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  1. attackpainter

    Im not dead..... glad to be back

    Shit youre still on here? Well ill be back in 3 more years lol
  2. attackpainter

    Im not dead..... glad to be back

    Hey guys, been a really long time.... 3 years I think. Been insanely busy with my regular job and still slinging tons of motorcycle paint work as well. Hopefully Ill be able to see some old faces on here and meet some new ones as well. And for those who never came out on the ice with me before for ice riding, its looking like its going to be a great season.
  3. attackpainter

    AttackPainter and a Ducati 1199. Result is beyond amazing.

    Thanks for the kind words! Im stoked to see it with the wheels on it
  4. attackpainter

    Clear Coat Questions

    just give me a call 614 394 2195
  5. attackpainter

    Local Custom Paint Mixer?

    The problem with converting a automotive style paint into an aerosol is that it requires extremely over reducing the color to make the viscosity thin enough to spray through an aerosol can. Youll never achive a true color match with an aerosol based product. if you need any help feel free to send me a pm
  6. attackpainter

    Clear Coat Questions

    Duplicolor is 1979 technology. It is still a laquer based product and offers no uv or stone chip protection. If you want the job to last and hold up you will need a 2 part clear with a flattening agent built in. I can reccomend a few if need be or i could paint it for less than you could buy the product
  7. attackpainter

    Bike Painting

    Id be glad to help give me a call 614 394 2195
  8. attackpainter

    Buckeye Lake Ice riding....... 1-26

    why bother making a set of tires when im offering up a bike that already has a set of $600 Craig Pickett tires on it?. And you can ride the 450 if you want. ..... The lake was pretty good last weekend although we only had one plow to move snow. I know the forecast is calling for rain on sat but we will be back out Sunday. A few AMA pro flat trackers are coming to play as well. Lmk if you'd like to join
  9. attackpainter

    Buckeye Lake Ice riding....... 1-26

    Some of you have been out on the lake before but for those of you who havent you are welcome to come throw a leg over one of my bikes this weekend. We will most likely be at Leibs island or fairfield beach. We will be out on sunday. Feel free to send me a pm and i can let you know exactly where we will be.
  10. attackpainter

    Race Bodywork Painting

    Sorry im late to chime in but if youre still in need of paint work just give me a call 614 394 2195
  11. attackpainter

    RIP Jeff Hanneman

    yes a sad day indeed
  12. attackpainter

    WTB: Super Moto Race Ready

    supermotojunkie.com there is always a ton of race ready bikes for sale
  13. attackpainter

    Attack painter does it again!!!!!

    Thanks for the business Andy!!!
  14. attackpainter

    Ice riding buckeye lake sat and sun 1-26 1-27

    looks like we will be meeting up around 1 or 1:30 at leibs island
  15. attackpainter

    Ice riding buckeye lake sat and sun 1-26 1-27

    I will be heading out to check the ice tomorrow and am hoping to ride on sunday. Hopefully the snow wont be to heavy as that causes the ice to not form as fast. We will be out early sunday if it checks out. Anyone interested can call me 614 394 2195