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  1. Thanks, I was getting a little discouraged wading through the craigslist trolls, that compliment means a lot to me.
  2. Actually the bike sold yesterday evening.
  3. After having to repeatedly push back the delivery date, I gave the original owner his money back and a little extra to cover his expenses when I realized it would take longer than he should have to wait. It's a ninja 500, with ZX600 front and rear suspension, and modified body work. including a GSX brakelight. The frame was cracked, but it's been repaired and reinforced. I just want this bike out of my garage. It runs, but it needs a new battery. The fork seals will need replaced soon, I've got the replacements, and they'll come with the sale. It's a rebuilt title, so it's been through the inspection process. It just needs some odds and ends together, shouldn't be more than a weekend of work. I have ridden the bike, but only up and down the block. I have shifted it through all the gears on it's stand though. I've got it on craigslist for $1000. $700 to OR members.
  4. Welcome! There used to be a great bridge for bridge jumping in Howard, Ohio! I spent a few afternoons there in college. Ha! I went to school in Mt Vernon!
  5. What's so damned frustrating about all of it is that we have the capabilities to work with the world around us in such a way that it's better for everything involved. Look at how we've been able to bring back species from extinction, how healthy well-managed areas of land are, how large and consistent crop yields are when sound farming practices are used. This is a situation where we can have our cake AND eat it! Easy solution to our oil crisis? Double the MPG requirements for vehicles now. Provide subsidies for people to buy cars that have an MPG rating that is double their current (and not just new cars. Cash For Clunkers was a debacle. 80s toyotas, BMWs and Hondas have ridiculously efficient engines) MPG. Or allow that subsidy to be used to upgrade the motor and gear box in a car. Push for 6 or even 8 speed gear boxes to be standard. And place a tax on trucks and SUVs that don't or can't meet those mileage requirements (With a subsidy for work, farm and ranch vehicles). You want a F-350 Ranch King Super Cab to compensate? Go for it. But you've got to pay. Offer subsidies or tax breaks for people buying diesels as well. And allow several European car companies to fast track their super efficient diesel vehicles as well. Audi, BMW and Seat all have great cars that aren't available over here for no reason whatsoever. If it's allowed on the Autobahn it can handle the US roadways. After that's in place, raise taxes on gasoline. The reason roads in Europe are so nice, and health care is so free, is because they pay $6.00 in tax per litre. If I get 70 to 100 mpg from my car, free health care, and the roads I drive make glass feel like a teenagers acne: I don't care if gas is $10 a gallon.
  6. I'm going to take some heat for this... An individual spill is probably similar to that analogy, except it doesn't take into account how interconnected the oceans are. If it was just an individual spill, it wouldn't be an issue. Just like if only one person littered, and no one else did, or if there was only one bad driver on the road ever. Damaging one area has consequences all over the world, and combined with everything else we do, it all starts to add up. One of the largest collection of garbage is floating in the Pacific Ccean. We've successfully over fished large swaths of it. In the 1880s English fishing fleets brought in 300,000 tons of fish, as of 2010, English fleets netted 150,000 tons of fish. Telegraph There's a corollary between international fishing fleets of the coast of Africa and the rise in poaching and bush meat sale in African villages. Some of the species in the oceans traverse thousands of miles, and we know almost nothing about them. Fishing grounds on the eastern coast of Canada have collapsed, and international fleets sweep the coasts of Africa every year. Whole tracts of the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico are barren. And there are whole zones of the Gulf that are dead due to algae blooms from fertilizers coming in from the Mississippi. The Exxon Valdez spill STILL hasn't been cleaned up. Most of our oxygen comes from sea algae. The whole planet depends on a healthy ocean, but we want to barge in like a bull in a china shop, without even a decent grasp of what's occurring? We're like children who've found daddy's loaded gun, and don't have Scruit's cameras to catch us before we do something stupid. Or we're like Donnie from The Big Lebowski. Take your pick.
  7. As long as its SNELL and DOT certified you're good to go. I had good luck with my Vega Mach 1. Of course I haven't had to use it to save my life.
  8. Piaget's theory, while he developed it studying children, is a theory of learning. When it comes to handling new information, the brain is always engaged in assimilation or accommodation. The tendency is that adults are more likely to reject contrary information. Which your dismissal so elegantly proved.
  9. A liberal will interpret certain events with a liberal bias and vice versa. And as Piaget found, instead of accommodating contrary information, the mind is more likely to reject contrary information outright as false.
  10. Like I said, I can't be mad I've done it myself. No hard feelings on this end.
  11. Cheech is doing a great job dispelling THAT myth...
  12. Some one didn't pay attention the day they talked about cutting in line, that was a dick move. I can't be too mad though; I've swooped my share of eBay auctions.
  13. If nobody gets the .38, I'd be interested in it.
  14. True, but does the danger of another Deep Water Horizon warrant the risk? These things aren't really being built to a level of quality I feel comfortable with. Exactly! That's not going to happen if we don't start weening ourselves off of oil.
  15. dorifto240


    Yeah, but then they hit you with a transfer fee, and if I remember correctly when I had "over draft" protection: It ended up costing me more than the overdraft fee. I think we just agreed on something...
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