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  1. redkow97

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

    Wasn’t my call, but i am making the best of it and enjoying having my own space without compromises.
  2. redkow97

    Cleveland Air Show

    I went on Sunday. Wouldn’t have been helpful with advice, as i have not attended before. Will park further away and walk next year. F-35 was ...impressive.
  3. redkow97

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

    Post divorce. In the new house. Student loan payment went down (finally) now that lender acknowledged i don’t have my ex-wife’s income. I got more breathing room than anticipated. House needs a roof, and i will buy a used ($8-10k) car thereafter, but then it may be time for a bike again. I know i won’t ride it much, so i don’t want to spend much. I also don’t want a fleet of bikes. May have a mini or a grom next to whatever i end up with. Torn on naked versus having some wind protection. Unlikely to race this bike, but would do a few trackdays on it each year. Otherwise just pleasure cruising and maybe some back-road jaunts. I think a good used SV650 is the most practical decision, but i’d be open to a Ducati monster, or even something vintage, if it’s cool and cheap. Open to a cruiser. Maybe. But a cruiser that i could ride in intermediate at a trackday, if such a thing exists. Whatcha got?
  4. redkow97

    Ducs are attention whores

    I try not to over-generalize or shit on any brand. I joke about Harley’s, but in all honesty, i take bigger issue with over-prices motorcycles than ‘bad’ motorcycles. I like Ducati’s, i’m just unlikely to pay a premium for one. i stopped in a parking lot to look at a Sport Classic 1200(?) of some configuration. I love that look. It probably makes 90hp, and is much heavier than a Honda F3 😂 but the two other guys talking about it were convinced it was the fastest bike in the world, because it said Ducati on the side. No clue.
  5. redkow97


    I don’t think you can properly value bikes in a vacuum. You have to look at the price point and see what else is available for the same price. GSX-S series is a wonderfully practical package for the money. Just a matter of whether or not that bike checks all your boxes for $5k i think it’s probably either a perfect mix of comfort and performance, or perfectly not great at touring or trackdays. All in your perspective.
  6. redkow97

    Buy my guns

    It seems like all the good deals come up while i’m Trying to afford a divorce. Hope no one else wants the 1911
  7. redkow97

    Back yard riding

    Lol. I won’t have a wife to complain about it, so as long as the neighbors are happy, i am good.
  8. redkow97

    2014 CB500x

    $8-10 is about right. I don’t buy lunch every day, but at least once a week.
  9. redkow97

    Back yard riding

    How much space do you need to have a little fun, and how much do your neighbors notice the noise? i am about to close on a .7 acre lot with a decent sized wooded area in the back. I know it’s not a lot, but i think an xr80 or a cheap 110 pit bike would probably be fun, if it’s quiet enough. Do not want to annoy the neighbors. Stock exhaust for sure. Will double as MTB good off space.
  10. redkow97

    Fleet sell off - Ducati, Honda and Yamaha

    I think you’re right. When Honda introduced the 600RR, the F4i became more street-oriented. Still a great bike.
  11. redkow97

    Bicycle racing season

    saw results this morning. You’re officially fast, @jhawk Nice race. The course beat me. A little disappointed in my fitness. Gotta get back on the bike today, after i clean it up.
  12. redkow97

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    The through-axle on my fat bike is seized to the threaded grommet, and the grommet is rotating in the fork “dropout.” i haven’t drilled it to hold the grommet in place so i can remove the axle yet, but i did order a Chinese carbon fork yesterday. I will drill and hack the current fork AFTER the new one arrives. Still riding the bike as is until then. I just wanted to swap my tires!
  13. redkow97

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    Post some pics with the top up!
  14. redkow97

    What i did in guns.

    If you want to carry in 45 ACP, that’s the way to do it.
  15. redkow97

    Bicycle racing season

    I took 9th in a poorly attended fat tire race in February, but “regular” racing is coming soon! I almost registered for the 3/23 mtb race in Chillacothe, but i’ll Be out of town. I am doing gravel races until the MTB trails solidify. 5/4 is the black fork gravel grinder. It’s really well organized, and if you don’t mind climbing, it’s a hell of a way to gauge early-season fitness. Haven’t looked much at MTB events yet, but will plan on racing at Vulture’s Knob, and maybe elsewhere around Ohio. I’d also like to buy a season license for CX this year. Anyone besides @jhawk going to come beat me?