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  1. Thank you for the kind words Jack! Look forward to seeing you next time!
  2. Hellmutt said it best, but given a first year sales person, I'm going to guess around $30k. Work ethic and experience will have the greatest impact on that number. As for laying people off, we actually strive to make sure that doesn't happen. Again, up to the person in the position to make it happen. This is a not a sit and wait for people to walk through the door position.
  3. I cannot message you. Says you cannot be messaged. You guys open at 10 tomorrow right?

  4. Another year and we are looking for more people!! Also looking for a sales person as well!
  5. hmmm not sure why I wouldn't be able to receive messages. I would be happy to meet up with you when I return
  6. Need a Mod to contact me about a password change on another account that I'm in charge of, but cannot compose a new message. Getting a bad gateway message
  7. GET READY FOR THE SNOW with www.IndMoto.com 2013 Honda Rancher TRX420FM 4x4 foot shift. Come with the essential accessories including a winch, 48" plow, wagon, 12v accessory power outlet, rear lounger with built in storage! Over $2k in accessories. Pick it all up for $5995. https://www.facebook.com/IndependentMotorsports/posts/930878910263090
  8. Not my first rodeo with Ben. I know all about his special favors lol
  9. I agree there are millenials than boomers, but I would also say there is a less percentage of them paying into the system vs what boomers did. Think of all the sub-30 aged people born into and living off the system with their 4 kids. That is what will suck us dry, not people living longer.
  10. Wanting to get back on the sponsorship game for Independent Motorsports. What are the current requirements?
  11. I very well might take you up on that. Work out some exchange for that bumper!
  12. 35RFTW

    Bent rim?

    Front or rear? Front is pretty expensive even used. The rear you can even use a second gen sv650 wheel I believe. So more options.
  13. Will still be doing my fab stuff on the side once I get settled in and find a place to do it. Main focus is to get Independent back in the spotlight.
  14. Admins can we get this thread title changed to "Buell, why not?" They are awesome bikes to ride. I don't really have more to say than what has already been said. Not fast, but fun. I've had my share of them. Take a chance, worst case scenario, sell it the next season.
  15. 35RFTW

    Bent rim?

    What bike is this for? Wheels may not be as expensive as you think. A used one anyways
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