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  1. serpentracer

    Racers edge Cincinnati Mech

    come to think about it, I believe it could have been a suzuki m109. I remember it was white, long and sat really low. it barely fit on my handy lift. and had a bunch of led lights.
  2. serpentracer

    Racers edge Cincinnati Mech

    I fixed a guy's kawasaki vulcan this past summer he bought at racers edge. and the rear brake rotor was falling off the buttons. i'd say he needs some better employees for sure...don't know how that guy passed this bike and put it up for sale with a dangerous brake rotor. this is the kind of thing that will put you out of business from a lawsuit.
  3. serpentracer


    I told you folks (rd) that you'd go out of business. you guys made it a hassle to buy stuff. sorry to be so blunt. hope you all the best.
  4. serpentracer

    Motorcycle Survey from Ohio State

    boring came to mind. I do like their street fighter concept bike. have to wait for 2020 to see it in action though.
  5. serpentracer

    track birds and rider strike

    1 bird took out 20k worth of stuff. lol
  6. serpentracer

    My wife’s knee replacement

    everyone is different. gotta find what works. Vicodin is all I can take. oxy make me sick. 2 vics and a few beers, I'm high as fuck lol
  7. serpentracer

    Oxford Super Sliderz riding jeans

    I bought a pair from IP also this summer. jeans are hotter than leathers in my opinion. they let all the engine heat through. they are comfortable however they do run very small. I should have tried them on. I would say if you wear a 38 for example they will fit like a 35.5 in the waist. length seems good. but waist is way off.
  8. serpentracer

    unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    Well thanks to you guys everything costs more to buy now. An extra $16 for tires thanks to scotus online sale tax. Leave it to republicans...but arent the dems all about higher taxes...no. Great voting! Imbiciles Last year these tires were no tax and cost $240
  9. serpentracer

    Whose is going? (Gap trip)

    I got lost when me and my brother tried to find it. I have not been down to that since 2005. So i got us about 1/4 of the way. I also remember a restaurant on a corner down there somewhere that the deck hung over the creek behind it. What a great place to relax and have a bite.
  10. serpentracer

    Whose is going? (Gap trip)

    Right on. Such a waste of a trip not too. Maybe next year ill come ruin the party. LOL. Probabaly end up selling the R1 for a fz10 or put a fz10 top tripple and handle bar on the R1. Newer sportbikes are getting too agressive seating. I could ride my 03 R6 for 3hrs straight. Im ready to get off the R1 in 45 mins.
  11. serpentracer

    Whose is going? (Gap trip)

    If u mean guys like me then hell yeah haha. But the ambulance guys told me they pick up mostly cruisers from the ditches and they rarely have helmets and have the worst injuries. I cant remember the route exactly, but a buddy of mine took a group of us down a rd called war woman that ran way down into GA. That was a great ride.
  12. serpentracer

    Whose is going? (Gap trip)

    Best of luck to you guys. I have not been to the gap since 6/09. Too many cruisers and police.
  13. serpentracer

    FU Roberto Perez

    Even dumber than trying to hit a 3" ball with a wood stick
  14. serpentracer

    Cleaning leathers?

    I dont have to wash my leathers. Now that ohio is the new florida every time i go riding it rains. So they get washed every other ride lol
  15. serpentracer

    Tire install?

    Thats good. From what ive heard he was a pile of shit.