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  1. EOdesmo

    Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days

    I’m headed over on Saturday. I may trailer the RGV over and throw a for sale sign on it....
  2. EOdesmo

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    Staying at the Skyline Village Inn?
  3. EOdesmo

    Came back...

    Welcome back.... Just down the road from you near St.Clairsville.
  4. EOdesmo

    Need to meet some fellow riders

    Welcome... Love the Hypers. Had an 08 myself. I'm near St.Clairsville. Post up if you're headed down this way...
  5. EOdesmo

    SEO Spring Ride Friday April 13th

    Update: 556 open now between Bealsville and Carington. Single lane very uneven large GRAVEL surface for 100 yards while they stabilize the hillside above and below the slip. Otherwise in decent shape and fairly clean as was 145. 9 south of StClairsville sucked to Centerville.
  6. EOdesmo


  7. EOdesmo

    Non Brander here................

    Welcome! The CL350 Scrambler brings back memories....
  8. EOdesmo

    Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    Welcome to OR...
  9. EOdesmo

    New to Ohio

    Welcome to the OR group. Big KTM fan myself. On my 5th one (08 990 SDR) Love the RC's Too tough on my old body though. Great roads here make up for shorter season. Northern Kentucky has some great roads as well and its in your back yard. Speed safely.
  10. EOdesmo

    Hi, I'm Dave

  11. EOdesmo

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Finally got around to valve adjustment, plugs, oil/filter, fuel filter change, general clean up... going to drop the forks, flush/change fluid. new tires and that should do it. Just need the weather to start co-operating...
  12. EOdesmo

    New member for 2018 - Happy New Year gang

    Welcome. Another SDR fan here.
  13. EOdesmo

    New addition to the garage...

    I've managed to get the RGV together after 5 years of restoration. I just may get to go for a ride on it sunday. I got The carbs on the RZ cleaned and sorted. Sounds MUCH better than when I took delivery. The requested audio clips of both for you 2smokers :-)
  14. EOdesmo

    Oct 7 Saturday

    I'm Going to tour the usual SEO suspects tomorrow. Since I don't see a planned route/meeting spot, maybe our paths will cross. Speed safely.