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  1. serpentracer

    Cat Shits Message of Love

    Odd. Cats usually behave like this
  2. serpentracer

    Viro brake disk lock

    Don't do it
  3. serpentracer

    No upshifts

    a misadjusted clutch lever can cause shifting problems once the engine is warm. here is what yamaha has to say about this,
  4. serpentracer

    2020 Ford Mustang shelby GT500

  5. serpentracer

    2020 Ford Mustang shelby GT500

    who the fuck doesn't like this thing...I've never owned a ford but damn i'd own this.
  6. serpentracer

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    fuck you guys, I liked being an outlaw ear plug wearer. don't take that from me.
  7. serpentracer

    Best Moto GP video I've ever seen

    imma gut you like a fish.
  8. still don't see why there is a seatbelt law but no helmet law in ohio. seems arbitrary like speed limits.
  9. serpentracer

    Weird One: Shop for Model A Tire Mounting?

    looks like a cruiser tire and rim to me lol. should be able to mount that thing at any motorcycle shop.
  10. serpentracer

    fasteners, lock washers are bad.

    I tried to safety wire my front sprocket nut and it came off. Safety wire isn't that safe. Yamaha had a recall because of the nut backing off on the 2nd gen R6. They wanted mechanics to use a splined washer that you bend over the nut. Along with retaining compound. which is for thread less assemblies. That shit doesn't come off without a press or puller.
  11. serpentracer

    Power Commander/Juice Box maps

    I'm going one step more and suggest a auto tune with the power commander. You can skip the Dyno tune. Race teams don't take a Dyno with them to tracks. They use auto tune systems
  12. serpentracer

    2019 Gap trip bike cleaning poll

    just stop by wheelers and clean your shit there. just buy something from the guy tight asses.
  13. serpentracer

    Ok who was this

    sorry I have no fing clue who you guys are. anyway that bmw is impressive
  14. serpentracer

    Ok who was this

    i'm impressed by your bmw. i'd never think those could go through the gap that well. the tc was working overtime though lol. that's about as fast I can go through there on my R6 but no traction control at all on those.
  15. serpentracer

    products used for detailing

    so the turtle wax ice seal n shine is NOT a "ceramic" wax. it's just a synthetic and carnauba wax mix. I did go ahead and use some even though I put 2 layers of the 3m car show wax on it. I didn't feel like washing the bike etc to get it off before I used it. it's a clear liquid and it doesn't leave anything on black plastic trim etc. or glass or the windscreen. so it's easy to use. and if it works like it does for the guy on youtube that couldn't wash it off with acid wheel cleaner it's worth 3 times more than it's $7 price tag.