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  1. Equifux

    me and my brother have been talking about this. He brought up a pretty good point that maybe because we don't really understand it or it's just something everyone is over looking. that is you are giving out this info yourself on a regular basis. think about all the forms you've filled out that needs your SS, drivers license number, current and previous addresses and so on. when you apply for a job they want all of this. the bike dealership has all this info if you applied for a loan, the DMV has all of this info, schools have all of this info, ever rent an apartment? that landlord has all this info...and so on. maybe this is actually being blown out of proportion? if thieves want the info they really don't need to hack anything to get it. it's easily available to just about anyone. maybe it's time to outlaw all these places wanting this info in the first place!
  2. Equifux

    after getting the report, there is nothing on it. it was a question they had to freeze my credit. maybe it was just a trick question. but I started to panic for sure. apparently 90% of everything I've ever purchased has used transunion. all 3 companies do not have anything on them. so I'm ok for now i guess. all 3 have been frozen.
  3. Equifux

    also experian or equifax will allow me to view my free annual credit reports.
  4. Equifux

    I also love how you can't get ahold of equifux to freeze your credit with them. nice... and experian is showing I opened a car loan in march of 2016. I surely did not. this is not showing on free credit report results.
  5. Equifux

    don't enter any kind of info to their site (real info) and do not sign up to their protection. you forfit your rights to sue them once you agree to their terms and conditions. they're telling people all over the news to be aware of their clause. so far experts are telling people to freeze your credit and keep checking your bank accounts daily. all 3 of them do charge you to do freeze your credit though.
  6. Construction bubbies, got a question.

    Damn. Never heard of that. We used to have safety meetings at work and one of them was about building materials with asbestos. Old siding that resembles a pressed wood product has asbestos too. We were not allowed to cut, drill or remove it. I had to take the lead safe renovator classes at the university of cincinnati and the whole lead paint stuff is blown out of proportion. Its only dangerous to children under 5. To clean the jobsite they said to use swiffers lol
  7. Paint - Color Rite to PPG

    this is a lost cause. yamaha doesn't give this code out. I've asked dupont, basf, and ppg. a body shop would just trial and error the color match. for example, http://www.refinish.basf.us/colortools_about
  8. Construction bubbies, got a question.

    umm NO. it's just plaster.
  9. 2014 Impala

    consumer reports did a list of the most over priced vehicles on the market. ford F250, 2 models of dodge rams, and the gmc sierra 2500 made the top of the list. there is no reason a pickup truck is going for $50K+ new. these things should be starting around $20k ending around $26k. in my opinion a 4x4 truck is a waste of money. youre not supposed to drive it above 55 for long periods. so useless to get to work on the 1 day a month you might need it. I think a lot of people think a 4x4 is the same as an all wheel drive
  10. 2014 Impala

    heard gm is already thinking of pulling the plug on these. they couldn't even get police to buy them https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2017/07/22/report-gm-may-kill-chevy-volt-sonic-and-four-other-cars/501798001/
  11. OR check this out!!

    looks like it's had a lot of probing
  12. Has anyone lived in TN?

    except if you buy a motorcycle or car it is based where you live right? and registration on your vehicles goes by the value of the vehicle. in the long run you end up paying more if you have a few cars/bikes etc than paying income taxes. my mom lived in TN for about 10 years. this kind of thing makes ohio and tn come out even on that. everything else is about the same if you can deal with that accent lol. btw, stay away from getting in with locals. they're usually all backstabbers.
  13. Light bulb at worlds fair.
  14. JT sprockets: Thoughts? Any good

    I think theyre bigger in the offroad world. Funny how some brands that are huge in offroad struggle to get anywhere in the onroad world. FMF is like the akrapovic of the dirtbike exhaust but they didnt sell many onroad exhausts.
  15. Chain 2 choices Not DID

    I wanted to try that master link but stg didnt have one in stock at the time. maybe next time. I hate fussing with a chain tool