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  1. You prove my point. Good morning, Sunday morning...
  2. The reality is the radical socialists have spent 4 years trying to create division in America. They've had small successes, but nothing greater than this pandemic. And sadly everyone has bought into the division over a piece of cloth. Liberals like more government and don't mind being told what to do. Republicans are free thinkers and don't want to be controlled. And this thread exemplifies that division. There is still a lot of common ground on both sides of thought, we need to unify those thought patterns and rid America of this true radical "resistance" that is currently plaguing our country. The great thing about America is, for now at least, we are all entitled to our opinions and choices and that's protected by the constitution. Where some are comfortable wearing a mask and think it works, wear one. Those that don't, their choice. Theres so many articles, studies, and opinions arguing both sides. No one can really say if it does or does not work. Let's look at history maybe...like most things in life, we've had pandemics before, what worked and what didn't in years past? So go on with your life and try to get along with everyone. If we argue and hate, that breeds anarchy and that's what the true radical left wants.
  3. Man, I know. I think about that myself sometimes. We all had some good times!
  4. I'm born and raised in Tipp City. I still ride, but y'all would have to come to TN. Been down here for 10 years and 3 years into owning and running business I'm pretty tied to the area. If you're ever toward Nashville hit me up. Back in the day we had a strong group hitting up the local roads. I still lurk, but not too terribly active. Been around for awhile though.
  5. Don't much follow your travels...but I do like the Huzzah, Steelville, Mark Twain Natl Forest. All the way down into Eminence. All in Missouri. Lots of good pavement and great roads.
  6. Anybody can find a study to support their point of view... https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/5/4/e006577
  7. dustinsn3485

    Google Fi

    Been using it for about 6 months. I'm near Nashville in TN, but it's overall decent. I have spotty coverage at times, but I'm happy 95% of the time. The majority of my phone use is on wifi though.
  8. I've got Etymotic for general riding and all around ear protection. Use them at concerts, secondary to muffs while shooting, short trips on the motorcycle, etc. Great all around plug I think, and inexpensive. I've got a second pair of no name over the ear type ear buds similar to the Etymotic that I use for distance trips, I have them connected to my police radar and gps so I can get audible signals from both and still have ear protection. My Garmin may or may not have Sirius XM playing as a background noise. I've also got a pair of the Bose Quietcomfort 20 with the noise cancelling that I use on airplanes to drown out the white noise. They work amazing and I really thought they'd be a winner on the motorcycle, but the noise cancelling is too sensitive to the wind noise I guess and they pop and make a lot of noise.
  9. Vibra-tite: half the price of loc-tite and of the same chemical make-up.
  10. I'd consider any reasonable offers. All prices are negotiable. Would like to see it all go together, but will break it up too.
  11. I don't have an address yet. Shoot me that and how ya'll wanna pay and I'll get it in the mail.
  12. @bowdog Still waiting to hear. I'd like to send them both at the same time. It'd be one shipping charge that way.
  13. Both of the metric hex bit socket sets have 10mm. I'm assuming you want a socket though.
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