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  1. I put the new radiator overflow tank on and the fairing. Went for 160 mile ride, stopping at my mom’s, daughter’s and outback for a bloom.
  2. Howabusa


    Mine is! The overflow tank showed up, today. Riding tomorrow.
  3. Howabusa


    I tried that. I must have got the wrong epoxy. Kept leaking.
  4. Howabusa


    Last Tuesday I took my Wrangler to my mechanic to have the rear axel seals replaced. I went for a ride that day. I had noticed that the radiator overflow tank seemed to be leaking. I pulled the front side panel off and yes the overflow tank was cracked. So, I haven’t had a running vehicle since last Tuesday! Still have the wife’s Focus, but I have to take her to work if I want it. Tired of not having any wheels. The new overflow tank should be here tomorrow and the wrangler should be done.
  5. Sell the white whale, problem solved!
  6. Welcome to OR! Delaware is my hometown, my mom and brother still live there. My previous bike was a 2006 Busa.
  7. Took a 360 mile ride today. Almost hit a still spotted deer fawn on 83 down in AEP rec-land. I ran into the storms in Somerset, there were tornado sirens going off there.
  8. Howabusa

    OMRL 2020

    I have been wanting to check this out, when are the last ones?
  9. Leaving on the 19th. Planning on Camping at the Gap for the 20th, 21st, and 22nd. Coming back on the 23 or 24. I have some roads in mind that want to ride. I like the Idea of being able to stop anywhere and to have everything that I need, with me.
  10. I love riding during the week, no traffic. There is even less with thr Rona virus going on.
  11. We have eaten at Boondocks. I liked it the wife wasn’t impressed.
  12. I put 285 miles on the FJR today. 555 to 676 to 339 to 60 to 83.
  13. Would love to have them, if they fit my FJR. Manufacturer? Model number?
  14. Change in plans. Weather looks better next week and I ordered a new tent that should be here the 14th. Planning on leaving the 17th or 18th. Want to be at the gap on the 22nd for the Fiddie races.
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