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  1. If you're ever around the Dayton show look for us. Our booth is Flores Leather Works. We haven't been to the Dayton show for a while but we will be there this weekend and next month. Its always good to see other OR peeps around.
  2. There are a lot of us who lived on this site back in the day. It's still a great community and Ben is still doing what he does best by making this place a killer. I wish I still had the time to come around these parts as often as I used to. I vote for a 10 year Anniversary scavenger hunt. Just Sayin'
  3. We have had our 2014 since november of last year and love it. You will have no problem hauling a small trailer. I haul a 17ft boat behind ours all the time. It trailers great. If you are wanting to take advantage of the 4x4 just make sure you get a locking rear diff. best $250 you will spend on a factory option ever. I think the sahara and rubicon come with them but not the sport model. And the newer autos are a 6spd so that helps a ton with gas mileage. I have a handful of complaints but they are minor and only about interior setup. You will have plenty of room for the whole family and the seats fold down flat so i use it like a truck a good amount of the time.
  4. Pretty cool video. NIce to see a decent amount of craftsmanship on a semi-mass manufacturing level. If you want craftsmanship to gawk at check out Westly Richards. Their stuff will make you wet yourself.
  5. rollercoaster, meh you could pay me. Backflips at 80-100 feet off the ground. Hell no.
  6. The Adobe Creative Suite is a must if she wants to create a foundational knowledge in the field. It is very inexpensive and depending on the school they can sometimes get copies of premier versions. Yes, even high schools or jr. high. Just get in contact with the tech department at the school, if they have one.
  7. The bushnell tr-s 25 is just over $50 that's an awesome deal for anyone with a semi-auto .22 setup.
  8. I have been looking constanly... I have a 24 hours of lemons dream that I am trying to fufill. So I am constantly on craigs looking for a ripe e36 on the cheap. But that always leads me to the bike section, always....
  9. Awesome tell him to keep it up. I've been a bass player for over 1/2 my life now. I have loved every moment of it and it is a skill and passion that has taken me a lot of places I could have never imagined going. If he needs any help or outside direction let me know and I will do my best I can at helping him.
  10. Picked up this guy at the new Field and Stream in Dayton. I couldn't pass it up for the price and I picked up 2,000 rounds of .22 with it. So needless to say I've had a ton of fun with it the last couple of days.
  11. I have no doubt KRAVE will be great for racing here and that one of the main reasons Mid-Ohio is not on that list is because it is so geographically close to indy and their better off spreading out the events. But I would hope that Mid-Ohio is on the list within two seasons otherwise I will start to doubt KRAVE's ability to run a great series. Especially considering Mid-Ohio's location in regard to the AMA's headquarters and what it means to the AMA to have a local event to showcase to contributors to the organization.
  12. Good riddance I say. A 200 mile trip around Daytona on 600's is not so much of a spectacle. The only way to make that race worthwhile is setting it up like the 8 hour. I don't see a lot of riders or teams that even see the 200 as a way to truly make money. What I am most upset about right now is no Mid-Ohio on the calendar.
  13. I've been making holsters. I have a guy who wanted his company logo in his holsters. I think they turned out pretty well.
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