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  1. Benyen Soljax

    HID kit

    I posted this 3 years ago. The kit has been sold.
  2. Benyen Soljax

    Seat Reupholstered

    Like just replace the cover or put more comfy foam parts in? Have you heard of greatdaytoride.com? I've been thinking about having that guy do my seat for a while but keep forgetting.
  3. Benyen Soljax

    2007 Ducati 1098s

    its pretty but people are hardly selling $13,000 toilets as well, which are also pretty.
  4. Benyen Soljax

    Helmet Karma - RIP

    I'm organizing a ride naked vigil for the guy who lost his life in the demonstration against helmet laws.
  5. Benyen Soljax

    Will whore for puck

    I lost my trusty 390bike puck after many years of faithful service. Now my bike is free to whore out anyone's logo as long as you put the logo on a puck and give it to me.
  6. Benyen Soljax

    Our next project BMC

    I would not be handling this as friendly as you are.
  7. Benyen Soljax

    the hoon creed

  8. Benyen Soljax

    DUCATI: The Harley of sportbikes?

    just like their oil! *knee slap*
  9. Benyen Soljax

    F*ckin used cars...

    My roommate had a leaky tank on his oldsmobile. My 90 integra would never do something like that to me. I'll buy an American car when they make a decent one.
  10. Benyen Soljax

    Just wondering

    Forks are not going to lighten the bike, but the sv has notoriously bad suspension so that's not a bad upgrade. I'm not too sure about the fzs suspension. What exactly are you trying to achieve? A faster comfy bike or a cheaper sporty bike?
  11. Benyen Soljax

    Summit Point Crash

    Woo hoo! one less coppa watchin me do wheelies down woodruff!! Steve, haven't seen you in forever bud, at least its not aids.
  12. Benyen Soljax


    Thanks for the tips. I am aware that you can buy it at advance and autozone as that is where I currently get it. I'm saying if you can find it at UDF they only charge $6.99/quart. Just wondering if anyone has seen any stores that carry it. No UDF around campus/grandview has it.
  13. Benyen Soljax


    I used to buy my mobil1 mx4t from udf but havent been able to find it lately. Anyone seen any stores that carry it around columbus? I might try and get the manager of the udf by my house to order it for me.
  14. Benyen Soljax

    FREE BEER!!! + gas

    Its got a ball hitch, its just really high since its on the bumper. I guess I'm not much help but I tried... Just wrap a tow strap around you and Ill drag you around on the bike. You'll have to be johnny on the spot with brakes though.
  15. Benyen Soljax

    FREE BEER!!! + gas

    Whats the trailer height? I don't have a drawbar mount, only the ball on the bumper.