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  1. Helmets are all size medium
  2. Posting for my pops 2008 Honda Gold Wing GL1800. Red. Luggage rack, side heat shields. 4 helmets: 1 shorty, 2 full with face shields, and one full cold weather. Premium Audio system. New battery and oil change. Only 4180 miles. Excellent condition. Asking $14,500.
  3. What if every day you woke up it was the same exact thing over and over and over like groundhog day? Yeah, welcome to my life.
  4. Pretty soon there will be more mexicans than humans
  5. well hello to Marysville What's the key to unlock your back door?
  6. what do you mean "you people"
  7. Wouldn't a bolt-action rifle round have higher velocity capabilities since gas isn't wasted reloading the next round?
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