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  1. Howabusa

    Tuesday, Jan 14 Ride

    When I was 13 I bought an almost new Suzuki TS185. I rode that bike all the time for the next 3 years. That bike taught me how to ride dirt and street. I miss riding off road.
  2. Howabusa

    Tuesday, Jan 14 Ride

    Gravel is a mental game. I used to be afraid of it on the FJR. Anymore I just take my time and don’t do anything stupid.
  3. I paid $14.99 for a 8 round mag on eBay a few months ago.
  4. Howabusa

    RIP Ghostrider

    He was a very talented man! Only the good die young.
  5. Howabusa

    RIP Ghostrider

    I have 6 of his books. I discovered Rush in high school, 2112. He rode all over North America. He said in one of his books that whenever he was close to Rushville, Ohio he always rode through it. Been through there so many times, 664 the roller coaster! This is tough one for me.
  6. Howabusa

    From Kent, OH here

    Welcome to the OR circus!
  7. Howabusa

    RIP Ghostrider

    He was one of my heroes! Really loved his books and his drumming! RIP!
  8. Howabusa

    New metal roof

    My son in law finished our new metal roof yesterday. Thanks to State Farm it only cost us $600, for a 50 year roof!
  9. My sister has been living in California for over 30 years, it has fucked her up!
  10. Howabusa

    Pick my tattoo.

    Perfect for Jimmy!
  11. Howabusa


    More sport bike and adventure bike on here. Very few Harleys. Welcome!
  12. Howabusa

    Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Jacket

    Wish it would fit me. It would go with my Joe Rocket pants.
  13. Howabusa

    Dream Bikes

    I used to own my dream bike, my Busa.
  14. Howabusa

    New cat from circleville on a ktm

    Welcome to OR! Sounds like you have a nice dirt bike. I miss riding off road.