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  1. Not sure who thinks most track or race bikes are stolen and have ground off VINs. This is by no means remotely the case. In fact, when you are teched, you are showing the VIN and even with WERA, you write the VIN at the top. Now, they do not check each number and letter, but I know for sure that if you rolled up with a ground off VIN, you'd be sitting at the side while they called the cops or you could provide proof why that was happening. A lot of bikes are BOS only for several reasons. One, almost all of my bikes recently have had MSOs instead of a title. Comes directly from the company and I never titled it. I signed it and filled everything out but when sold, MSO only. Some people lose the titles along the way as racebikes are pretty much never street ridden and once converted, paperwork can get forgotten and lost. BOS are pretty legit at times. I would run the numbers, post a thread on WERA to see if anyone is missing something and go from there.
  2. I'm a traditional Watch guy. I wanted it for mountain biking and just end up using my phone instead. Just dove in and while I do like it, I'm just not into it.
  3. I have a hardly worn Apple Watch Gen 2 42mm for sale. Polished Stainless Steel. I got this watch back in October/November and paid $549 for it. I can't remember when as it was B/O'd due to demand... It has the following: -New Blue Apple Sport Band -Product Red Apple Sport Band -White Apple Sport Band -Nomad Leather Band -All original packaging and charging cable and box -APPLE CARE! I totaled everything up and I think I have almost $800 in the watch. I am asking $500 FIRM! I did advertise it on CODE for $450, but will be readjusting it since it does have Apple Care. This is a steal!!! Stainless wears better and doesn't show scratches very much. PM for pics as they are on my phone and easier to text to you. Everyone knows what they look like and do so, PM me and I will send you my cell # or email and text/email to you.
  4. $250 and I deliver to the track days coming up at Mid-O or in CBus...
  5. Willing to sell as JUST A RACEBIKE or JUST AS A STREETBIKE. Streetbike comes with everything listed as street and shown in the pic above. You wouldn't get any race related things like harness, full Arrow, clipons, etc. Race trim would be as pictured and include the following: -BRAND NEW Triumph Kit cam chain tensioner with sliders -Apex swingarm pivot kit (Not on the bike currently) -OEM Triples and linkage I would sell the race bike for $11,500 and the street bike with all the LE history and authenticity for $10,500. Could possibly add to either package, but I want to keep the street plastics and such together. Here are some pics as it was this weekend. You can look on WERA and elsewhere and find similar 675Rs, but look closely at the condition. This is minty fresh and well maintained. Also, it is a stock motor and I can tell you that not a single "built" Triumph pulled me and I am heavier than the other riders that were racing. We won two races, got a 2nd and took a 4th. The 2nd was because we only had 4 laps to get from 18th to the front and the 4th was because I was mental and just couldn't get into the mood I was on Saturday. The bike is more than capable and will perform well at ANY level you want it to be. Again, not a single Henshaw motor pulled me. Not saying they are not good. Jamie is one of the best in the biz. Just saying that this is not going to need the maintaining a built motor has and is exceptional as it sits. Hell, we don't even have a PC on it!! PHOTO CREDIT - Joe Hansen electriceyeimages.com #amavmd
  6. How much for the fronts? Shoot me an offer and I can sell the sets separately. I will just toss the rear 7455 and give you 4 fronts... I can check the date codes. All have been inside all season and never in the freezing cold or on concrete.
  7. $300!!! Does anyone even look at these for sale threads these days? That's $100/set and free fronts that are like new.
  8. I am 6' 1" and was sponsored and worked for SHIFT. Had this exact style suit and they fit exactly like an AStar. For reference, I am 185lbs and the suit fits me like a glove in the 44/54. Great suit, built extremely well and wish it was a 44/54 and I'd buy it. For anyone that needs to try this on forst, they tend to run true to size. Remember, cannot be baggy and will only feel comfortable in the attack position - NOT STANDING UP! If it is tight in the crotch and nether regions, act like a baseball catcher and extend your arms out in front of you while squatted. This will feel better and the way the suit was designed. Good luck on the sale!
  9. Because I cannot edit the post and it may be confusing, here is what is left for the $300: FRONTS: -302 Front -102 Front -7455 Front SETS: -7455 front matched with a 7455 rear -DOT GPA 8477 front matched with an 8477 rear -DOT GPA 8477 front matched with an 8477 rear Hope that helps!
  10. $300 takes all the remaining tires!!!! I can deliver to Mid-O for the trackdays tomorrow and next Monday or VMD weekend.
  11. Tell ya what... I will do $500 for everything I have left. That's the fronts, 7455 set and DOT sets. Essentially saving you $175 from what i listed...
  12. That's odd for the classifieds... Marking things sold is a benefit and not sure why that is not available now as it is on most forums... Oh well! We will adjust with new posts!
  13. No idea how to edit posts anymore... BUT, the NEW Dunlop 302 and Hi-Temp is sold!!! I will make a heck of a deal on the remaining tires. The 302 and 102 is an amazing front that will wear like iron. I am open to offers. Just need them gone!
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