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  1. Looked like he hit himself in the nutz with his bars. What level of N2 teaches this? i want in !
  2. J_Copeland

    Tracer Times

    Nice bike Doc ! You should bring it to the track sometime !
  3. FYI I bought an 04 crf 100 race ready for $900. So deals are out there
  4. J_Copeland

    Hi :)

    Welcome to the madness
  5. I agree,she's probably overworked. Still should have someone answer messages and emails. All good tho,I'll save my cert for another day.
  6. Sucks about Todd wrecking. Was it full or was there a reason why no body could get thru on the phone to sign up?
  7. Ok,thanks. No idea what's up with their phones.
  8. Yeah,I tried that the 4 call and got the dudes voice mail. Might be out for Monday
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