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  1. also wanted to add in my experience with the ST pads are 1. they warm up very quickly. 2. they definitely work as well wet as they do dry. 3. strong initial bite that doesn't stop all the way through to the complete stop. I don't know how you'd word that. but the grip didn't fade in or out. it was the same all the way through. 4. they're considered a track day/street pad. they may require more heat than a standard brake pad.
  2. if you didn't like the ST you probably didn't clean your rotors to remove the other pad materials. this is a big mistake a lot of people make switching pad compounds and brands. if you don't have a rotor hone then try using a red scuff pad from 3M. get a few at a autobody paint supply store. if you don't get all the other pad materials off the rotor you're just smearing it around with the new pads. they will never bed in properly and never give you all the potential they offer. ive had them on my bikes for years and love em. I have also tried EBC HH pads and they worked just as good. I tried some Galfer sintered pads and I think the owner didn't clean the rotors enough. they felt wooden. I know they should have way more bite. https://braketech.com/rotor-hone-user-inst-2/#
  3. that has never applied to a motorcycle.
  4. serpentracer

    Brake free

    I don't see what makes it fit every helmet on the market. is if soft and flexible? there's a million different helmet shapes. it doesn't even ask you what brand or make the helmet is.
  5. It's a real bill. He isn't the only channel on YouTube discussing it. The lady that wrote the bill has no co sponsors. And has been on tv talking about just complete fabricated nonsense about guns in general. He has no idea what she was talking about.
  6. your info is going to be posted online for everyone to see.
  7. no one at this riot will be on a government watch list you bet your ass on it.
  8. that's the ok for me but not for thee mindset.... I'm not defending anyone at the captiol protest. but it was mostly peaceful. the left had terrorized cities all summer and they were encouraged to keep doing it by the government on the left. but now that one shows up on their turf they call in the army. but these are allowed to keep happening with impunity,
  9. we have allowed communism to have control of our government. this is a disgusting time in our history. biden is a tyrannical nightmare.
  10. oh and if you guys didn't know, apparently the sharonville convention center has a gun show every month.
  11. well I know, my taurus G3 is the same way. but it also has a real lever safety.
  12. I have a G3. Can't find one legitimate negative review on youtube . One guy tried by manipulating the slide and safety at the same time to make it appear the safety is on but it still shoots. To me that's not a design or gun flaw. His argument was moot because he owns a glock. They do not have a safety. But he was all about the safety of the Taurus🤡
  13. It's short for sarsilmaz. It seems like a nice gun. Comes in a nice case with cleaning tools etc like a glock.
  14. Local taxes not included. I was shocked at the tax rate where I moved to. Needless to say, I will be moving in 4 years. Just nee to build equity and I'm out of here
  15. frigging Cletus Mcfarland on youtube put a big ass turbo on a stock junk yard LS from a tahoe and the thing made like 800hp lol the LS motors are well designed.
  16. still not interested in sending it back. I bought a new bolt carrier and checked the head space. a new pin was $3. it shoots just fine. chalk it up to bad luck on my part and never buy another Ruger. it should have never made it out of the factory. they're not checking the parts. if they didn't catch this then they're not even checking the build of the gun. pretty dangerous of them.
  17. did anyone on here come down to cincy today? just wondering if these shows are worth the admission price. since you can't even get deals at flea markets anymore. although some guy was going to sell me a sar 9 pistol for $325. I should have done it. thing fit my hand like nothing else.
  18. what do you all pay to renew your stickers? I didn't register my bike last year because I moved into a new house and all the covid crap etc. I got told my motorcycle was going to be $81 to renew my tags. WTF is going on? then they gave me a god damn printed sheet of paper as a drivers license. has ohio been taken over by special ed?
  19. just wanted to let you guys know, I became more of a trump supporter. especially in 2020. and I actually voted for him. what can I say, Biden has always been a piece of shit. 47 years of failed policies.
  20. About a week ago I bought a new Ruger 556. After about 2 mags through it I noticed when I cleared the the last round to pack up at the outdoor range the bcg was very stiff when I pulled it back. Then the bcg went forward but didn't close completely. It became jammed. So I had to force it closed with the forward assist so I could open the upper from the lower. So we had to use a soft rod and mallet to get the bcg out of the upper. Once out we also had to do the same thing to get the bolt out of the carrier. Found one of the gas rings was half way out of the land in the bolt. Seems kind of odd and chalked it up to a bad ring or someone rushed putting it together. Shit happens right? Anyway, found a local store that has 1pc rings. Put it in and everything seemed normal. Went back to the range the next day without any hiccups. Later that day I took the gun apart to inspect it some more. Here's where it gets interesting. The first thing I see is the buffer spring retainer pin is cut in half. So I inspect the bcg. The grove in its bottom is cut way off to the 7 I clock side instead of 6 o'clock. Whoever made this for ruger has shitty quality control and so does Ruger. Also found out ruger has no warranty. Buyers beware. Ruger doesn't warranty their guns. I have reached out to them and they want me to call them. I'm just waiting till my vacation is over. I already put a stag arms nickel boron bcg in it. The rest of the gun seems fine. I can't believe they're not inspecting the bcg on an AR. This is the engine of this gun. I really don't want to send the whole gun back to them. Hopefully they'll see these pictures and just let me send them the old bcg and send me a replacement.
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