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  1. Have you checked out Briar Rabbit south of Zanesville?
  2. anybody read "Patriots: Surviving the coming collapse"?
  3. hi point, you say? I didn't think you were allowed to admit owning a hi point on here.
  4. I have the lower fairings on mine and like them a lot, but that naked look on yours and that fz6 looks bad ass!
  5. Anyone have any experience with the beretta 9mm carbine? It looks like a lot of fun to shoot, and takes 92 mags.
  6. Can't make it that early. Looks like it's briar rabbit tomorrow afternoon for me.
  7. I might be able to make this. It would be nice to finally meet some fellow OR zombie squad members.
  8. I am not sure... I dont think it went too bad. Do I feel confident? No not really. The section that actually had to do with the tools and the fire runs... Sure I felt great about. But the other sections, were so/so

  9. how'd your test go?

  10. yeah I cant get there before 3:40...

  11. today. should be from 12-ish till around 3.

  12. I dont get off of work until 3:30 or I would have been out... I have nto got to do much lately... Shawn wanted me to shoot in the leagues again, but time has been cramped. Trying to work on my f150 I am re-dueing and getting the house ready to sell. Are you going to be there today? Or were you there yesterday?

  13. Love the profile pic!

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