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  1. Sorry guys, I may have a full inbox. Messages coming soon! FYI, my email is aarone1 at sbcglobal.net
  2. Bump. Still available, price dropped to $100!
  3. Up for sale is my ole' lap timer. I no longer have a bike so it's just been sitting in the closet for the last year. Excellent tool for tracking lap times. I purchased from a gentleman on the WERA forum and I believe it was brand-new back then. Good condition and ready to use! Price: $120 Location: Central Ohio Details: Pick-up or delivery within reason
  4. Price lowered to $1500! Would make an excellent Christmas present
  5. Unfortunately, no it will not fit an 08 because of the ECU i believe. Standard aftermarket quickshifters are still available for it, but not in plug n play form. BUMP! Still available. Going on the forums this week..
  6. C'mon guys..no one is raising a future Ben Spies?! Great way to introduce your son/daughter into the sport of motorcycle racing...
  7. Please keep your lowball offers to yourself. Look on the forums, ebay, amazon, they always sell for $250 min.
  8. Ben, I bought a quickshifter before buying a Daytona, deals fell through and now I'm waiting till the winter/spring to buy most likely.
  9. Long story short... Up for sale is a OEM triumph quickshifter from a 2012 Daytona 675R. Plug and play unit for any 2009-2012 Daytona 675 or R model. Also fits most* 2009-2012 Street Triple 675's (Specify VIN). Mint condition, no issues what so ever. Retails for $399 I believe. Includes OEM stock rod as well, so it would be very easy to install on a standard 675 model. Pictures will be added eventually. Being lazy for only: $260 Located in Columbus, OH. Feel free to email or pm me back through the site. Thanks again! Aaron
  10. Bump still available. Price dropped to $1600!
  11. Still available. Open to reasonable offers and trades!
  12. Ben, pm replied! It is an absolute blast, especially for the money.
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