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  1. serpentracer

    600 mile service & warranty

    Guy decided to ride it for the summer and bring it back in the fall. Right away the kawasaki tech on the phone i was calling about the situation told me to submit a warrany claim. Im sure it will be a new head only. The owner wasnt even upset over it. Its not a major leak. It weeps out of a spot in the exhaust opening. And its not the valve cover leaking in the spark plug holes. So the tech said its a defective casting.
  2. serpentracer

    600 mile service & warranty

    Poor guy brought us his 557 mile kawasaki z900 bought 4/20 for its 1st service noting an oil leak. Oil leak is litterally coming out of a crack in the head.
  3. serpentracer

    Lets discuss oil filters...

    Started working at a shop that promotes their use. They didnt like me showing them all these pictures and racing org bans
  4. serpentracer

    Had my H2 SX SE Flashed and Tuned yesterday. 4

    your bike has an autoblipper too? the r1 just started coming with them. mine didn't have it. that was one of the many reasons I bought the kit. plus unlike FTECU you can use the software without internet connection. FTECU is a pain in the ass with that. anthony from woolich is the man. he was helping me at 9pm on a sat. I didn't necessarily need his help at that time. I was glad to wait till monday. but he still did it.
  5. serpentracer

    Lets discuss oil filters...

    oem. good enough for the M1 good enough for my bike. hiflow filtro is actually one of the best motorcycle specific filters on the market. first to pass the tuv tests.
  6. serpentracer

    Had my H2 SX SE Flashed and Tuned yesterday. 4

    thumbs up. I have woolich racing flash kit on my laptop. I used their autotune and it made the bike feel very good. wanted to get on a dyno but the local shop sold it. damn. i did have the autoblipper sensor fail. got a new one under warranty. a little worried about them now. also make sure the traction control is off on new bikes with it. it will back off the power if it thinks the wheel is spinning.
  7. serpentracer

    Thinking about ordering these - what do you think?

    Galespeed makes high end brake levers like brembo. Yamaha sells their stuff on their parts site. Kind of like gills tooling. The rims should be high quality
  8. serpentracer

    Another BAD's Moving Sale

    that's why I wouldn't buy his washer. I'm sure it's had some jack off socks in it
  9. serpentracer

    Helmet Purchase - Best Bang for Your Buck

    no you can't replace the foam. but shoei and arai warranty a helmet for 7 years of the build date. 5 from date of purchase. a rep from arai told a magazine several years ago an arai can be used for 10 years without worry. I would assume a shoei can too. along with most high end helmets. you know why the foam is painted black? so you can tell if it's been used to absorb an impact.
  10. serpentracer

    Looking to buy a bike

    ignore the stock part, focus on the 1000 mile bike vs 18k for another $500. at 1k it's barely broken in. it's a no brainer....the white one!
  11. serpentracer

    Wheel sizing advice

    those are probably custom rims and that looks like a rear tire on the front. they're never that big. if this is something you are looking into doing you're not going to find parts ready to install. guys often have to make their own stuff. if you can't weld and work with metal, making a custom bike will require you to hire a custom bike builder.
  12. serpentracer

    Helmet Purchase - Best Bang for Your Buck

    I can't recall what I paid for my RF1200 but I bought it at cycle specialties and it was cheaper than any online retailer offered it. the one great thing about shoei is, you can replace almost all the parts on/in the helmet. you can buy a new liner every year if you sweat a lot. they also have free helmet inspection if you are worried about it's integrity. http://www.store.shoei-helmets.com/parts-by-helmet-model/road/rf-1200.html
  13. serpentracer

    unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    http://www.businessinsider.com/stores-closing-in-2018-2017-12 a big thanks trump, https://www.cheatsheet.com/money-career/these-companies-started-firing-employees-right-after-getting-tax-cuts-from-trump.html/?a=viewall
  14. serpentracer

    unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    gas in cincy hit $2.89 today. thanks trump! way better than paying that $2.35 before you became dictator.
  15. serpentracer

    Considering a job opportunity

    Easy lol. She thought that too and whines about how much work it is. But 2 other guys are doing the work of 4 and the office work. No need to work sat. No glass shop works sat. Her nor her husband can read a tape measure. Still dont understand what low e coating is. Still dont know the names of window parts.