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    What internet do you have?

    What ever my neighbor has
  2. blake1221

    think I might be a cruiser guy....

    Im thinking of starting a MC...
  3. blake1221

    Fun Fact

    Cant wait to hit the cart paths again
  4. blake1221

    Fun Fact

    I heard the same thing. Not sure if its true I will be there opening weekend
  5. blake1221

    Sport Quad Advice

  6. blake1221

    Sport Quad Advice

    I purchased a "gently used" Z400 last year and I love it. That being said if you do plan on buying one, get detaled service history. Z400's are notorious for cheap OEM valves (dont believe me google Z400 wont start) Shortly after I bought it (one ride) it would not start when trying to unload off the truck. After some reasearch and a top end rebuild the thing is a beast! If buying used and the previous owner has had to adjust the valves, I would plan on replacing them soon. I put kibblewhite valves in mine. Parts for the rebuild ran about 5-600 but that included new cam chain, piston and rings as well as the valves. Love the quad but watch out if a used one is hard starting, it will need valves. Cant go wrong with a Honda, but my Z is faster than Max's 400EX
  7. blake1221

    2014 SPRING Epic ride

    I went with stupid 1
  8. blake1221

    4/20 Wayne ride!!!

    Im in
  9. blake1221

    Gun Facts...well, We Think So.

    Have gump read it to you on the beach
  10. blake1221

    2013 Ohio Riders Fantasy Football League

    I might play if its not an auction draft
  11. blake1221

    Donate $10 Or More To My Pelotonia Ride, I

    Done got Carie too
  12. blake1221

    Look What I Found :)

  13. blake1221

    Anyone planning a WNF ride in the near future?

    Work is making me go to cleveland for a bullshit meeting until 6:30 the day before a holiday. So ill be drinking when I get home @ 9:30 pm
  14. blake1221

    Hey Bitches

  15. blake1221

    Hey Bitches

    I gotta work and I think it's going to rain bitch
  16. blake1221

    Anyone planning a WNF ride in the near future?

    Hey Steve PM me if you decide to go Sunday. I might be down for a ride.
  17. blake1221

    Anyone Up For Riding This Weekend?

    If it rains I will prolly ride Wayne. Max is pressuring me to ride street if its not. I think Casper has sand in his vag so he's not going.
  18. blake1221

    Anyone Up For Riding This Weekend?

    I'm planning on riding sat late morning/ early afternoon.
  19. blake1221

    Anyone planning a WNF ride in the near future?

    All poop bags should be burnt on the fire... What are you thinking?
  20. blake1221

    Anyone planning a WNF ride in the near future?

    I am going to the Wayne tomorrow
  21. blake1221

    Kitchen almost done

    Looks good You started on the garage yet?
  22. blake1221

    Holy shit

    how do you know it was a dually? maybe they hit it twice. good luck parking anything on the street in picqua, hope your well insured
  23. blake1221

    What to do with the TL

  24. blake1221

    Chain help wanted

    Wow.... Good Luck