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  1. We need help

    no one says I want to be a roofer when I grow up.
  2. Buying a Bike that has a lien against it?

    I know someone who go fucked with this kind of deal. was a friend of the person I know. gave the guy monthly payments to pay the loan. worked for a while but the guy decided to get shady and quit paying the loan and kept some. a few months later... repo man came and took the bike. lol I don't know how much $ was spent but I believe it was a year or two worth of monthly payment. bottom line, these guys are right. only way to not get screwed. passing was a smart move.
  3. Free Trackday July 2, 2018

    one could just go right in at mid o. no one checks anything lol
  4. What should I buy with my bonus?

    enjoy some shitty wok.
  5. Bitcoin or Blockchain - has anyone invested in it?

    You guys are hung up on the false promis your little $500 will turn into millions. Its not gonna happen. Governments and banks are all over it already. Russia's gov is building the largest mining center in existence as we speak. Its all going to be regulated soon. Aka taxed
  6. Bitcoin or Blockchain - has anyone invested in it?

    Not good... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.coindesk.com/coincheck-confirms-crypto-hack-loss-larger-than-mt-gox/amp/
  7. Bitcoin or Blockchain - has anyone invested in it?

    don't be idiots. you're giving them real money for fake money. it's not insured. its been targeted by criminals several times already with people losing all of it. and if you believe governments wont crack down on it for taxes etc you're crazy. I'd advise you guys to read about Mt.Gox
  8. Bike Stand Recommendation?

    everyone loves the pitbull stands and they look like they're built best of anything else but you never see them in wsbk, bsb, motogp etc. who are those guys using? I have a set from Handy industries when they made some back in the day. and they were very sturdy. they make industrial grade work tables etc.
  9. Need a cheap 3rd row'er

    that's the most ironic thing I've seen on this forum. VW are notoriously junk. my buddy owns a used car lot. I used to go to auctions with him. the VW's almost always had some kind of loud clacking from the motor and rarely sold unless it was to the public. dealers wouldn't touch em.
  10. home buying tips

    thanks. that's the info I am after. do you guys suggest I talk to a bank or a realtor first? I was thinking a banker is only going to tell me the options he can offer and the realtor will have a plethora of info about many options especially for a first time buyer.
  11. home buying tips

    you guys bring up something that I've thought about. I have a lot of construction background. so working on something isn't a problem. it was just something I don't necessarily want to have to do before I can even move in. from what I've been reading banks anymore wont even lend money to you for a house that needs work right off the bat. even though it is a lower price point and works better for me. you'd have to pay cash for a fixer upper what I'm being told. as for why I want to, I guess I'm getting older and crankier. I'm done renting. I just can't fing stand people having control over me anymore. their grandkids have toys strewn all over the property, they play around everyone's cars, the 9 year old boy was throwing a basketball against the flimsy alum garage door a few doors away and dented the fuck out of it. the lawn care guy (another relative of theirs) crashed his mower into my front fender of my truck and denies it. it's yellow paint same color as his mower and I have a van I drive to work so I know he did it when i was at work. the grass was mowed and wasn't that morning. I just want something I have control over. it's time.. I'm going to look for a ranch. I'm fed up with stairs. I have to come up 15 of them just to get the floor 1 (kitchen and living room) then another 15 to the bedrooms. so fuck stairs lol and it has to have a nice garage. people often think that's weird when I say this. I guess it's a man thing. I have bikes and a lot of tools. someone I work with gave me some good advice, check out a satellite view of the surrounding land. he bought his first house and didn't bother to climb over the big hill in the back and it was a train track and factory. eek. he said they had a 3rd shift and made a lot of noise.
  12. home buying tips

    long story short since I suck at telling stories. I'm too old to have never bothered buying a house without shame. lol I've rented a townhouse since 2006 and for a while it was perfect. 2 bd, 2.5 bath and a garage for $800 a month. no maint, no lawns to mow etc. and only has 5 units so it's not a big crappy apt complex. but recently the place was sold, the new owners are intrusive and come over to look at the place every 2 months. (what it must felt like when Henry Ford did it to employees) and their 2 little bastard grandkids moved in and run around and throw balls against peoples cars. broke my grill by knocking it over too. I'm just fed up and want to finally buy a house. so, I know most of you have probably bought 2 or 3 by time you were my age (41). so I'm asking for some pro tips. skip all the finance parts for now. I do have about 9k for a dp. a 750 credit score.
  13. Diabetics, come on in

    not much help with anything unless you need advise about blood pressure lol since you were sharing I'll go. I went to an emergency clinic last christmas (2016) because my vision was getting worse for no apparent reason. my BP was 180/150! tried about 6 different pills so far with no good results. stays 150/95. the kind of work but can't bring it into normal range. there is 1 pill that works but for some reason they never let me keep taking it. it's called Norvasc. it brings it down in minutes and is what the hospital gave me. anyway, I know a diabetic he went to the Dr for swelling in his foot. the nurse cut it to relieve the swelling and he didn't stop her. well that was 3 years ago and he is still in a wheelchair and gets a new bandage put on it every few days. don't let your feet get cut up!!
  14. It's Time.....

    damn I replied fz09 or fz10 first lol. I fell in love with the R1 sound. hope you like it too
  15. It's Time.....

    not an FZ of any kind? vmax?