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  1. Howabusa

    FJRiders EOM

    In Beckley for night. Almost 400 miles for the day. Tomorrow, back of the dragon and NC 221 out of blowing rock.
  2. Howabusa

    FJRiders EOM

    The list of roads that I want to hit is lengthy! Can’t wait.
  3. Howabusa

    FJRiders EOM

    Not yet. 10/8. This is my birthday present. 5, or6 days on my bike.
  4. Howabusa

    FJRiders EOM

    60th Birthday ride.
  5. Howabusa

    FJRiders EOM

    I need to clean and check front pads on the bike today. Heading out tomorrow morning. Taking a couple of days to ride down to the FJR eastern owners meet in Maggie Valley. Planning on staying there Friday and Saturday nights and leaving Sunday morning to head back. Going to try to hit the usual good roads down there.
  6. Howabusa

    Ride 9/21

    Interesting. I am planning on being in N. Carolina on that date.
  7. Howabusa


    Welcome to OR! I am very jealous of your stable of bikes.
  8. Howabusa

    Check Ya Nuts

    Damn! So sorry to here that! Glad that everything worked out! I would have missed your miserable ass!
  9. Howabusa

    Walmart open carry, Sept 3, 2019

    I had a Harley looking older women open carrying in Wendy’s today. I told her, you are going to catch shit for open carrying. Her response, I don’t care, I refuse to comply!
  10. Howabusa

    My ride 9/12

    I just got home from a 300 mile ride. I took my usual backroad route to Zanesville. I took 146 east to 284 south to 78. 78 to 216 north to 595 south to 278 into Nelsonville. From there I jumped on 33 and took it to Logan for a snack at Wendy’s. Followed 664 south to 374 north and then back to 33 and headed home. It was a hot one, but it was still a nice day on some good roads.
  11. Howabusa

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

  12. Howabusa

    Dragon Trip - 9/12-15 looking for (2) more people

    I may be heading that way, next week. On my FJR.
  13. Howabusa

    Cleveland Air Show

    Nope we didn’t make it. I really wanted to see that F-35.
  14. Howabusa

    Last minute. Why the hell not. Gap trip.

    I agree bag liners make it a lot easier.
  15. Howabusa

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I replaced my rear shock with an OEM shock with 0 miles that I bought from France. Replaced my rear tire with another Bridgestone T31.