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    fasteners, lock washers are bad.

    I tried to safety wire my front sprocket nut and it came off. Safety wire isn't that safe. Yamaha had a recall because of the nut backing off on the 2nd gen R6. They wanted mechanics to use a splined washer that you bend over the nut. Along with retaining compound. which is for thread less assemblies. That shit doesn't come off without a press or puller.
  2. serpentracer

    Power Commander/Juice Box maps

    I'm going one step more and suggest a auto tune with the power commander. You can skip the Dyno tune. Race teams don't take a Dyno with them to tracks. They use auto tune systems
  3. serpentracer

    2019 Gap trip bike cleaning poll

    just stop by wheelers and clean your shit there. just buy something from the guy tight asses.
  4. serpentracer

    Ok who was this

    sorry I have no fing clue who you guys are. anyway that bmw is impressive
  5. serpentracer

    Ok who was this

    i'm impressed by your bmw. i'd never think those could go through the gap that well. the tc was working overtime though lol. that's about as fast I can go through there on my R6 but no traction control at all on those.
  6. serpentracer

    products used for detailing

    since you all got the last thread closed about washing your bikes I had to make this one. that thread got me thinking. so i decided to try a few things from the store. been watching some of the videos on all the latest "ceramic" waxes available. So I headed down to wallyworld and bought the Meguiar's hybrid ceramic wax. just get to the point, it sucks. and I want my money back lol I have a 2015 R1 that has 7k miles on it. it lives in a garage. I washed and clay bared the bike and the wax wouldn't even barely bead water. and that's what this stuff is supposed to be very good at. some spots wouldn't even bead water at all. save your money folks. it's garbage. so while at wallyworld I also seen a motorcycle polish and a motorcycle detailer made by DuPont. the polish has teflon to repel dirt. I have not got a chance to test this out. however after my sunday ride it did clean all the bugs off the painted parts and the plastic parts with no hard rubbing. I did my rims with it too just to see if it repels dirt. my rear rim is always dirty as fuck after a 150 mile ride. it did also bring off the chain lube on the bike and rim with ease. and leaves the black plastic parts showroom new looking. it doesn't streak on the painted parts nor the clear windscreen. the price was almost $6 a can and is a 12oz can. so not real cheap. but I'm very happy with how clean and dark it leaves the plastics and frame parts. I have not used the Matte detailer yet. I'll continue the reviews after I ride the bike and clean it again with the detailer. here is the results of the meguiars here are the DuPont products I'm currently testing. very happy with the showroom polish so far.
  7. serpentracer

    products used for detailing

    so the turtle wax ice seal n shine is NOT a "ceramic" wax. it's just a synthetic and carnauba wax mix. I did go ahead and use some even though I put 2 layers of the 3m car show wax on it. I didn't feel like washing the bike etc to get it off before I used it. it's a clear liquid and it doesn't leave anything on black plastic trim etc. or glass or the windscreen. so it's easy to use. and if it works like it does for the guy on youtube that couldn't wash it off with acid wheel cleaner it's worth 3 times more than it's $7 price tag.
  8. serpentracer

    products used for detailing

    I also seen a few of those YouTube videos. There's a guy that goes by pan the organizer. He did a video featuring 3 brands ceramic wax. turtle was ice vs Meguiars ceramic vs mother's cmx. Then he used harsh cleaners to see which wax came off easiest. The Meguiars came off with the first cleaner. A basic cleaner. Mother's came off a little bit that first time. Then he moved on to even stronger cleaner. Meguiars and mother's were both gone. Then he moved onto acid wheel cleaner. The turtle wax was still working. Clearly turtle wax is far superior to both and is $7 vs $15 for Meguiars and $21 for mother's. I'm going to get some today
  9. serpentracer

    products used for detailing

    I've tried the bike spirits polish before. The Dupont works better on the plastics. The Dupont leaves them more wet looking. The bike spirits just cleans but looks dry. It's like cleaning your dash in the car vs cleaning the dash and having armor all on it. It's not a greasy wet look. More of a sheen. They work about the same on paint.
  10. serpentracer

