartment/condo life can suck. A friend of mine had a neighbor with something like the product I linked above. I visited 10 or 15 times before I ever saw what kind of bike it was, and when I did, it wasn't one I'd have been interested in taking. That's half the point of a cover - it keeps eyes off the bike. My wife never even noticed that it was a motorcycle 'shed' to begin with. win. I would still find an anchor point to lock it to. Hell, if you're in the apartment for more than a few weeks, I would screw/drill an anchor into the surface of the parking lot. When you do find a house (i'm assuming the apartment is a month-to-month deal until you find a house, right?) it's probably $50 in lumber to build a little shed for the bike. That would actually be a fun little project.
  8. Apartment Parking: Free for the taking?

    you want a hardshell one of these http://www.cycleshell.com/
  9. I have a loading ramp. My trailer has current tags and a wheel-chock. If 2 people are going, I would push for the pickup truck. PA tolls SUCK with a trailer.
  10. You have a tow vehicle with a 4-flat harness? I work Saturday, but my trailer is yours if you need it.
  11. Cheers on the new bike. I'm jealous of your courage and freedom to take this kind of trip. Please take a ton of pictures, video, notes, etc., and always remember that experiences are among the only things in life that can't be taken away from you. I subscribe to a YouTube channel where the dude lives out of his Mazda3 wagon, and mountain bikes all over North America. I sent him a standing offer to crash at my place for a week or two, any time he needs it. He shares his life of adventure and instability with me (and the world). I have no problem offering a little slice of boring stability in return. Keep that in mind if you need a hand.
  12. trackbike

    If it doesn't have knobby tires, and it doesn't leak, it's track-ready ;-)
  13. "side hustle."

    i have 1 doll crib assembled, and i already see ways I could save time and costs on future builds. with that said, the heart cutouts in the headboards took a lot more sanding and dremel work than I had anticipated. I could shave a lot of time and aggravation with a jig saw and a proper router though. still not sure it's worth the time and effort. Assembling them is fun. painting them isn't.
  14. NOS for towing?

    @DTM Brian - how difficult is it to tune a Nitrous setup with a fuel controller? I saw a video yesterday of a guy who has the controller set to spray at 4,000 RPM. That's pretty much what I want. I couldn't say specifically what vehicle this would be on just yet, but it will be a 4-door 4-cylinder with a manual transmission. Corolla or Civic are the most likely. Depending on costs though, I might just look at a Civic Si instead.