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  1. do you know where the wire is to dyno the 13 ninja 300?

  2. Hey Brian looking for some info on a tune and would like to set something up soon. Best way to reach ya?

  3. Big Turbo = LAG = Safe Power for the turns.
  4. My vote is any of the 4 bikes as long as they have a turbo.
  5. Forgot the most important part.
  6. Which one do you think makes the best sport bike? Who makes the best liter bike? Who makes the best 600? LETTUCE DISCUSS!!!!!
  7. Sounds like I should plan on one.
  8. Wondering if I should do a dyno day this year. Wondering if I should take a 1 year break from it. My fear is dyno days might be not have the same interest as before. Hmm.
  9. Thank you for the bday wishes. Had some tuning this morning and afternoon. Getting ready for dinner with a lady friend.
  10. ZR1 and a Ford GT on my top of the list. As far as a realistic dream car I have a couple already. The twin turbo mustang of mine is a car I will take to my grave. 818 RWHP 938 RWTQ
  11. Wheels are turning in my head now.
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