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  1. Chain 2 choices Not DID

    I wanted to try that master link but stg didnt have one in stock at the time. maybe next time. I hate fussing with a chain tool
  2. Chain 2 choices Not DID

    hope you go with at least a 525. that chain in a 520 might be too weak to make it more than a few thousand miles. if you need a chain tool buy a motion pro PBR. cut the rivet heads off at least. I've seen guys break chains without doing it but you do risk breaking the pins.
  3. NEO custom ECU Tuners?

    Damn. Woolich only takes 2 mins to erase and write to the ecu. you could check with Brocks performance in dayton. They do dyno tuning and have a good rep.
  4. what type of snake that just ate in my garage

    would help if you didn't use a toaster to take pictures
  5. FZ6 Pointers

    the FZ6 was a good reliable bike. and surprisingly not too bad on a track with some suspension tuning. this is ped a member here at mid-ohio on his 2006 FZ6.
  6. Chain 2 choices Not DID

    My stock chain was DID and it was shot before 5k miles. I installed a RK Max x chain and it literally lasted 50 miles. Too weak for the R1. I went with another EK MVXZ after having good luck with them in the past. And now they make one of the stongest lightest chain on the market. The 3D chain. Too expensive for my blood. I tried to return the rk chain under warranty but they will not respond to me. So no more RK products for me
  7. Smoke detectors can't live with them...

    Mine wouldnt stop chirping with new batteries.
  8. Smoke detectors can't live with them...

    Mine are first alert and they too are all fucked up. I threw them away. Fuck it
  9. Nicky Hayden Bicycle Accident

    im sure roadracing world and wsbk would take the time to confirm things before they post them.
  10. Nicky Hayden Bicycle Accident

    didn't see this posted anywhere on the forum. read the link in the story. (italian news site) you'll need google translate etc to read it. but it's not sounding too good for him. he has serious brain damage they're saying. prayers to nicky and his family.
  11. Euro 4 bikes coming to america?

    so if you guys haven't heard all motorcycles sold in europe has to meet a pretty strict set of emissions standards coming. some are applied to bikes starting in 2017. the new GSXR has them, and a few others. so far Yamaha has had to remove it's awesome onboard diagnostics on the R1 that I know of. the 17 owners are upset that if you remove anything emissions related the check engine light comes on and you can't turn it off. (like installing smog block off plates) and you have to have the dealer read the code. no more users turning things off or reading their own codes and troubleshooting issues from the service manual. bikes will start off being ODB1 compliant then move to being ODBII compliant . that's right, it's the same system in use in cars/trucks etc. so no more codes that tell you exactly what the problem is on a yamaha for example. nope, thanks to some dick politicians in europe we have to deal with bikes that have very vague codes that never pinpoint an issue just like a car has. say goodbye to aftermarket exhaust too I guess...
  12. need to find a yamaha master tech

    I appreciate the helpful advice kenny but no one but me is touching this bike ever again. I dont care if its the head guy at graves yamaha racing.
  13. Hindle slip on

    From the album my new ride

  14. need to find a yamaha master tech

    I ended up finding an oil leak this winter while installing a new exhaust. it's an oil pipe from the oil cooler going into the block. cheap fix part is less than $2 (o-ring) however the headers will need to come off and so will the oil cooler which is a radiator on it's own below the coolant radiator. to say I'm annoyed at cycle specialties in fairfield is an understatement. now I know it's been a year and all but I barely got to ride last summer due to working so much overtime. I think I only put about 800 miles on it. it still doesn't have 5k on it total. this is totally the fault of the recall and sloppy work to get it done faster.
  15. 2 factor authentication

    I'm not an IT person but from what I know it's another layer of protection to log into sites. instead of just using your id and password which is easily stolen these days it would send you a text on your phone with a confirmation code you would enter into the site. some sites use pictures that you choose. this will guarantee that you are using the authentic website too. my credit union does this. google for example sends you a text with a code. I use lastpass password manger and it sends me a code on my phone through their authentication app. my old job at a repo company did this to log into the server that the banks and repo companies use to access all of the data for a vehicle they're looking for. btw, you'd be really creeped out by all the data a bank knows about you when they want that car back. for example they know your relatives and anyone that lives in the same house as you, job hours names phone numbers addresses ss numbers etc.