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  1. redkow97

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    (Related: my $1200ish in bike purchases is earning my wife a much nicer spa package for Valentine’s Day)
  2. redkow97

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    Bought a CX bike. Swapping it from 11-32 cassette to 11-42, so it climbs more easily on gravel rides. professional bike fitting scheduled for 2/15 😎
  3. redkow97

    Roadapple Roubaix 2018 (3/3/18)

    (For reference, that 20mph spin bike claim is based on my average speed on the bike at my old gym. Real-world results are more like 15 mph average)
  4. redkow97

    Roadapple Roubaix 2018 (3/3/18)

    I just registered. Not sure how i will handle the distance. I can’t track mileage on the spin bike, but i don’t stay on it for much more than an hour, so MAYBE 20 miles at a time. My longest 2019 outdoor ride has been 13.6(?), and that felt good, but not as easy as it should have. Target time for the 40 miler is 2.5 hours, but “under 3” is probably more realistic. Hoping to ride this Sunday. 37, but sunny. I need a good 30 mile reminder of how 40 is going to feel.
  5. redkow97

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    A little late... replaced the derailleur cables and got the shifting super dialed in on the fat bike a couple weeks ago. Race ready for 2/23. rode a quick 13.x miles on the old Trek 850 “road” hybrid on Saturday. Been putting in some work on the spin bike before work. Looking at a CX bike on Thursday. RAR is 3/2. Need to start getting some longer rides in, rather than just 40-60 min HIIT rides.
  6. redkow97

    OMRL 2019 Season

    Just adds weight. Super easy to bump-start.
  7. redkow97

    OMRL 2019 Season

    You could spend $200 on gear or $2000. My first set of gear was $140 eBay leathers, and clearance boots/gloves. I already had a helmet. Current suit cost me $650 used... a set up stock xr100 tends to be $1300ish. It’s easy to find really clean bikes for more, and not all that hard to find older ones for less.
  8. redkow97

    Roadapple Roubaix 2018 (3/3/18)

    2019 RAR is coming up soonish. I won’t be in shape, but i will do it. Fun time with only 1 real hill. Good beer sponsor though.
  9. redkow97

    Storing serial numbers

    i wish i were joking.
  10. redkow97

    Storing serial numbers

    I just have a steel cabinet. It’s primariky to keep my kids out. A motivated thief would get in easily enough, but it’s hidden pretty well, and situated in a manner that you’d have to take out a wall to use a pry bar to open it. Not that i don’t have power tools in the garage that would cut through pretty quick, but that adds time and noise. I’m realistic about who it will and won’t stop. Thus one reason i am keeping the serial numbers handy... my guns are probably only worth $1400. I may have more than that in ammo 😂
  11. redkow97

    Where to sight a rifle?

    I need to sight in some rifles as well... i just want to zero everything at 50-100 yards, and see if the old-ass scope on my grandpa’s rifle is worth keeping. If it holds zero, i won’t bother upgrading it. I just have iron sights on everything else.
  12. redkow97

    Storing serial numbers

    I finally photographed and recorded all my serial numbers a while back. Keeping them on a business card in my desk at work, as well as in a “note” on my phone. I also keep my spare gun keys in my office desk, so they can’t be taken if my house is broken into. Curiosu to hear how others keep their important spare keys, important info, etc.
  13. redkow97

    Moving to Columbus: Need advice

    I don’t understand the allure to down town living for $900/month... my first mortgage (2009) was about that much, and it got me 3 bedrooms, a 2.5 car garage, and space for my dog to shit. I only visited peoooe who rented in Columbus. I stand by my earlier post. Have her save money and then decide if down town is worth it. Ask other people at her job where they live, etc.
  14. redkow97

    Moving to Columbus: Need advice

    I vote that she rents a cheap place well outside the city as Todd suggested for 6-12 months. She can use that time to save money and figure out if closer options are worth it. Friends of mine lived in grove city for a year. I think they paid $525 for a 2-bedroom apartment. living in a city is most worth it if you can sell your car and use the several hundred each month to offset rent.
  15. redkow97

    Lawyer Advice

    Hard to get into a detailed answer on my phone, but the endgame is that you can’t force specific performance of the contract. Your most realistic recourse is a refund, plus damages for the fact that you don’t have wedding photos. The right jury might value that quite highly, but i have zero experience in that kind of trial work. It sounds as though you have a solid case and will get an order for some amount. Collecting said amount can be it’s own ordeal. Does the contract have an arbitration clause? Where was the contract executed? I could point you toward someone in your area.