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  1. flounder

    What i did in guns.

    So I spent a little bit of time processing some 223 brass today. To be more precise, I de-capped, swaged primer pockets, and resized 1,400 pieces of 223 brass today. It was grueling. I mean it took me 45 min to do it all. LOL. I love my Dillon 1050. lol... Its a fast SOB.
  2. flounder

    Puzzling yote situation

    I dont hotel, I camp.. Yes I camp in the winter. Ive slept in my truck, tents, barns etc.
  3. flounder

    Puzzling yote situation

    Takes me 1:45 to get to the place i hunt. Unless you have land, or know someone close, expect to drive.
  4. flounder

    Puzzling yote situation

    I agree, sad they dont do this. Problem is the tree huggers and the people that live in the area think OH, they are killing the cute deer and risk shooting people in the parks. . Add the to some hunter dragging out a nice deer covered in blood and they freak out. I know where my dad lives in Kansas, they paid to bring in "professional sharpshooters" to take out X # of deer out of a large park/wildlife area in the middle of the city. They shutdown the area for a week or 2 and these guys took out over 200 deer. They were also using rifles to do it from treestands of a certain height.
  5. flounder

    Puzzling yote situation

    I think the convienent part hits the nail on the head. They dont need to hunt when they know they can come into an area where dogs are always tied up, sheep, calves, chickens, etc are penned.
  6. flounder

    Puzzling yote situation

    More than just city yotes. trust me. Wild ones will try and kill a dog much quicker than some mild city yotes. Lots of storys from some of the farmers out west where the guys i compete with are brought in to help deal with the yote populations. One farmer lost 4 dogs over a few month period to the yotes drawing them away and then killing them. the dogs were there to help protect the sheep and young calves. I dont know anything about the being in heat comment but in heavy populated yote areas dont underestimate them. We dont see half the problems with them as they have in more heavily populated areas because of just that. Less of them here. One of the guys I compete with makes a side living off of his yote hunting vids out west. They kill well over 200-300 every year because the farmers contract them to come in and help because they are loosing dogs, sheep, calves, etc to the overwhelming number of yotes.
  7. flounder

    Newb deer processing question.

    ^ This. And QUIT SHOOTING DEER IN THE ASS..........
  8. flounder

    Puzzling yote situation

    The other thing to beware of is that yotes will try and draw a dog away into their area and then they will attack it and kill it for food so dont take their lack of aggression as always being playful. They are cunning, pack hunting little shits. Which reminds me, I think ill head out back tonight and try and do my part to remove a few of them. Theyve woken me up the past 2 nights.
  9. I have a PRS on my precision AR. Love it!. I dont have any problems with 2" groups at 400 and Ive taken it to 1,000 with no issues. Its sturdy, stable, repeatable, and adjustable.
  10. flounder

    What i did in guns.

    Worked on my new reloading bench this past weekend down in what has been turning into the soon to be man cave. Bottom will be just a shelf but it will also have full length drawers and doors on the front when done. Will be all Oak and stained once finished. Dimensions are 30" deep 119" long, and the small L is 61" long also 30" deep.
  11. flounder

    CAC with Valkyrie Defense Group - Full Review

    Ill force that pretty orange tip in your sphinkter plinkter.. lol
  12. flounder

    CAC with Valkyrie Defense Group - Full Review

    bought a new pistol and was out training this weekend. Im hardcore.
  13. flounder

    Puzzling yote situation

    Coyotes will do that around dogs just like the above vid. If they get used to the dogs, they may even come in and get real close or even play and vice versa if they are not looking to kill. There were a few yotes in the area where my GF's parents lived and the yotes would come all the way in to the end of their huskys chain and they would basically play with each other.
  14. flounder

    Cbus Gun Shops, ranges, etc.

    I dont visit public ranges but im fortunate that I can shoot out back. Im actually glad the powder room closed. They were not nice to their customers and were a bad representation of what the firearms world should be. I need to check out the new vances since its pretty close to me.
  15. flounder

    Safe Room planning?

    It also needs to be specially constructed to do so. you cant just go by lexan and stack it together and get the same effect. by the time you get something that will stop what you want, you'll pay the money for it.