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  1. Nicky Hayden Bicycle Accident

    Very sad new indeed. RIP Nicky
  2. Sorry for the group ride newbie mistake. Once I received said hand signal Nivin, it took another 5 miles to realize what he meant... DOH! Its been a while since I've had to pay attention to group ride etiquette. Nivin, please delete the annoying footage. Not much to see there, even without the blinker brain fart. Jim, thanks for the hand signal refresher course... Have too agree with Pauly, nice robe.
  3. Had a great time today. Good seeing some old friends and finally meeting/putting faces on many other OR peeps.
  4. Sounds good Tonik. See you at New Concord.
  5. Thanks Tonik. See you folks in the AM.
  6. If you folks don't mind I'd like to jump on the back of the HATE parade in New Concord. Meeting at the intersection of Rt 83 and 40 Fuel Mart or ??
  7. Well, maybe medium-fast... I've not ridden much this year and still feel a bit rusty so the conservative me says stay away from the faster groups.
  8. Late to the dance but I'm in. Medium group.
  9. What did you do to your bike today?

    Looks good! Did you have the underbraced swingarm when I saw you in Clarington late last year?
  10. unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    ^ This! LOL!
  11. My new to me ride

    Congrats man! Looks awesome.
  12. The new ride

    Nice. Congrats!
  13. WTB: 1pc suit 44/54

    PM sent...
  14. Hillary Just a Thought.

    Agreed! I believe the EC functioned exactly as the Founders intended....