    woolich racing

    woolich racing is a company that makes flashing kits for your ecu. much like FTECU. I bought $1253 worth of it. I have the onboard flash cable, logging device, quickshifter with autoblipper, and the zietronix wideband O2 sensor setup for auto tuning. basically everything they offer for the R1 except the pit lane limiter button for the handle bar. I don't have a problem with their system as it works as intended even though it has a few quirks. I do have a problem with how they don't tell you if you don't flash your bike often (every 3 months) they deactivate your account and you have to open a support ticket and wait days for someone to re-activate it. I spent a lot of money on this system, I should be able to use it whenever I feel like it. it's as if my purchase is always being held hostage. what happens if WR goes out of business and my account is dead? I means I can't log into the software and I own $1253 worth of paper weights. there is only 1 guy responding to help tickets apparently. he is a nice guy and all but the company's policy is complete bullshit. I don't feel this is legal in any way so I sent a complaint to the Ohio AG. we will see how it goes. so if you're looking at buying one of these systems just beware that this is how woolich racing conducts business after your purchase, you don't technically own it. I would only recommend FTECU instead after having to deal with this. if there is any of you guys with issues with FTECU or Woolich please share. I'm not purchasing systems from companies with this kind of policy ever again.
  11. serpentracer

    woolich racing

    ok so woolich returned my pc count back to 0 after I explained what I did and why. but they never responded to my questions as to why does it lock me out after a set amount of time etc. i've read the terms of use and nowhere does it say I will be automatically kicked off the system after a period of time of non use. oh well, they will have to respond to the offices of Dave Yost lol.
  12. serpentracer

    products used for detailing

    as you can see the silver part on my lower fairing. I don't know if it's considered a matte finish or just textured. it's relatively smooth to the touch. not like some of the matte stuff I've seen before. like on helmets. but the polish works good on it.
  13. serpentracer

    products used for detailing

    I like the makita 6" sander myself. leaves no streaks!
  14. serpentracer

    Insurance carrier

    I have progressive. totalled a car by hitting it with my bike and they lowered my rate $10 lol. not even joking. happened in 2005.
  15. serpentracer

    woolich racing

    this is starting to appear that I have possibly caused all this mayhem unknowingly by changing my SSD drive and re-installing windows. It looks like they keep track of the pc via the computer name. I changed it just for experimentation and viola, kick out again.
  16. serpentracer

    Lettuce discuss washing

    after seeing a youtube video about xpel ceramic coating I kind of want to get it done to my bike. mainly down at the front fairing behind the front wheel. it gets beat up by rocks a lot. they apply a paint protection film to the bodywork then a ceramic coating on top of it. watch it repel mud and self heal scratches,
  17. serpentracer

    N word usage.

    I had a joke but thought better of it...
  18. serpentracer


    owner, he just wanted to say hi. I'm not paying for your bike. you crashed it not me.
  19. serpentracer

    woolich racing

    If anything I would like to see a law requiring this stuff to be in with the product description and not 7 pages of legal mumbo-jumbo that only comes up after you've paid for it.
  20. serpentracer

    Exhaust backpressure

    btw, you can use an autotuner and it will do the calculations for the tune based on your header dimensions.
  21. serpentracer

    Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    trying the atkins thing. started monday 5/20 already down 6lbs by this morning 5/25. and no real exercise. I think if I did some like i should It may be 10lbs. but 6lbs in a week eating bacon, eggs, cheese, steaks, pork chops, tuna, a little bit of leafy greens only, hamburgers without the bun, etc is way fucking harder than it sounds lol I'm honestly surprised I don't feel bad by now. yesterday I stopped at kroger and seen they sell atkins shakes that have 6g of carbs and snacks like brownies! lol it helps because giving up sweets (even foods like carrots) have too many carbs isn't as easy as I thought it would be. hell you can't even have peanuts etc for the first 2 weeks. I need to honestly shed close to 100 lbs. I weighed 140lbs when I was 23. 20 years later Im 249. I can't stand it anymore. I have a $1000 race suit I can't fit in lol
  22. serpentracer

    Nelson-Rigg | Falcon Defender 2000 Motorcycle Cover

    I still have and use a Nelson-Rigg cover I bought in 2003. however it's only used for the track or if I am painting in the garage I park the bike in the driveway and cover it so it doesn't get overspray. but I have used it probably 80 times. and I did leave it on my R6 when I first bought the cover for about 3 months outside.
  23. serpentracer

    "Not a bike, but dang I want one" thread

    sounds like their waverunner engines. some of them come supercharged. bike engines dont have shit on those things. rated at 250hp
  24. serpentracer

    RainX for plastics

    Looks like rainX developed a plastic version for helmets etc. Anyone try it yet? I'm hesitant to try it on a $70 shoei shield. Need more reviews lol https://www.rainx.com/product/plastic-water-repellent/rain-x-plastic-water-repellent/#.XNvsircpA0M
  25. serpentracer

    Weird Engine Break-in Protocol

    In my opinion it's better safe than sorry. I broke my R6 in per the manual. When I sold it with 50k street miles and maybe 400 track miles on the engine the thing was still pulling hard and didn't use any oil. Not an oz of oil. Didn't smoke, didn't make noises. That was in 2014. The person that bought it is still riding it with over 70k miles