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  1. Gen 1 FZ1's are at the top of the list as favorite's for me.....made many trips on them..they can be bought cheap now, and are very reliable !!!!!
  2. jnor

    RIP Joe

    Rest In Peace Joe......
  3. Because you can't outrun a radio ?
  4. I've had 3 Versys....they are right at the top of my favorite's list.... Been on many trips on them
  5. Bought a '16 Versys at IP about a month ago...added a 16 tooth sprocket, lighter outlet, heated grips, handguards, aux fuse block, aux lights, Givi easylock bags, spools, gps mount. My favorite Versys so far....Better suspension/handling, little more power down low, less vibes, better windshield and ergo's...long term plan on Givi Trekker Outback side cases...
  6. Welcome !!! Awesome bike !!!!
  7. Good choice.....you won't be disappointed !!!!!
  8. I can only speak for my results, but in over 40 years Aerostich Darien pants have never leaked and i've rode in tons of rain all over the country...No regrets here
  9. My finding is that Aerostich are the only pants that won't leak...Over the years i've had pretty much everything else with Firstgear HT overpants running second. All the rest will eventually leak starting in the crotch which never dries out... That being said I wear shorts under mine in the heat, and unzip the top part of the leg zipper for air, I ride a lot including being in 100+ degree temps out west, and it works great for me.
  10. jnor

    05 FJR For Sale

  11. jnor

    05 FJR For Sale

    OBO......I don't think you can find a better buy on a very good bike
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