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  1. Until I can find the magic button to edit this post, asking price has been lowered to $4000 for OhioRiders. I have posted in a few facebook BST groups for $4200.
  2. Not aggressively trying to sell. Doesn't seem to work with Max's lifestyle lol. I will ride again one day!
  3. 2009 Yamaha FZ6R Currently less than 2,000 miles Completely stock Purchased new...shortly before finding out that my now seven year old son was on the way. :-) Female and only owner. I also have a newer helmet that I purchased last year and some riding gear available for purchase with or after the sale of the motorcycle.
  4. There are various job opportunities in Ohio and throughout the US. IT jobs are available to work in south west Ohio, north central Florida and remotely. Other various jobs in the transportation industry are available in many areas and locations. http://www.rlcarriers.com/jobopps.asp
  5. Ain't NRA sticker is thair? I can't see it in pic. Lower right circle is an Army sticker. It's hard to see but there an infantry decal there too.
  6. Yeah, well, the ones on them there shelves were prolly made in Chiner and ain't got no stickers on it.
  7. It's white, utility like thingy with locking compartment thingies on both sides. Will post/send pics if anyone is interested. $1350.00 Just kidding. I don't know how much baby daddy is asking. I will update on that info when I find out. $350 OBO he says...
  8. Her name is PingPong PingPong! She talka like a ching chong ching chong with a little ting tong. She comma from a place like a hong kong hong kong. She call her baby daddy king kong king kong. She like a ding dong widda wing wong. Yeah, that's probably all wrong but it's ok.
  9. Bang bang stick ain't sold and I'm under trial and fire.
  10. And again with condescending remarks... Ok for someone else to admit to take/make a significant profit if given the opportunity but not ok to attempt...What's the difference?
  11. I don't believe Ben to be one to make such a rash decision without taking any other possible factors into consideration. But he can speak for himself if he wants. +$200 in comparison to an out of stock Gander Mountain a gouge? As a matter of fact, I did decline the sale agreeing with my asking price. After I googled the name and matched up information provided, I found the person was a convicted poacher. As I mentioned before, no dollar amount high enough for me to put a firearm in the hands of a...well, you know. Dude could of been a good guy and learned from his mistakes but it was not within my comfort level.
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