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  1. Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

    I'm out. No sleep.
  2. If you are talking about the normal northern Georgia loop, I have been riding that forever.
  3. Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

    I thought you were going 4 wheeling?
  4. Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

    I am thinking that thus maybe a fast ride.
  5. Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

    Smoke some for me!
  6. Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

    See you at Otsego.
  7. Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

  8. Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

    Maybe. Planning on riding tomorrow.
  9. Truck driving

    Thanks for your input, Todd. Still researching all my options.
  10. Truck driving

    I have been researching it. Looked at a forum, called truth in trucking. The company that I am looking at only wants less than $3000 for CDL training.
  11. Truck driving

    Yep, they are big in Europe. That would be a dream job!
  12. Birthday

    Happy Birthday! My plan is to ride tomorrow or Tuesday
  13. Truck driving

    That's my plan, 2 or 3 maybe 4 years. I am thinking that if I can ride a bike for 10 hours a day, doing that in truck should be easy.
  14. Birthday

    Today is my 58 birthday. What a shitty birthday weekend. Didn't go out to celebrate, hell I didn't even get laid! Fuck!