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  1. Howabusa

    Ride 7/18

    315 miles today. I ended up riding down to Hocking Hills and riding the route that @B-Mac posted. Starts with 374 south. Awesome route! I recorded it on my Tom Tom.
  2. Howabusa

    Ride 7/18

    I think that I am going to ride over to Barnesville and hit 147. Take that to WV 250 and ride some of it.
  3. Howabusa

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I wasn’t going to say anything, but that bike is Fugly! Your 675 was beautiful.
  4. Howabusa

    Ok who was this

    Last year at Fontana.
  5. Howabusa

    Ride 7/18

    I am planning on riding this Wednesday, 7/18. The weather looks good and not too hot. I may ride in the Hocking Hills area, but not set on that. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. Howabusa

    Looking for riding friends

    Welcome to the Casper & Tonik circus!
  7. Howabusa

    OR brings another happy couple together

    Your wife= you! Lol
  8. Howabusa

    OR brings another happy couple together

    I thought that you got them together?
  9. Howabusa

    YaOT (Yet another oil thread)

    I am running the Rotella T6, $22/ gallon.
  10. Howabusa

    YaOT (Yet another oil thread)

    How much does that cost?
  11. Howabusa

    YaOT (Yet another oil thread)

    Who makes 15-50? Ducati?
  12. Howabusa

    Tonik got TWO new ones.

    How sweet! I can see you being a cat person. You are all so adorable!
  13. Howabusa

    No More Excuses

    Well, this isn’t going to happen this year. The one thing that could stop me has happened, no money!
  14. Howabusa

    Need help/recommendations with gear

    He is so sweet...and cute!
  15. Howabusa

    Ride 6-7

    But he is so cute and adorable!