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  1. The wife had a folllow up appointment today. She is still doing great. Her and the doctor had a discussion about the surgery. He said that her knee was one of the worst that he had ever seen. There were pieces of bone left in the knee that should have not been there! He said that he didn’t know how she was walking! Looks like we will be finding a malpractice lawyer!
  2. Someone is responding to an 11 year old post.
  3. I am actually planning on getting more active and walking like we used to. It has been kind of hard to do that for the last two years with my partner being in constant pain! Thankfully that will soon be over. She is doing great with the new knee.
  4. Howabusa


    I just got a new Bell RS-2 for $145 off Amazon. These were $300 when they came out in 2017. Fiberglass shell with a drop down sun visor.
  5. I just read an article the other day that sustained weight loss hardly ever happens. Life’s too short, eat what you want. LOL
  6. Mine is really old, bought it used. My battery was down to about 7 hours of use.
  7. The wife is doing really well with this last surgery. 3 weeks tomorrow since her surgery and she is walking well with a cane!
  8. Bike related, it’s winter. I replaced the battery in my Sena 10s with one I bought from Amazon.
  9. That seems to be the case. Fortunately she is doing really well.
  10. So, it’s 2weeks today from her knee revision surgery. She is doing so much better than her first knee surgery. Hopefully she will pain free and back to normal in a few more weeks.
  11. I have around 1100 rounds of 9mm. Most, I paid $9 for 50.
  12. Tried to go for a ride. Bike wouldn’t start, battery was at 12.21 volts. Starts now, after 4 hours on the trickle charger.
  13. I installed saddlebag guards that I got from @Blitz.
  14. It rained most of the night in Robbinsville. Left the hotel at 8 am. It rained pretty steadily until almost Ohio, didn’t see blue sky until I was halfway through Columbus. It is a little less than 500 miles from Robbinsville to our place by 75/71. I did it in 8 hours. I was only off the bike twice. I rode for 4 hours straight before I took a break off the bike. The new Terry’s seat was well worth the money! 1400 miles in 80 hours, not too bad for a 61 year old man.
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