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  1. I'll let you know what Jester wants to do... Thanks!
  2. I got the whole mess for 350 but I can take less than that. Shoot me a PM and we can have a phone call whatever. Thanks!
  3. Sold the house and moving so this stuff has to go. Straight bar, two curl bars, leg attachment, preacher attachment, adjustable incline bench, all steel plates (besides the ones on the machine there is another stack of plates behind the heavy bag). No reasonable offer refused. Machine comes apart fairly easily, I moved it all by myself from previous owner's home. It's a new year and you know you need to tune up that core for riding season! I have a truck and a trailer if you need help getting this to its new home...
  4. Awesome and congrats on the new job!!
  5. No problem! Shoot me a pm and I can forward my cell or pm questions to me
  6. Still have this stuff and it really needs to go. Make offer. Trouble posting pics.
  7. I'll tryto take some pics and inventory today.
  8. Everything you could want for making your own wine. I'm done with it. I can get exact counts of bottles and such but it you show up with 250 dollars you can have it all. The press and the floor corker are worth that. There are at least eight carbouys, gas checks, stoppers, new corks testing equipment, bottle bidet and rack for draining. Good equipment, high quality I'm near New Albany. Downsizing and hoping to sell the house. Message me. No phone calls just yet.
  9. Sold ! Sent from my SM-T230NU using Tapatalk
  10. JohnG

    Ram Mount X-Grip?

    Love mine but it's the stem mount (on the VFR) and it does tend to rotate around a little. I'm probably going to get a handlebar clamp for it before too long.
  11. seems she is interested what is you availability for a meet and buy.  And where?

  12. How about some feedback? Maybe I'm missing something here... A bluetooth, handsfree headset with extras for making and receiving phone calls while you ride for $40 ? What's not to like?
  13. Kinda surprised that there haven't been any inquiries This is a nice setup that has served me well. On cell phone calls, people are really surprised when they find out I'm on the bike. Pair the unit with any other bluetooth device and listen while you ride. Music, gps, smartphone, etc. Some people voice concerns about "distracted riding," but that's never been a problem for me... Bump!
  14. You get all the pieces and parts you see including the original box and owners manual for $50 firm. The one unit in the bag that says "No talk path" means just that, no voice transmission. However, you can listen with this unit, which can be quite handy for a passenger that you don't need to hear but that you can talk to... The other unit works perfectly. The batteries are still good and will last about six hours of continuous talk time. More than that on standby. I primarily used one in my commuter lid so I could take and receive cell phone calls. It works amazingly well for that. There are a total of three headsets, so you could install one in each of three helmets and then just plug in the comm unit in whichever helmet you wanted to wear. Two with boom mics, one with the mic that glues to the inside of the helmet. Ask away with questions on here. I get notifications on the Droid. Message me here if you want a phone call...
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