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  1. you guys know what tickles my taint? knowing if trump and pence get covid19 nancy pelosi becomes president. keep on not wearing those masks 🤣
  2. for some reason I had to take mine apart and plug the HD back in. the serial cable wasn't connected all the way on the motherboard. but now it's working. qc issue. I'm just glad I don't have to take it back because I just got done installing the damn cameras all day.
  3. also, it doesn't mention anything in the manual what happens if the HDD fills up. doesn't say if it just records over it or if it stops working until you back up the drive or something.
  4. they are not. I wanted wireless but the kits were several hundreds more. the other more expensive WD system has more features like field of view zone motion detection and trip wire. mine is basic motion detection. some complain it's too sensitive. I noticed it detected movement if the camera moved from me walking across the floor behind the camera. so it may over notify you on your phone and annoy the hell out of you. maybe using an alarm system notification would be better.
  5. went and bought this because it's so cheap right now. since I seemed to have moved into a shady fucking neighborhood. but this thing is very nice for the price. doesn't need internet to work like it makes you think from the ad. 2 usb ports for external drives or mouse. never tried a keyboard yet. but if you want to monitor anything from your phone when you're away it needs internet. it has very clear video and yes, 1080p definition. low light colors are very good and has superb night vision. I tested it in a dark closet. video looked like daylight. https://www.microcenter.com/product/603002/wd-readyview-surveillance-system
  6. plus they will help watch my house and garage if we are friends. yeah, they're very ignorant but that's the times in which we live.
  7. yeah I'm usually the type to blow up over this sort of stuff. but when you have to be neighbors with someone it's kind of a delicate situation. I think the other guys are right. you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
  8. you don't know how bad I wanted that. wasn't finding anything around me that I could afford and not drive 60 mins or more to work. I work in mason ohio. richie rich. average home starts in the $400's so I had to look at surrounding areas. long story but I needed to move asap because the new owner of the townhome I was renting was going to raise the rent to $1000 from $800. I knew they were going to be a pain in the ass to rent from. and everything I looked at was gone in 2-3 days of being listed. I shouldn't have listened to my realtor on a house like this one but much better neighborhood. He said the house went into a bidding war. and I shouldn't bother as the sale price would more than likely go more than my loan amount. but it didn't. it sold for what I paid for this one. it was a much better neighborhood. but a longer drive. so far I've made friends with the neighbors. so getting this resolved shouldn't be an issue. I just havent brought it up again. they have been out back all day with the kids and playing with my dog etc. in due time. thanks for the advise Oriders.. cool heads always prevail.
  9. I make a point to tell his wife that.
  10. maybe this has been posted. but the best song tool has made in a long time. supposedly this is some really hard to play drumming. everyone is making videos about it.
  11. next month lol. the damn real estate market was so damn hot you had no time to sit and investigate anything. I should have trusted my gut and passed on this one. live and learn. maybe I'll stay for about 5 years and move on. I'm not going to update anything. thanks for all the advice so far. I decided to play it cool and talk to them again. maybe we can fill it in with concrete. he pays for it he can use my driveway but if not Ill have no choice but to bill him for a landscaper to fix it and no more using the driveway. it just chaps my ass. I'd rather throat punch him. btw, a R1 with a Hindle exhaust is really fucking loud....motogp bike loud. I can be an asshole if they want
  12. I think they do have one. 2 doors but only 3 remotes for the car. One is missing. First thing I did was reset the codes and reprogrammed the remaining 3 openers. Thankfully genie has that as a feature on these models if you lose one. And I reprogrammed the keypads with new passwords
  13. I mean come on, would you want to look at this at your own house?
  14. so I finally got into my new home. but all is not well. when I was moving in on a saturday first thing the neighbor did was come up to the wood fence and say hello. immediately told me about how the old owner let him park in my driveway and use his garage. I though ok, cool story. didn't think much about it. I though ok he seems cool already making a point to say hello. by sunday the neighbor is driving over my grass and using my driveway. the 2 driveways are about 30" apart with grass in between (mud now). they have turned my yard into a mud pit driving through my side and out my driveway because they don't want to come out and move their cars. they just use it like it's theirs and I should accept it. they do it even when I'm standing right there. I was like wtf how brazen of a fucking asshole someone has to be to just do that. it's been 2 weeks i've lived here and they just get more and more brazen about it. even parking in my driveway all day blocking it even when my family is at home. on sunday the guy flew through my driveway faster than I do and I have 2 dogs he could have ran over. I just can't fucking believe I have to have a conversation right off the bat with these people. so yesterday my girl had her car in my driveway and she didn't come out to move it before I got home. neighbor was out front sweeping his sidewalk of grass clippings. yeah, he keeps his shit super nice but drives through my yard making a mud hole. perfect timing to say something. so I said "I notice you are using my driveway, is that grass yours or mine or half and half?" he admitted most of it is actually mine. I said man I don't like the mud hole and your leaving mud on my driveway. so I thought he got the hint. that was yesterday. today, they did it all fucking day again. and parked their jeep in my driveway all day long. I've never encountered such assholes in my life. the fact they didn't even ask me to use it just lites a fire under my ass that makes me want to rage and do stupid shit. so instead I was sitting here typing up a letter to leave on all their cars. but I'd rather not get into this shit with someone I live next to. but they are forcing me into a corner. now I'm thinking they will have people break into my garage and steal my bike and tools. what would you guys do? legal advice and all. In the letter I told them I'm going to install cameras with wifi so I can monitor the house 24/7 and every offence I will be sending the picture to the police and a $200 bill for access to my driveway for each offence. I'm legally allowed to do that right? also, is it a insurance liability issue?
  15. as for services, if you're into movies VUDU is pretty sweet. if you buy a movie you can watch it on any device anywhere and download it. I found a few good movies in the discount bin at walmart for $5. went on vudu and redeem the codes and now i have a digital copy I can watch anywhere even without internet.
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