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  1. I met all you guys just before this happened....... My friend Timmy and I saw you guys in the abandoned meijer lot off brice rd a while back. The people driving around in that van kicked us all out that day lol but anyways I just wanted to say what your doing is really cool and is a good tribute to your friend! In fact the bike I ride was my best friends bike who died last year and I restored it and ride it for him now too...... you guys should hit us up sometime
  2. I wanna see the finished product could be cool
  3. I can get about 1 stunt show with any brand new tire..... I might be able to get two shows if I baby them..... just saying
  4. I had one and it was a good gun.... ended up trading it for my 45acp tho lol
  5. Gen3 is my hero..... so if I do get paralyzed from my stunt riding I dont have to worry about my mobility.... I will be crushing cars and I bet...just maybe... I can wheelie that thing..... just saying....
  6. I usually plug in the tender right away after I ride my quad and it quite often goes right to "green" which tells me 2 things quickly 1: my charging system on my quad is doing well, and 2: The battery is probably doing fine also. lol And when I say tender I do refer to the Deltran Battery Tender JR which plugs into the wall.
  7. lol first time i have heard someone say something bad about a tender..... seriously and I have sold them for almost 10yrs......
  8. Im def not complaining about my batteries, when I dont keep them on a tender they will not start in the spring. I keep them on during the winter and it works perfectly and any time they sit for longer than a week I keep them on. So I am going to continue using my tenders on all my batteries.
  9. Stuff like this can happen anywhere, good or bad neighbor hood....... RIP .... Sorry MT had to say it, might have been an innocent person....
  10. I was also looking for an online flyer but couldnt find one lol
  11. I was thinkin at this price gettin another for the garage lol
  12. I have the TCP (738) and I love it. I shoot it any chance I get and most of the time when i go to an indoor range its the loudest gun there and people walk over to see what it is and I show them the little thing bahahaha its been a very good gun for my CCW.
  13. Gotta see this...... GOVERNMENT took all his weapons from him, and they did it by saying he was "crazy" this is scary because its a loophole for them to disarm americans. http://offgridsurvival.com/doomsdayprepperdeclaredmentaldefective/
  14. I mounted my go pro to my light with a 1" bar mount lol
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