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  1. Been peppersprayed with mist, stream an foam, Tased for 5 seconds an hit with pepperball. Just takes a day for it all to wear out of your sweat pores. They weren't pleasant, but none of them were honestly that bad.
  2. Bump, still for sale. Reduced to $1850.
  3. Looking to sell my Ohio State football season tickets. Section 13C, Row 8. The seats have seatback upgrades and I have attached pictures below with an approximate view (not exact from the virtual viewer). I'm looking to sell complete season and not split them up. Looking for paypal or cash payment. $2,000 gets the full season pair!
  4. The officer can't do anything after you received the ticket. All he does is cite you an provide an optional court date if you wish to go into the court process. (7-10 days) So you'll have to pay the ticket on or before the listed court date...Or appear in court at that time. You have that initial appearance time to speak with the prosecutor about the ticket and see if he will offer you anything or set a trial date.
  5. FYI, there has always been some confusion about the BMV defensive driving program and points. The program most people are thinking about does NOT actually take away points from your license, it simply gives you another 2 point buffer. Normally you get a 6 point warning and at 12 points your license is suspended. Taking the program ups your point maximum to 14, 16 and ending at 18. You can take this course up to a maximum of 3 times, but only once every 5 years....so if you want the buffer you'll want to start it now get to waiting. As for speaking with the prosecutor or magistrate its 50/50. If your in a large volume area like Franklin County, you would be more likely to get a plea offer of no points with fine/costs. If your in a small town area, they might be more likely to stick it too you. Another difference is that most all municipal court's are a court of record and are not able to change your charges to a non-moving/points violation. So if you get a speeding ticket, stop sign, etc...they will stay that way, but with the possibility of pleaing out to a No-Points violation if your prosecutor is nice. A village/mayor's court is NOT a court of record and can modify your charges from a moving violation to a non-moving violation. (Speeding, stop sign etc to a brake/equipment violation)
  6. SJC1000rr

    Tuner help

    http://www.dynotunemotorsports.com/ SCT Xcalibrator 3 Custom Tuning Dyno Time New Customer That Requires A Chip Or Hand Held Programmer - $660 Customer with Competitor's Chip or Hand Held Programmer - $450 Retune - $350
  7. SJC1000rr

    Tuner help

    I have my SCT X3 for sale if any of you are interested. It's unlocked an can be paired with 4 more vehicles. (5 vehicle limit on device) New they are $300-350. I'm asking $200, only used to program my previous truck an put away.
  8. SJC1000rr

    Tuner help

    Depending on the year, it will most likely take an SCT tuner. I took my previous 09 FX4 to DTM brian an had it done. Just a fair warning, the ford trucks take...for...ever to program. (30-45min) I still have my SCT X3 an debated on taking it to him again, but nof sure if I want to risk the bigger extended warranty on the 5.0
  9. You definitely should go! I went this year for the races and got autographs from Nicky, Colin, Iannone, Crutchlow and Dovi on my Indy hat. Also had some fun! See below
  10. Here an got signatures from Nicky, Cal an Dovi so far.
  11. As noted by everyone else, a slip on will only change the tone of the exhaust. If you're looking to dive deeper into things, don't get a power commander....get a bazzaz Z-Fi. I've worked with Brian when I raced my 600rr and he enjoyed the bazzaz much more since it controls all 8 injectors. I had a PC3, and sold it soon after for the bazzaz. An aftermarket air filter won't gain much vs stock on a street level either. A race filter may gain a minor amount, but it's not worth the risk of allowing more particles into the engine. As for exhaust brands, here are my suggestions: Leo Vince Arrow Akro
  12. Up for sale are my pair of Ohio State football season tickets. Section 25C, Row 19. The seats are just below the edge of new overhang providing some shelter from the rain and sun for the afternoon and evening games. I'm looking to sell complete season and no split them up. Looking for paypal or cash payment. Tickets have arrived and in hand! Looking to get $1850 for the pair. Virtual Viewer photos: PM me if you have any questions!
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