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  1. I recently traded my 07 ZX10 for a 13 Victory High Ball. Just waiting on some decent weather to get out and put some miles on it.
  2. hey mate. Just bought a house in Monterey with an extra bedroom! Just in case you fancy riding laguna seca etc! Door is always open Gooner brother!

    Hurley (No one calls me Ashley here, just Hurley)

  3. Having a "Biker Sunday" at our church on 7-8-12. Its going to be an out-door service, with a cookout following. Then were planing a group ride afterwards. Please pass along the info. It is posted on the calendar, with address and all details. But, the more people that know, gives us the better chance to have a bigger group ride!!! Hope to see you, and many others there!!!

  4. Issue resolved. Thanks Mr. Hoblick.
  5. Does anyone have the tools needed to remove/replace the wheels from an 07 ZX10? If you do can I borrow them (& maybe you if you any good at wheel removal). (I have the stands already) Thanks everyone
  6. Ace Cafe is a tall order to match.
  7. My friend did ask about shooting. We are not to far from the Powder Room in Powell. Can you rent guns from there? I am still a gun'less 1/2 American.
  8. Morning all. I have a friend and his wife coming in from England next week (20th-26th). Anyone have any ideas of stuff do do? Anything going at Mid Ohio that week? Thanks for any ideas.
  9. bump Super clean, very well looked after. Someone is gonna get a real nice bike here. I thought you were into the new BWM, now you are going all cruiser on us?
  10. FYI: http://www.ohio-riders.com/showthread.php?t=71006
  11. The food there is VERY good & the view is even better. Good good & good service = WIN
  12. Where the crap is Cambridge.... oh wait, mapquest......brb
  13. Top Gear USA = FAIL Note to US TV people: Please stop butchering our good British TV shows.
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