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  1. r1crusher

    I did a bad thing...water + phone = FML

    Only when Perrier water is spilled on it...iPhones are particular about what they're bathed in. Any other types of liquids and you'll be running back to the Apple store to buy another one.
  2. r1crusher

    I did a bad thing...water + phone = FML

    Yeah...who cares when their phones kick ass. They could be snorting coke and kicking puppies for all I care internally.
  3. r1crusher

    RD Does It Yet Again

    Called Mike at Riders Discount the other day to see about some parts for my recently purchased dirty bike ('12 Honda CRF450R). Needless to say it's always cool to talk to Mike and or course the prices were excellent. Shipping is always fast to us OH folks as it arrived today, in just 2 days. Thanks Mike and RD for the service, prices and parts! Kevin
  4. r1crusher

    Cold and rainy weekend, so what are you doing?

    Shit...I'm surprised you made it 16 hours in Juarez and are coming home! Hell the Mexican's don't even want to be there. I'll be finishing up a quote for a possible job. Going with the wife to push a cart around while she loads it up with food (several hour of my life I won't get back). Then I'll start on setting up a new PC for a client for delivery tomorrow.
  5. r1crusher

    How do you clean your chain?

    2 x WD and chain wax. Done and done.
  6. r1crusher

    A/V experts: need advice

    +10000 on the Harmony remotes. They're well worth the money and they constantly update the base code set for everything that comes out. As Brian said, it's simple to setup with the software and PC/laptop.
  7. r1crusher

    Clinton County Motorsports Ride

    I had no idea that CCM did any kind of "fun runs"...hhhhhmmmm. I wonder if I've ever seen you riding in the area, Keith. My wife owns a business in Mt. Orab and worked out there for many years. I see riders out there from time to time.
  8. r1crusher

    Martin Archery Bows - woot!

    Just thought I'd pass this along. Maybe someone is looking to get into bow hunting or upgrading this season. Prices seem to be pretty good and there are some complete packages available. woot! - Martin Archery Bows
  9. r1crusher

    Nelson Ledges

    What comes after "bike freindly"? Bikurious?
  10. r1crusher

    Nelson Ledges

    OH SHIZNIT! It just got real up in here!
  11. r1crusher

    2013 Ford Eco Boost Question

    We've exchange many PM's and I told him to change them out. Thanks for bringing it up in the thread though...it's sometimes overlooked. Chrome...if you have any questions about getting your truck tuned please let me know (as I told you...both of my 3.5 EB's are tuned). I have all my tuning done by a guy down in FL, Torrie from Unleashed Tuning. Another excellent tune shop is in MI called Livernois Motorsports. Both have a VERY good following and are well known for their tunes. I will tell you right now that if your getting your tune on, have the plugs changed out and regap them down to .030 instead of the .035 of stock. You need to close the gap down because of the boost increase you're going to see. Livernois does not do any data logging but Unleashed does which is one of the reasons I went with Torrie. I don't know if he's doing unlimited tune changes but most places will give you 2-3 different tunes...ex. a 87 octane performance tune, a 93 octane performance tune and a 87 tow/haul tune. Just something to consider before you run out and tune. Good luck and I think you'll be really surprised by the power increase as well as the bump in MPG that comes along with that (as long as you can keep you foot from turning to lead).
  12. r1crusher

    2013 Ford Eco Boost Question

    And Whaler...you'll find shit about anything and everything. I bet I could dig up tons of shit about Toyota trucks...or Nissan trucks. So when I start posting up shit about those then what will you ever do!?!? You'll probably need to start riding a bicycle because ALL cars and trucks made are shit. I should hate Yamaha's because they can't even design a transmission on a brand new bike apparently. I'm surprised you even own and ride one with all the problems they have. Oh wait...I already do hate them (see my screen name).
  13. r1crusher

    2013 Ford Eco Boost Question

    I've already pointed out all of the important items regarding most EB motors as regurgitated by zx3 a couple times now. Damn Ford and their EPA related bullshit...do the VTA mod or buy a separator and keep the carbon build up from becoming problematic. You're not going to have a major mechanical failure because of either of those so just plug the stupid hoses backup as normal before taking it in for any service...problem solved. I've been running both tuned EB car and truck for more than a year now. Again, just put the stock tune back in before taking it in for service...problem solved. Fuel additives don't really help shit. Put your faith in those bottles if you want but I've never had to put them in anything I've ever owned...DI or not.
  14. r1crusher

    2013 Ford Eco Boost Question

    If you're running goodyear tires get those fuckers off and put something else on. As I said before there's not much you can do if you really have any kind of carbon build up on the valves but you can try to run some fuel additive and see what you get. I'd say at this point if it didn't store any codes I'd not worry about that particular issue any longer. My SHO didn't throw any codes either when it went into limp mode. Don't sweat it and just drive it.
  15. r1crusher

    06 GSXR 600 Race Bike

    Just do it...you know you want to.