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  1. 614-256-3407 give me a call
  2. Still have this? Shoot me a text 614-256-3407
  3. You have more electronic bullshit on that bike than a goldwing. Maybe you should just buy a convertible
  4. Took the ape out for some twisty riding today
  5. Messaged Mike on some boots, couple different ones actually, but ended deciding on Alpinestars Supertech R boots, as always, great deal and got the boots in 2 days. They fit great, and are super comfy out of the box. He also got me squared away on some new wheel bearings for my Harley.
  6. I just got a corsair X vinales 2 replica, really nice helmet
  7. Interested in the boots, what model are they? You can PM me
  8. I'm in Marysville, available after 4
  9. I have a ton of used tires, come get whatever you want free. I'm positive I'll have what you need.
  10. Got a new suit coming, so selling this one. I've had it like 2 - 2.5 years. Never been down. Knee pucks have some wear. sorry the pic is dark, I can get better if need be. Anyone is welcome to come try on before purchase $450 obo
  11. Most dry kits are designed to increase fuel pressure via a solenoid that sends PSI to the regulator, or be injected before a MAF so that the computer will compensate some for the colder/denser air charge. wet kit is muuuuuuch safer. That being said, put a bigger main jet in so it runs on the rich side at WOT and have at it ?
  12. Finally!!! I'll be in touch
  13. No thanks. 2 bikes that serve completely different purposes is better fitting for me. It's too sporty to be comfortable on long hauls for me.
  14. Goldwing "tour" the goldwing is already a touring bike, why do they need a tour model. The goldwing is is an amazing bike.. but no matter what it is bland. I've tried to like them, but I just can't. There is nothing about it that excites the senses.
  15. Whatever the purpose you buy it for. The only reason i ask the question is because when you get in to the upper teens and lower 20k you get a bike fitted with premium parts, or already fitted with things you might buy such as additional luggage, navigation, heated grips, better wheels, etc.
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