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  1. rockybalboa

    Motoseries PIRC (beaverun) trackday weekend

    I'm trying to make this one. What day looks like more fun sat or sun?
  2. Get to posting Mang, Everything good.

  3. rockybalboa

    selling my GSXR spares!

    pm sent
  4. rockybalboa

    tire chain fail

    Actually on any car that is using rubber tires the better tires really should be on the front. The front tires do the majority of the braking. The most important job of tires is braking then turning then powering the car foward. Snow chains are put on to either all for wheels or just the drive to get out of a bad situation. They are not made for daily driving or cruising down the freeway at high speeds. Tire chains only on the front of a rear drive car is pretty stupid.
  5. Thankyou for chasing away the snow! Now go out and buy you and the wife two new winter coats so it will warm back up!
  6. rockybalboa

    Dilema: CR250R rebuild

    I say suck it up. Pay The $500 put it together and ride the damn thing. Thats the only way you'll ever get your money out of it, "USE IT"
  7. rockybalboa

    Michelin Race Take offs - 120/180

    FREE Bump These Tires look good.
  8. rockybalboa

    spidi NRG suit 54/44

    if you still have this I maybe interested. I still havnt been able to get that new set.
  9. rockybalboa

    spidi NRG suit 54/44

    Has it ever been worn naked?
  10. rockybalboa

    Hello everyone!

    Its bout time this thread got to the important stuff.
  11. rockybalboa

    Hello everyone!

    Parks you fail in lots of things! On a positive note you are mostly corect here
  12. rockybalboa

    Beaver Run - 8/28 - $150

    I cant belive this tread about a trackday has eleven pages. Do not run your bike to get the coolant out. You should drain the coolant while the bike is cold. There is a bolt some where there are usually hard to find on the cooling system. If not remove one of the hoses and drain it out of there. This method may take a couple drain and fills with clean water cycling the between steps to get the system as clean as possible.
  13. rockybalboa

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for the welcomes.
  14. rockybalboa

    WTB gsxr rear wheel

    I'm in need of a wheel for my 01 gsxr600. I need one from a 00-05 750 or 01-05 600. Any color will do but it needs to be some what straight. Thanks in advance.
  15. rockybalboa

    Hello everyone!

    Hello to all my old friends and nice to meet you to all the new ones. Don't listen to the rumors I'm real Let the games begin!