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  1. No, it is still for sale. Sorry, thought I had email notifications turned on. Got it set now I think.
  2. I moved and my garage got downsized -- a lot. So have to get rid of some things.No Mar motorcycle Tire Changer - $600Floor mount. Comes with mount/demount bar, “helping hand”, bead holders, and tire balancer. There is also a jug with between a 1/4 to 1/2 gallon of tire lube.Coleman Powermate Pro-Gen 5000 - $5005000 running 6250 surge. 5 gallon fuel tank. 120 and 240 outlets. Just changed oil.
  3. I watched the first one, just to be nice to the wife. I really liked the parody picture with Blade (Wesley Snipes) in the background with his sword.
  4. I think I am going to try to go to the 9/6 date they have. I am going to wait until the last moment I can before signing up. Not going to do any more in the rain. I think I made the smart decision to get off the track when I did, but I can't afford to drop $150 for 3 laps anymore.
  5. I went and did the twilight track day at Mid-Ohio this past Saturday. They treat you pretty good there! Got through tech with out an issue (after re-loctiting my left rearset and putting some more RTV on it). They had some burgers and hotdogs for everyone. Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not want to cooperate. It didn't stop raining until after 6:00 pm. Went and did two laps that felt like I had skates on both the front and rear. Parked the SV for another half hour. Went back out and was tip-toeing through all the turns. Just went past 10 and was at neutral throttle when the rear made a 6-8 inch lunge to the left. I collected what was left of my wits and proceeded to exit when I got through the next 3 turns. Loaded the trailer and left not too long later.
  6. I WANT TO WIN A TRACKDAY WITH NESBA No N/A Sunday 6 September
  7. According to Matt, the web guy for Fasttrax, no membership is required for Beaverun. http://forums.13x.com/showthread.php?t=222374
  8. I was going to go until I fubar'd my shoulder at Nelson Ledges earlier this month. Spending the 4th riding at MO would be a blast!
  9. Nope, no fixes to the track. Not unexpected, of course. They are still working on past turn 1 on drainage or something. Nothing to do with the race surface. I don't know if it would extend run-off though. The good news is that the track didn't seem any worse after the winter than last year.
  10. I am guessing, but more than likely the faster guys are also racing another series. Right now FT fits for me. Yes, the track is needing some help. Would it be too much to hope for that they have done something before this weekend?? (Not bloody likely!)
  11. I think you'll find that fast times for Fasttrax to be sub 10s as well. Just not as many doing it. The majority of faster guys will be in the low-teens. Not quite as fast as WERA, but still pretty quick. Then you got me - that needs to unhook the caboose! Maybe someday I can get my SV running the laptimes it knows it can. Just haven't unlocked it within myself yet.
  12. The VIR laptimer attachment is sold.
  13. My son wants to change the older one he has for the newer style as well.
  14. I will check what I've got. I think I have one from my son's bike. It may have some damage though. It would be the older style that loops up from beside the tank.
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