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  1. Electrical problem

    Trade you!
  2. Electrical problem

    Don't tempt me! I used to live in Toledo. And I suck at electrical!
  3. Electrical problem

    I might give the FJR and a list of shit that needs done to you in a couple months.
  4. Electrical problem

    I have never soldered anything in my life. The only electrical work that do is crimp or plug. I suck!
  5. Electrical problem

    You suck! Pauly
  6. Electrical problem

    Okay. These ground spiders are known to actually melt. From what I can find there's 6 wires with one being a ground wire. This ground wire is grounding the other 5 circuits. Mine has not melted but there is some scorching inside the plug. I assume that is the ground wire. So that wire's connection is loose. When it quits working I taking the cap off and pull the grounding bar, add some grease and put it together. Fixed. I wonder if the storm that rode through in Kentucky washed the dielectric out. The forum guys say to solder all the wires together and add a wire to run to the negative battery post.
  7. Electrical problem

    Okay, my spider ground issue has now reappeared twice. I have to pull the left side front fairing off and pull the cap off of the spider ground and grease it up with dielectric grease, that solves it temporarily. The corner of the plastic housing has a black spot, so I am assuming that it is somewhat burned. So, how do I fix this problem permanently?
  8. Ride this Saturday 8/12?

    Thanks for today, Ninjadoc. Awesome route. I had a smile on my face the whole day. You are a good rider, you just need to stop doubting yourself! Like I said, I would follow you anytime.
  9. Ride this Saturday 8/12?

    Jusr got home. 376 miles for the day. I followed Ninjadoc for 100 miles, nice route! Good day of riding. Ninjadoc is fast! First time that we ever rode together.
  10. Ride this Saturday 8/12?

    Ninjadoc and myself will be meeting at the Fuel Mart in New Concord at noon, if anyone wants to join us.
  11. Ride this Saturday 8/12?

    Anybody want to ride this coming Saturday, 8/12? I will be out riding, for sure. The wife is spending the day with 2 of her needy grown children.
  12. Overnight Kentucky ride

    I made it home around 2:30 pm. When I got up this morning it had rained over night. Rode in the rain for about an hour and a half. I stayed pretty dry, until I got splashed by cars driving through puddles. Oh well, a day of riding in some rain is better than working!
  13. Barber Museum

    Nice bikes that I can't afford.
  14. bike VFR1200 with hard bags, Helibars, ABS.

    Tony, you sure go through a lot of bikes!
  15. Barber Museum

    I have always wanted to go to Barber and see the motorcycle museum. I am thinking a 4 day trip ought to be enough time. May do this in the next couple of weeks.