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  1. Tried to go for a ride. Bike wouldn’t start, battery was at 12.21 volts. Starts now, after 4 hours on the trickle charger.
  2. I installed saddlebag guards that I got from @Blitz.
  3. It rained most of the night in Robbinsville. Left the hotel at 8 am. It rained pretty steadily until almost Ohio, didn’t see blue sky until I was halfway through Columbus. It is a little less than 500 miles from Robbinsville to our place by 75/71. I did it in 8 hours. I was only off the bike twice. I rode for 4 hours straight before I took a break off the bike. The new Terry’s seat was well worth the money! 1400 miles in 80 hours, not too bad for a 61 year old man.
  4. 927 miles for 3 days. It’s been drizzling on and off all day. The further south the worse the rain was, didn’t make it to Georgia. I did manage to get a nice run on the Skyway and the Dragon. Had to get a new rear tire at Wheeler’s, a Dunlop RS3. Heading towards home tomorrow.
  5. 743 miles for the first 2 days. Rode the Rattler and NC 215. Planning on doing the northern Georgia run tomorrow. At the the San Ran in Robbinsville for the next 2 nights.
  6. 480 miles on the new Terry’s Custom seat today Rode the back of the Dragon. In Johnson City, TN for the night. Going to ride 215-276 loop tomorrow, then head to Robbinsville
  7. Actually some surgeons do and some don’t. With a man it is usually ok. With a woman not so much. Thank you, Jen.
  8. Actually cementing the knee isn’t always done.
  9. Doctor Kovak. Seems like the way to go. He does a lot of knee revisions and works on a lot of professional athletes.
  10. Already did that. That’s how we know that he didn’t cement the joint.
  11. I had a lawyer tell me that unless it was life threatening, not much chance of winning a lawsuit.
  12. A. Sunday B. A wingman would be cool. C. I saw that D. Planning on interstate down to Tazewell, VA on Wednesday and most likely interstate on the way home E. Solo, yep i really am just winging it. I want to ride the back of the dragon, the 215-276 loop, and the northern Georgia run. I don’t have heated gear, so I won’t be leaving early to ride. Thursday or Friday I will probably be getting a new rear tire.
  13. My birthday is Thursday.
  14. Planning on leaving Wednesday morning and heading to the Gap. Weather looks good. I have a few roads that I really want to ride down there. Probably stay around Robbinsville. My back tire only has another 500 to 1000 miles left. Going to just get a new one from Wheeler’s.
  15. It has now a little over 2 years since my wife had her knee replaced. She has never been without pain. She found another surgeon in Columbus. It turns out that the surgeon didn’t cement the knee joint to the bones. She has movement of the joint in the bones. So, November 18th the new surgeon is going to put in a new knee. Fuck!
  16. And I am right again. I told you to buy Justin’s. No, the Kawi is fine for two up, you said.
  17. I don’t remember who I heard it from, Tonik wanted to be able to edit your own comments in the chat box. Casper said no, and then edited a comment that Tonik left there. Tonik was pissed and disappeared from the board.
  18. You will notice that I said, I believe. That’s because I didn’t know for sure if that was true.
  19. I believe that Casper pissed Tonik off. And then they both disappeared. Casper’s life drastically changed a while ago. I am waiting for this site to disappear.
  20. Howabusa

    Near miss

    I saw this on FB a while ago. Lucky as hell!
  21. Put my new Terry’s seat on her and took a 315 mile ride. Very happy with my new seat.
  22. I put the new radiator overflow tank on and the fairing. Went for 160 mile ride, stopping at my mom’s, daughter’s and outback for a bloom.
  23. Howabusa


    Mine is! The overflow tank showed up, today. Riding tomorrow.
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