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  1. InyaAzz

    Misc. Riding Gear

  2. InyaAzz

    gear Misc. Riding Gear

    All prices are +shipping and +fees, or are available for pickup locally in Avon, OH I bought a bunch of gear last year before selling my last bike. I had intended to buy another bike, but it looks like I'll be physically unable to safely ride a motorcycle again...so it's time to sell (I've been in denial). Almost all of this gear was either worn once, twice or not at all. All helmets were worn with something covering my head, the insides are clean. All jackets/vests come with armor. None of these items have ever been in an accident or dropped. My body is being a top tier asshole right now, and it doesn't make sense to have this stuff sitting around taking up space. All the images can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/hFY1ruP Roof Boxer V8 Helmet, comes with extra visor (XXL): $330 Speed and Strength Tough as Nails armored leather vest (L): $120 Akoury AK1 black matte half helmet (XXL): $70 Alpinestars S-MX Plus Boots (Eur: 48 US: 12.5 #I wear 13 and they fit perfectly#): $150 Alpinestars S-MX2 Boots (Eur: 48 US: 12.5 I wear 13 and they fit perfectly): $100 Speed & Strength Black Nine riding shoes (12): $70 Scorpion EXO 1909 Distressed Armored Leather Jacket (XL): $425 Icon Accelerant armored leather jacket (XXL): $150 Icon Tarmac mesh armored jacket (XXL): $100
  3. InyaAzz

    QSL Valley View tonight with Chinabike

    ....I just dropped some fairings off to get painted this morning. I have the worst timing.
  4. Well fuck me, I just found out this was postponed until today....which I could've totally done. RIde safe.
  5. InyaAzz

    Who are the OG members of OR??

    March, 2007
  6. InyaAzz

    Suck it Ohio State.

    I'm not going to call anyone in this thread out for their opinion...but let's get real for a second and take your OSU fan hat off. You don't publicly call out your coaches...for ANY reason. You handle that internally. And not especially minutes after the game..on Twitter. You don't make it known that you're 'gone' ....while the season is still in progress! That only brings bad publicity to you, your teammates and the program. It's a sign of entitlement and immaturity. The fact that he wasn't benched, even after an apology ...even though he was 100% true...blows my mind. Urban had some of these same issues down in Florida...let's not forget (it's easy to forget when you're winning). Does anyone think Bo or Woody would let Zeke play? Hell, even Harbaugh? He's benched multiple kids on UM's team this year. Some disappeared from the roster COMPLETELY! for most of the season. Ty Isaac has only JUST reappeared. Derrick Green has barely seen any action and didn't even make it to the PSU game. He handled it all internally and told the press to pound salt when they asked. The fact that not one, but several OSU players felt it was OK to take to Twitter like that should tell everyone that there's something not quite right in that locker room. There's a time and place to have those discussions about your future. Right after your first loss of the season, on a public forum, and publicly calling your coaches out isn't the way to do it. It's not the way anyone else does it.
  7. InyaAzz

    Bought a new bike

    I feel the same, and I do miss the rides. I just need to find something my rickety bones can suffer.
  8. InyaAzz

    Bought a new bike

    I need to get a bike that is made for the corners. The M keeps me comfortable when I commute, but I'm not trying to carve corners in it. I thought about buying another Buell just for hooliganism...I even thought of getting a Monster. I don't know..we'll see. I don't want to spend a ton of money on it, plus I don't have the room to (comfortably) store two bikes in my garage.
  9. InyaAzz

    Bought a new bike

    One day...I'll be cool enough to test ride one. Sent from my XT1095 using Tapatalk
  10. InyaAzz

    Last minute ride

    HOT, HUMID and full of LEO's. Might want to take it slow.
  11. InyaAzz

    Northern Ohio Ducati Demo Days

    Killing me right now. I tried changing my ticket to an earlier flight but that didn't happen.
  12. InyaAzz

    Northern Ohio Ducati Demo Days

    FML. I'm in San Jose until Sunday night.
  13. InyaAzz


    Ahh...the 'I have a baby now and must sell all dangerous toys' move ? I commend you...but..boys need their toys. If I didn't have some form of engine and two wheels beneath me, I would be Ohio's next mass murderer. It keeps me sane.
  14. InyaAzz


    Apparently I'm out of the loop, which is what happens when you log in twice a year. What happened to the VFR?