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  1. mrbret

    My stuff

  2. mrbret

    Cruisers, Baggers & Touring Bikes

    I recently traded my 07 ZX10 for a 13 Victory High Ball. Just waiting on some decent weather to get out and put some miles on it.
  3. mrbret

    Bike night May 15th

    Used to be? Cheeky f**ker. If the weather is good I may be there
  4. hey mate. Just bought a house in Monterey with an extra bedroom! Just in case you fancy riding laguna seca etc! Door is always open Gooner brother!

    Hurley (No one calls me Ashley here, just Hurley)

  5. mrbret

    Prison Break Poker Run - Mansfield

    I'm in if its dry and not 2000 degrees like it ha been.
  6. mrbret

    Dyno Day 5/5/2012

    If the weather is good i'll try to be there on the green machine
  7. Having a "Biker Sunday" at our church on 7-8-12. Its going to be an out-door service, with a cookout following. Then were planing a group ride afterwards. Please pass along the info. It is posted on the calendar, with address and all details. But, the more people that know, gives us the better chance to have a bigger group ride!!! Hope to see you, and many others there!!!

  8. mrbret

    QSL Polaris Bike Night Wed 7/13/11

    WOW swamped with replies this week
  9. mrbret

    QSL Polaris Bike Night Wed 7/13/11

    What? Where? When? Why?
  10. As normal, meeting at the old Circuit City on Polaris at 7pm, shoot some shit then roll over to QSL about 7:20. Who's in?
  11. mrbret

    QSL Bike Night Wed 7/6/11

    Short notice but who coming? Old Circuit City on Polaris at 7pm then roll over to QSL about 7:20pm. See previous posts for map etc.
  12. mrbret

    QSL Polaris 6/22/11

    Bike night still at QSL, just some of us meeting at CC first.
  13. mrbret

    QSL Polaris 6/22/11

    Short notice but we'll be at old Circuit City close to 7pm. Any one else coming out tonight?
  14. mrbret

    Q-S-&-L Bike Night 6/15/11 (Polaris)

    50% chance of rain later. :-(
  15. Evening everyone. If we have good (but not to hot/cold/wet) weather etc who's up for this weeks QSL bike night pre-meet? As normal, Meeting at 7pm in front of the old Circuit City on Polaris Parkway (see map below) then around 7:20 we can roll over to QS&L, hang out, get food & do whatever tickles you fancy from there. For anyone that does not know where, Here is the map of where to meet up & the long ride over to QS&L