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  1. Day 2, 16 south out Marion, Va to Volney, 58 west Damascus. That’s 34 miles of nice road. Now on my top 10! 133 from Damascus to Shady Valley, through Backbone rock. 421 south to Boone to Blowing rock on 321. 221 from blowing rock to the BRP. Did 100 miles on the BRP. Took 276 south from the BRP. 276 to 64 to the southern end of 215 north to here Waynesville.
  2. Day one, 430 miles in Marion , VA for the night. Rode WV 16 from ellenboro to Beckley and the back of the dragon. Had a big black bear cross right in front of me, 20 miles north of here.
  3. Leaving Tuesday morning on my annual Fall / Birthday trip. Planning on hitting WV 16, then down to the back of the Dragon. The BRP south to the Robbinsville area. 4 or 5 days total.
  4. Says the man with the premium BMW.
  5. I wish my 2009 FJR only had 18,000 miles.
  6. That meet spot in Somerset at 10:30 works for me. @Muckleshere’s my cell 740-262-1542.
  7. Sounds like a great day. I need to ride 536, soon.
  8. A Hayabusa is an awesome bike. The acceleration is unbelievable. I used mine to sport tour.
  9. @Likwidthat’s a nice looking Beemer. Sport touring is the way to go, not everybody wants a Wing.
  10. Took the FJR out for a ride today. Needed to make sure that everything was good after my hose and coolant replacement. 270 miles, I picked up 83 south at Millersburg, followed it down to 78 into McConnellsville. 669 north to 22 to 668. Great ride, little traffic.
  11. Delaware strand?
  12. I got the last 2 hoses for my coolant and hose replacement, today. Need to get it back together tomorrow and make sure I have no leaks.
  13. Planning on putting it back together and starting and checking it for leaks before I put the Tupperware back on. Then a nice test ride.
  14. Thank you for all the nice replies. Physically mom is in much better shape than my RN wife figured she was. It is hard since me and mom were always close.
  15. The better half went with me to see mom, today. So depressing! Physically mom can feed herself, but she can’t walk. Mentally she is bad. She asks the same questions over and over! She can’t even remember how old she is! Anyway, waiting on 3 more hoses for the FJR. Once they show up and I put her back together, I am going to disappear for week or so on the bike! Planning on camping and heading for the Dragon area. I have only got one ride in this year!
  16. Got the FJR torn apart, drained the antifreeze, found the leak, replacing all the hoses.
  17. I am going to change the coolant and replace the hoses on the FJR, tomorrow. On the only ride that I have taken this year I kept smelling antifreeze when I stopped. I hope that I ordered all the hoses that I need. Not looking forward to it.
  18. Howabusa

    My mom

    Yep! He is truly fucked up and bitter about his life.
  19. Howabusa

    My mom

    We just got done having it out. He says that he isn’t going to see her anymore. Just really tired of it all! I have only talked about half of all the BS that I have been through with this whole thing.
  20. Howabusa

    My mom

    I need to rant about this! Mom is still in the nursing home and will be there till she passes. Sometimes when I go down to see her she is good and we have a nice visit. The next time it is not so good. I went down Wednesday to see her. When I got there she wasn’t in her room. They went and got her. As soon as she came into the room I could see that she was hysterical! I asked her what was wrong, she said everything and that my little brother had been there and that they had got into an argument! What the fuck! It took me over an hour to get mom calmed down. My brother is a total asshole that has driven almost everybody in his life away, even his only daughter. He is an alcoholic and a compulsive liar! I am not really a violent man, but!
  21. Something like that @Pauly. Doesn’t matter where I heard it.
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