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  1. all the good roads are down here in the south. this for hours....
  2. serpentracer

    something to make you northern guys jealous.

    I will try one. But the 3m mounting tape is removable. Use a old gift card etc. I had the helmet mount on my tank because the suction cup won't work anywhere. I found a nice accessories kit for $20 at microcenter. But so far none of it is of much use. The holder I was using needs to be 3 inches taller. I did mount it on the front of the bike but it gets hit with bugs and ruins the video haha
  3. serpentracer

    something to make you northern guys jealous.

    I don't like it either. I can't seem to find a good spot on this bike. No flat panels anywhere.
  4. serpentracer

    It took the French....

    ehh just god doing what god does to molesters.
  5. serpentracer

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    cant wait to see pics of it laying on it's side getting a rear tire change.
  6. serpentracer

    Anyone invest in precious metals?

    what got me even looking into their value is that story a few months ago about the 1943 copper penny being worth $1.7M. I have a big can of old pennies too. and a bunch of 1943 but you can tell they're not copper but all of my 1942 and 1944 pennies are. strike 2! LOL https://www.foxnews.com/science/holy-grail-found-rare-penny-might-be-worth-1-7m-after-it-was-found-in-boys-lunch-money
  7. serpentracer

    Anyone invest in precious metals?

    I recently inherited a few silver dollar coins from the mid 1800's. having a look at a few websites I have almost worthless coins. their value is $12. but get this, melted down they're worth $24. lol there are a few editions of the same years but with different mint marks that are worth $400-500 and one so rare worth $20k. of course I have the $12 ones haha.
  8. serpentracer

    unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    all I see are republicans like dewine raising gas tax.
  9. serpentracer

    unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    I love $3 gas again. thanks trump
  10. serpentracer

    Anyone invest in precious metals?

    invest in tasty waffles. with lots of maple syrup. honestly though, is investing really worth it to the average person? I mean you literally have to do $20k to make a few hundred a year. you can do a lot of other things to make money faster and in greater amounts.
  11. serpentracer

    Oil pressure light. Help!

    honda wires up stuff really strange from the few I've worked on. the brake light circuit on this 05 rebel my buddy bought is wired through all kinds of shit that doesn't do anything with the brake light. they have some crazy electrical engineers.
  12. serpentracer


    a lot of alpinestar gloves blow out stitching. theyre terrible gloves from what I've seen posted online. save up for held gloves. once you put these on you will know why you spent the money. it's too bad teknic went out of business. they made really nice gloves. I still use a pair from 2005. I have newer gloves but these just wont die. they're roo palms and the tactile feel with them is fantastic.
  13. serpentracer

    How I feel getting ready for the Gap trip

    but what you guys actually look like
  14. serpentracer

    Goodbye OR

    a Vulcan isn't a cool kids motorcycle anyway. so you were never cool. look up lemon party and that's where you fit in
  15. serpentracer

    Absolutely one of the ugliest motorcycles I've ever seen

    requiring a side stand is part of what makes it special.
  16. serpentracer

    Absolutely one of the ugliest motorcycles I've ever seen

    you, sir, have not laid eyes on the train wreck Yamaha Niken
  17. serpentracer

    Who knows how European companies work?

    I didn't really read all the replies and stopped at 20 min interview on the phone for a 6 figure job. yeah, I'd be very leery of that.
  18. serpentracer

    Racers edge Cincinnati Mech

    come to think about it, I believe it could have been a suzuki m109. I remember it was white, long and sat really low. it barely fit on my handy lift. and had a bunch of led lights.
  19. serpentracer

    Racers edge Cincinnati Mech

    I fixed a guy's kawasaki vulcan this past summer he bought at racers edge. and the rear brake rotor was falling off the buttons. i'd say he needs some better employees for sure...don't know how that guy passed this bike and put it up for sale with a dangerous brake rotor. this is the kind of thing that will put you out of business from a lawsuit.
  20. serpentracer


    I told you folks (rd) that you'd go out of business. you guys made it a hassle to buy stuff. sorry to be so blunt. hope you all the best.
  21. serpentracer

    Motorcycle Survey from Ohio State

    boring came to mind. I do like their street fighter concept bike. have to wait for 2020 to see it in action though.
  22. serpentracer

    track birds and rider strike

    1 bird took out 20k worth of stuff. lol
  23. serpentracer

    My wife’s knee replacement

    everyone is different. gotta find what works. Vicodin is all I can take. oxy make me sick. 2 vics and a few beers, I'm high as fuck lol
  24. serpentracer

    Oxford Super Sliderz riding jeans

    I bought a pair from IP also this summer. jeans are hotter than leathers in my opinion. they let all the engine heat through. they are comfortable however they do run very small. I should have tried them on. I would say if you wear a 38 for example they will fit like a 35.5 in the waist. length seems good. but waist is way off.
  25. serpentracer

    unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    Well thanks to you guys everything costs more to buy now. An extra $16 for tires thanks to scotus online sale tax. Leave it to republicans...but arent the dems all about higher taxes...no. Great voting! Imbiciles Last year these tires were no tax and cost $240