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  1. that has never applied to a motorcycle.
  2. serpentracer

    Brake free

    I don't see what makes it fit every helmet on the market. is if soft and flexible? there's a million different helmet shapes. it doesn't even ask you what brand or make the helmet is.
  3. It's a real bill. He isn't the only channel on YouTube discussing it. The lady that wrote the bill has no co sponsors. And has been on tv talking about just complete fabricated nonsense about guns in general. He has no idea what she was talking about.
  4. your info is going to be posted online for everyone to see.
  5. no one at this riot will be on a government watch list you bet your ass on it.
  6. that's the ok for me but not for thee mindset.... I'm not defending anyone at the captiol protest. but it was mostly peaceful. the left had terrorized cities all summer and they were encouraged to keep doing it by the government on the left. but now that one shows up on their turf they call in the army. but these are allowed to keep happening with impunity,
  7. we have allowed communism to have control of our government. this is a disgusting time in our history. biden is a tyrannical nightmare.
  8. oh and if you guys didn't know, apparently the sharonville convention center has a gun show every month.
  9. well I know, my taurus G3 is the same way. but it also has a real lever safety.
  10. I have a G3. Can't find one legitimate negative review on youtube . One guy tried by manipulating the slide and safety at the same time to make it appear the safety is on but it still shoots. To me that's not a design or gun flaw. His argument was moot because he owns a glock. They do not have a safety. But he was all about the safety of the Taurus🤡
  11. It's short for sarsilmaz. It seems like a nice gun. Comes in a nice case with cleaning tools etc like a glock.
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