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  1. Tried to go for a ride. Bike wouldn’t start, battery was at 12.21 volts. Starts now, after 4 hours on the trickle charger.
  2. I installed saddlebag guards that I got from @Blitz.
  3. It rained most of the night in Robbinsville. Left the hotel at 8 am. It rained pretty steadily until almost Ohio, didn’t see blue sky until I was halfway through Columbus. It is a little less than 500 miles from Robbinsville to our place by 75/71. I did it in 8 hours. I was only off the bike twice. I rode for 4 hours straight before I took a break off the bike. The new Terry’s seat was well worth the money! 1400 miles in 80 hours, not too bad for a 61 year old man.
  4. 927 miles for 3 days. It’s been drizzling on and off all day. The further south the worse the rain was, didn’t make it to Georgia. I did manage to get a nice run on the Skyway and the Dragon. Had to get a new rear tire at Wheeler’s, a Dunlop RS3. Heading towards home tomorrow.
  5. 743 miles for the first 2 days. Rode the Rattler and NC 215. Planning on doing the northern Georgia run tomorrow. At the the San Ran in Robbinsville for the next 2 nights.
  6. 480 miles on the new Terry’s Custom seat today Rode the back of the Dragon. In Johnson City, TN for the night. Going to ride 215-276 loop tomorrow, then head to Robbinsville
  7. Actually some surgeons do and some don’t. With a man it is usually ok. With a woman not so much. Thank you, Jen.
  8. Actually cementing the knee isn’t always done.
  9. Doctor Kovak. Seems like the way to go. He does a lot of knee revisions and works on a lot of professional athletes.
  10. Already did that. That’s how we know that he didn’t cement the joint.
  11. I had a lawyer tell me that unless it was life threatening, not much chance of winning a lawsuit.
  12. A. Sunday B. A wingman would be cool. C. I saw that D. Planning on interstate down to Tazewell, VA on Wednesday and most likely interstate on the way home E. Solo, yep i really am just winging it. I want to ride the back of the dragon, the 215-276 loop, and the northern Georgia run. I don’t have heated gear, so I won’t be leaving early to ride. Thursday or Friday I will probably be getting a new rear tire.
  13. My birthday is Thursday.
  14. Planning on leaving Wednesday morning and heading to the Gap. Weather looks good. I have a few roads that I really want to ride down there. Probably stay around Robbinsville. My back tire only has another 500 to 1000 miles left. Going to just get a new one from Wheeler’s.
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