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  1. New bike ordered yesterday

    Never buy the first year model
  2. JakeWilson is now RidersDomain

    The motorcycle industry is dying. No surprise companies are pulling the plug on some of their bikes. Trumph has discontinued the daytona 675. Honda the 600 rr.
  3. JakeWilson is now RidersDomain

    im surprised Mcycle superstore is still in business. Their website is garbage for looking up parts. Another site that im surprised is still in business is riders discount. 0 organization of parts. And they want you to call to order shit.. lol. Just a matter if time before they fold up
  4. Smoker's Get In Here

    Just bought a traeger timberline 1300 food is amazing. And being able to control it from my phone is awesome. If you dont have one of these youre not cooking right http://www.traegergrills.com/shop/grills/timberline-series/timberline-1300/TFB01WLB.html
  5. I have to admit its a decent looking bike.
  6. Anybody use the new "cheap" TIG welders?

    The eastwood welders seem nice. They have a lot of videos on youtube showcasing their welders and using them in how to's. If I could get a miller for the same price or slightly more id get the miller. Btw, i love millers welding shirt with the leather arms. And their gloves. They fit so good it improved my welding
  7. Tuned or turbo’d civics...

    The optima does has good low end torque too. 269 i believe
  8. Tuned or turbo’d civics...

    forgot to mention it's a 2013 the 4cyl turbo has 275hp. more than her old Z28 lol
  9. Tuned or turbo’d civics...

    Dont knock a kia. My mom has an optima turbo 4cyl. Can surprise you with how good it pulls. I actually find it to be a well made car that drives great. The seats feel great to me. they are leather and heated. Id prefer cooled seats in the summer though. Why i stick to cloth.
  10. Tuned or turbo’d civics...

    Not bad considering my R1 averages 28 mpg
  11. Dem ad has truck chasing down kids

    that's a nice video said ray charles
  12. Weather App poll

    I don't want to know about lost grampa in a white buick lic plate 3MTA3
  13. WD-40...on tires!

    You can mix it with water and put it in a spray bottle. Mine came with a spray bottle
  14. WD-40...on tires!

    The catchall phrase “Stoddard Solvent” is no longer adequate to tell the proper story. WD-40® does indeed have 50% mineral spirits, but they are refined and purified for specific characteristics needed to meet today’s performance, regulator https://wd40.com/cool-stuff/myths-legends-fun-facts
  15. WD-40...on tires!

    No its mineral spirits. Have a wif of both. Real tire lube actually works better too.