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  1. dustinsn3485

    Earplugs for rididng

    I've got Etymotic for general riding and all around ear protection. Use them at concerts, secondary to muffs while shooting, short trips on the motorcycle, etc. Great all around plug I think, and inexpensive. I've got a second pair of no name over the ear type ear buds similar to the Etymotic that I use for distance trips, I have them connected to my police radar and gps so I can get audible signals from both and still have ear protection. My Garmin may or may not have Sirius XM playing as a background noise. I've also got a pair of the Bose Quietcomfort 20 with the noise cancelling that I use on airplanes to drown out the white noise. They work amazing and I really thought they'd be a winner on the motorcycle, but the noise cancelling is too sensitive to the wind noise I guess and they pop and make a lot of noise.
  2. dustinsn3485

    fasteners, lock washers are bad.

    Vibra-tite: half the price of loc-tite and of the same chemical make-up.
  3. dustinsn3485

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    I'd consider any reasonable offers. All prices are negotiable. Would like to see it all go together, but will break it up too.
  4. dustinsn3485

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    I don't have an address yet. Shoot me that and how ya'll wanna pay and I'll get it in the mail.
  5. dustinsn3485

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    @bowdog Still waiting to hear. I'd like to send them both at the same time. It'd be one shipping charge that way.
  6. dustinsn3485

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    Both of the metric hex bit socket sets have 10mm. I'm assuming you want a socket though.
  7. dustinsn3485

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    Items in this post sold.
  8. dustinsn3485

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    Before I go through the trouble of taking and adding a bunch of pictures is there anyone that is looking to buy any of the stuff below... Looking for a fair price, it's all snap on...Open to offers for everything. Half inch standard semi deep well sockets (standard 9/16-15/16 $100) IMG_20180817_082415 by Dustin, on Fli fluke electrical meter - temp gone is sold IMG_20180817_082929 by Dustin, on Flickr
  9. dustinsn3485

    bike 2011 Ninja 1000

    Thinking about selling the bike... Decided not to for now.
  10. dustinsn3485

    Wtf is this

    They're copying Piaggio...
  11. dustinsn3485

    "side hustle."

    I quit my job and started a hydraulic parts and repair shop. Basic cylinder repair right now and making replacement hydraulic lines. I will eventually get into machining replacement components for cylinders.
  12. dustinsn3485

    Has anyone lived in TN?

    So how'd this ever turn out? It's quite likely I've missed another thread somewhere on the forum, but I know this one exist.
  13. dustinsn3485

    Tire Changers (in the market)

    I had the HF setup years ago and thought it did the job just fine. Made the appropriate upgrades and really it seemed to work well. One day I felt like spending money so I went ahead and got the $650 classic no mar and it's like night and day. Your budget will determine what works best, but I'd pick the no mar, when given the choice between it and the HF.
  14. dustinsn3485

    Total eclipse

    I generally don't share much of my personal life...I felt that the photographer captured the moment exceptionally well though. I've waited over a year for the eclipse so I could get this picture and really could not be happier with the result. The eclipse was an amazing thing to get to see and I will be in Ohio in 2024 to see it happen again.
  15. dustinsn3485

    Has anyone lived in TN?

    Nah, I don't think so. I pay $600 a year for my bike and the same for my Jeep. The house is $1200 a year. Property taxes are only $1800. No income tax. Sales tax is a 9.025, but I'm only 30 min from KY so if I want a big purchase I go there.