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  1. redkow97

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    I moved myself and my daughter in with my GF and her kids. This was always MY plan, but my mother pitched a fit over the fact that we can’t control who GF’s ex exposes his kids to while they’re with him. It wasn’t an invalid point, and we went a week apart before confirming (with ex’s mistress’s former in-laws) that they’re limiting who any of the kids interact with. Anyway, my circle of “exposure contacts” is larger than i had anticipated, but it’s closed. I encounter more people while grocery shopping than anywhere else. The living together arrangement is going great though. Knock on wood.
  2. redkow97

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Pornhub premium is free as of last week(?)
  3. redkow97

    I have MS

    I work for the federal government, so i am not overly concerned with them discriminating based on a medical diagnosis. Frankly, i should be a feather in their cap. In hindsight, this didn’t come on quickly at all, and i have been having symptoms for months, if not years. The most severe symptoms hit me over the course of a few days, but i have been experiencing weakness in my legs all summer, and just chalking it up to being out of running shape. I thibk i mentioned my “bell’s palsy” episode in September 2018 as well. That was likely my first relapse. My balance was off for months after that, and the nerves in my face went dead for like 2-4 weeks. Its hard to say when it all started. My legs just feel stiff and heavy all the time now. Still trying to work out daily-ish. My eyes are better, thankfully. I can drive again. I’d ride a motorcycle without hesitation.
  4. redkow97

    I have MS

    The modern, “aggressive” infusion treatments are pretty impressive for a lot of people. That’s what i’m Hoping to start in the next few weeks. I hate IVs and pass out frequently with blood work, etc. I have 5 IVs in 8 days last week. I chose this treatment plan, in part, because infusions are twice a year. its not cheap, but my girlfriend has already insisted that we not even consider the cost, when quality of life is at stake. Turns out that i chose a pretty good insurance plan. Total out of pocket for me after 10(?) appointments, including an ER visit, CT scan, and MRI is stil well under $300. Obviously the drugs could balloon that to my out of pocket max REAL quick, but even that’s totally acceptable to stay active. I have 5 kids who think i’m Invincible. Planning to maintain that illusion for as long as possible. 💪🏻
  5. redkow97

    I have MS

    I’m really optimistic right now. Physical activity is suddenly much harder, but if this is the most i ever recover, i’ll Survive. Confident that i’m Too stubborn to be very limited. Glad to have been diagnosed so quickly. In hindsight, i have likely been having symptoms for almost 2 years, but with only one pretty minor relaps in September 2018, when they thought i had Bell’s palsy.
  6. redkow97

    I have MS

    About the same time America started freaking out about corona virus, i started getting real sick in my own creative way. I felt “unsteady” 2/29 and assumed i was getting a flu bug. By Monday, 3/2 i felt weird driving into work, logged on, and couldn’t see straight enough to read my monitor. Drove home and slept for 5 hours. Woke up, rolled to my right, and the room spun for 20 seconds. That happened off and on for the next 24 hours. physician assistant i saw 3/3 said positional vertigo and sent me to vestibular PT. After 2 sessions in 3 days, the left half of my face stayed to become paralyzed, and i was losing strength in my right leg and arm. My vision was also clearly “double,” rather than just blurred. Got into an ENT, still being treated for vestibular symptoms. ENT sent me fir an MRI, and i have 10-20 lesions on my brain. “A slam-dunk case of MS,” per the neurologist. Official diagnosis was 3/13, when i started steroid infusions. 10 days since the last infusion, i’m On an oral steroid taper, waiting on approval from insurance for MS drugs to be covered (the infusion is covered, the $30k drug may not be) so i feel 90% better in daily activities, but my workouts suck ass, and take a ton out of me. My balance is still pretty bad. I think i’ll be fine to ride (and pedal) again eventually, but i’m Anxious to get on a treatment plan. The draw to the one i’ve Chosen is that it’s only 2 infusions a year. The whole thing has been a big shock, but i’m Taking it in stride. Girlfriend and her family are tremendously supportive, and i’m Not one to let this get me down. Really sharing in hopes someone else recognizes their own symptoms sooner, and doesn’t waste days going to an ENT.
  7. redkow97

    Any lawyers present?

    You can call the cops and say you want to press charges, but your attorney’s opinion on a criminal case is totally irrelevant. It’s the state of Ohio v. Defendant. You can’t indict the guy. I’m not saying not to call the cops, but don’t be upset if your civil attorney isn’t thinking like a prosecutor.
  8. redkow97

    What i did in guns.

    I’m with tony on this - cheap ammo should be cheap... i have a thousand or so CCI rounds that i keep around, and my SAO revolver FINALLY came into stock locally. That won’t need CCI rounds to cycle, obviously, but the 100 round boxes store better in my trunk. i carry a Glock 19, so the only answer is to have both the SR22 and the G44 ex-wife didn’t like when i bought guns. Girlfriend was pumped the Wrangler came in before Valentine’s Day, so we can shoot together more easily.
  9. redkow97

    Any lawyers present?

    This is outside my area of practice, but it’s a basic contract dispute. Your best case scenario is recovering what you've paid. A court cannot order a contractor to complete the job (not faster, not ever). The question is how much you will spend to get what percentage of your money back. The contractor has done SOME work, from the sound of it. You’ll have to pay for what has been done, and argue over how that’s valued. But it’s your house... lock him out, and hire a different contractor (who will likely become a witness in your case, to testify as to what is actually complete when he starts, etc.) Okay nice with the current contractor if you’re able. Where are you located? There are a ton of fact-specific questions that someone who specializes in contract disputes would want to ask you that you shouldn’t post here.
  10. redkow97

    What i did in guns.

    How has reliability been? Will it run bulk ammo? its a lot more than a SR22...
  11. redkow97

    Lightweight bikes on the track

    Small bikes are awesome to race, and miserable at trackdays. /$.02
  12. redkow97

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

    Correct. It’s too nice. My kids are going to destroy it. Sammich maker loves Star Wars, so they Yoda meme is that much funnier to me. But yeah, she definitely is on my level. We took the car out to dinner Saturday, and she kept ordering me more drinks. Finally i told her she doesn’t have to get me drunk to take advantage of me. She responded with, “oh i know - i’m Just trying to make sure i get to drive the car home.”
  13. redkow97


    It looks different than HBO portrayed
  14. redkow97

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

    Well bike is off the shopping list for a bit. Bought a fast(ish) car instead. Sammich maker is also in the picture. I’ll avoid specifics about her, but she’s great, and she “gets me,” which was apparently a major issue with my ex-wife, so i’m Calling it progress, if not an outright win. 2015 IS350 F sport. The AWD model is not as sporty, but obviously does a bit better in the snow. Planning to give the car and the sammich maker both thorough workouts tomorrow 😛
  15. redkow97

    Random Track Talk

    How terrible would a superhawk be on the track? i would not be anticipating Advanced group pace or aspirations. Just want to have fun.