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  1. ped

    FS: 03 bandit 1200 PRICE REDUCED: $2000

    Where ya at? Kinda interested...been bikeless for a while now
  2. ped

    Cleaning leathers?

    A washing machine does a fine job. After wash basic equate non-scented lotion for conditioning.
  3. ped

    600 mile service & warranty

    Like everyone said the manual will have a list of what to check, replace, adjust at what service interval. Just follow it to cover your butt. First service is usually an oil change and a check of everything else; chain, cables, some torque specs, pair valve, etc.
  4. ped

    Tire install?

    Its not a coincidence it changed with the rise of schools like MMI. As well the "old school" mechanics not only got out due to stagnant wages but because it got way too hard with the electronics. I know those old schoolers who are supposed to be top notch and theyre shocking uninformed about modern stuff. Motorcycle people love perception. Theres a whole industry around selling an image. Baby boomers and harley...Its one of the most BS marketing industries in the modern world. Its pure adult toy. So along with that they want a certain image of a mechanic and shop. One of the coolest most down to earth guys i seen come in my mostly jap cruiser and powersports shop were iron horsemen. Dudes actually rode their harelys and didnt just try to use us as a defacto detail/customizer shop for their garage queens they whine about endlessly.
  5. ped

    Tire install?

    Conversely - I love the looks i get when i explain to joe cruiser guy bitching about "speed wobble" our team won 6 wera national titles on tires we didnt balance and mounted backward to use the good side of the tread.
  6. ped

    Tire install?

    $29 off bike bought at shop $44.50 if walk in off bike $55/$55 on bike bought at shop - sport bike (reality = 1hr) $89 rear/$55 front- bought at shop for cruiser/bagger (reality - 2.5hr job) shop rate $89hr....flat rate is a joke
  7. ped

    Tire install?

    because once upon a time a tech needed to know carbs, tires and mechanicals that had all been the same for decades. Now they have to know all that plus throttle bodies/fuel injection and all the different generations, makes and brands, a million different points of electrical malfunction, ECU tuning, be an off-road "powersports" expert, do all the dealer training while doing 10 recalls a day across 10 different brands while knowing all about early 80's bikes and answering phone calls about torque specs on an engine some guy is trying to rebuild on his own without a manual while being treated like he's a dumbass or scammer for the tiniest mistake. ....all for 1990 wages.
  8. ped

    2004 R6 race with title

    More pics actual mileage lower as been ran for years without speedo-healer Here's a video of the last lap at a race against newer R6 and 2013 ZX6R http://youtu.be/6THEHEBNiCU?t=8m23s
  9. ped

    2004 R6 race with title

    Update and bump. Shock rebuilt and dyno'd by thermosman with a new spring for 220lb rider (have receipt) forks also rebuilt with OEM seals, bushings, maxima racing fluid New plugs, oil, main rear sprocket. Quickshifter and custom map added. $3450 or trade plus cash for 06+
  10. ped

    2002 GSXR 750 project

    It's worth $1,200 to the right squid
  11. ped

    2004 R6 race with title

    -ohlins tripple clicker with hydraulic preload -forks refreshed and rebuilt with 4 race weekends on them -1.05kg/mm fork springs -good ferodo XRAC race pads, rebuilt calipers, new motul fluid and fren turbo lines -Power commander III usb - +4 ignition advance -GYT-R slip-on -motion pro quick turn throttle -steering damper -New shorai lithium battery -Pirelli supercorsas in fair shape -brand new vortex sprokets -new EK MVXZ chain -some street parts (headlights, mirrors, etc) to convert back to street -safety wired and ready to race Tank is dented from a crash it was in before I bought it. Frame tab at the fairing stay was broken and re-welded in the same crash. It's a solid race bike with the capability of running at the pointy end of novice races. ~30k odo $3,000 (cincinnati)
  12. ped

    Anybody here from Ineos/Innovene in Lima?

    I work for INEOS cincinnati....I dont do LDAR
  13. ped

    Ohlins Shock 06-07 Gsxr 600/750

    make offer....you never know what I might take. Trades considered. Need 2nd R6 shock.
  14. SU647 which is a S46PR1C2LB. Sprung for 180-200lbs. $750 obo http://www.ohlins.com/Our-products-new/Motorcycle/Products/Hypersport/SU-647/
  15. Sweet. Grease your seat and tell me how that goes!