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  1. redbarron77

    Fiberglass question

    I need to re-attach a metal bracket to a fiberglass panel, front end of an RV, so it gets hammered by wind. The glue from the manufacturer let go. It is in an area I don't want to drill to put in bolts+washers, so I thought I'd ask here for input. Thanks in advance!
  2. redbarron77

    Random Thoughts thread

    https://www.bookmotorcycletours.com/all/d/europe I want to do a Croatia trip, the seaside looks spectacular, and the prices are pretty damn good.
  3. redbarron77

    Upgraded software version

    it will speed up with contributions to OhioRiders
  4. redbarron77

    Random Thoughts thread

    Would like to pass on some info on this product...it appears my "Customer Reviews" are unappreciated by Dove, Amazon, and even Facebook! Not to be paranoid, but this seriously feels like a conspiracy to keep vital information out of the public's hands. Dove Men+Care with caffeine and menthol....Anything with caffeine is a bonus in my book, I cannot add enough of that in my day, so why not??? Menthol is in Vick's, and everyone knows that shit will cure everything! I did not notice this was shampoo, and accidentally used it as a body wash, which should be okay(and might be necessary for the more hirsute individuals), but it was "manscaping day"...the invigorating menthol sensation on my body was nice, except on the recently exfoliated skin of my scrotum. Half-way thru the the jungle removal, that tingling became a mild burning sensation....reminiscent of that week down in Mexico that initiated one of my divorces! But my woman is not going to be happy with semi deforestation! I pushed thru and initiated my breathing techniques from that Lamaze class back in the 90's, and made it thru the second half of the hair expulsion. The burning was now feeling like a nice sizzling sensation, and I was sure I smelled burnt pork....praying the cool water from rinsing would douse this Satanic hernia exam....but I was wrong! Now it was an icy caress like a shard of my ex-wife's heart was enshrouding the wedding tackle! I had a sudden urge to march towards the Wall and kill Jon Snow! I started to hyper-ventilate, and "slightly lost consciousness", I didn't pass out, Men don't pass out. The resultant balance loss caused me to tumble forwards into the substantially thick man-made marble wall, caressing my skull in a loving embrace. When consciousness fully returned, my wife was standing outside the shower with a shotgun, because she swears she heard the sound of "two weasels on helium, hate-fucking one another in our bathroom". One mild concussion, slightly scorched crown jewels, and a raspy throat.....there should be a slightly larger font on the bottle to note it is shampoo, not body wash....
  5. redbarron77

    Random Thoughts thread

    back to the grind, put my big boy pants on, get moved to the farm, sell this house, and then, all bets are off! Then I could take a 60% pay cut! I'm thinking of maybe grounds crew or parking enforcement or even cashier at A&M to get the benefits and retirement....
  6. redbarron77

    Random Thoughts thread

    I have been trying to leave the consulting world for a while, especially since I have put in approximately 4 1/2 years of man hours in less than 3 years of employment. A job opened up at a different department(than where I worked before) at Texas A&M, and I expected a pay cut, but not quite that much. We have been packing up and getting ready to sell our current home and move back to the farm(to take care of my wife's Dad and Step-mom), but with my income being the only one, we cannot afford to take that pay cut until AFTER the current house is sold. Otherwise, we risk our savings, which could carry us for about 6-8 months, but if the house doesn't sell, then we are completely boned. I have to tell a friend, who bent over backwards to get this job opened, that I can't afford to take it at that salary. Her hands are tied on the pay(government funded job), so I feel like an ass for wasting her time because I didn't know how perilous of a financial situation I am in.
  7. redbarron77

    Random Thoughts thread

    can't find the negative thoughts thread....the job offer they gave, would have reduced my pay by 40%.....being the sole income for the household, I cannot take the offer they gave me. Once the move to the farm and the current house sells, then I could, but I fucked right now. I waited 2 fucking years for this job to open up, and cannot take it. Seriously pissed right now.
  8. redbarron77

    Good News thread:

    Interview went really well yesterday! They already contacted my references, and now it is just waiting to see if they can come up with enough of a $$$ to keep my wife happy. Keep the positive vibes going!
  9. redbarron77

    Random Thoughts thread

  10. redbarron77

    Funny picture thread.

  11. redbarron77

    Random Thoughts thread

    depending on the vent, I have seen someone put a plain piece of paper in it to divert the air flow sideways so it wasn't blowing straight down. If you are bold, you can look up the 3M window insulation kit, and install it on the vent, but that all depends on the level of risk you can assume. Tampering with company HVAC can be a firing offense.
  12. redbarron77

    Random Thoughts thread

    I have been waiting for 2+ years on a job to be opened, and today the opening has been posted! took me all of 15 minutes to get the application completed and resume uploaded.... It is taking all my willpower to not get my hopes up.....Hence telling this group of miscreants! If I get it, I can go back to posting Pr0n for those long Ohio winter/springs!
  13. redbarron77

    Random Thoughts thread

  14. redbarron77

    School me on travel trailers..

    there is also the price per square foot. 5th wheels will give you more bang for your buck, and the toy haulers are pretty impressive for their capacity to carry toys and quite a few have fuel storage. if you can turn are mechanically inclined, hit craigslist and save $$.
  15. redbarron77

    Considering a job opportunity